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What makes Alleppey one of the best backwater destinations in Kerala?

Author:-Preveen,Wed-Dec-2019 17:21:01

Check out what makes Alleppey one of the best backwater destinations in Kerala?

Kerala is well known as an abundantly blessed land with its lush ambiance of coconut trees, interconnected network of lagoons, rivers, and backwaters that make it every nature lover’s favorite tourist destination.

Of all the backwater tourist destinations in Kerala, Alleppey is one of the most popular. If you’re a tourist looking for an immensely relaxing experience in Kerala, the houseboats in Alleppey 
are guaranteed to offer you everything you need.

The experience of cruising past the entrancing village sights on a houseboat along the Vembanad lake is incomparable.  Its reach stretches far and wide, about 14 kilometers on either side.


Why a houseboat?

The Houseboat Alleppey is well-furnished with everything you need from cozy bedrooms, traditional kitchens to balconies that offer you a serene view of the lavish greenery on the lake shores and river banks teeming with life.

The calm and peaceful experience of gliding past the backwaters on a houseboat in Alleppey would be the perfect getaway plan for you if you’re seeking a reprieve from all the noisy hustle and bustle of a busy urban life.

The traditional build of a wooden, thatched houseboat gives you the sense of being cocooned at the center of nature’s cradle where you can choose to go for a day cruise and even stay overnight.


Why choose Alleppey?

The presence of vast and numerous backwaters and lagoons, the Vembanad lake, the charming Marari beach all make your visit to Alleppey a delight to the senses.

Besides, you get to catch a glimpse of what the village lifestyle is like. You get to see locals fishing in the backwaters, flocks of migratory birds as they take to the skies and the glorious sunrise and marvelous sunset reflected across the rippling water currents.

Unsurprisingly, Alleppey is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Kerala where newlyweds come to celebrate their love for each other and have a great time together. The lantern-lit night ambiance of the houseboat makes it the perfect romantic setting where you can enjoy the various seafood delicacies the town has to offer with your partner.

You will be cruising past canals surrounded by sights of countless paddy fields, thick mangrove forests and rows upon rows of coconut trees swaying in the wind while you let the cool evening breeze brush past your face. It is an incredibly refreshing experience.


When’s the best time to visit Alleppey?

The best time to experience what it is like to travel in any one of the Houseboats in Alleppey would be during the winter season, starting from mid-September to mid-March. It is the best time to visit because this is the season of boat races and temple festivals. The weather is also quite mild and relatively not too cold.

However, there are fewer crowds during the Summer (April-June). A day cruise in an Alleppey houseboat at this time of the year would be more affordably priced. Just make sure you remember to apply enough sunscreen and bring light summer wear because it can get unbearably hot sometimes.

The monsoon period from July to September is when the natural habitat of Alleppey comes alive. You can get economically-priced houseboat packages during this time period but you must be aware of unpredictable heavy downpours.

Whether you’re a couple planning a romantic getaway, a tourist looking for the perfect backwater destination or a solo traveler in search of an enjoyable holiday experience now is the best time to plan a trip and book a ride on Houseboats Alleppey.

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