6 Best Backwaters in Kerala That You Must Visit

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Best backwaters in kerala

Backwaters in Kerala are very popular among the tourists and these have always remained the center of attraction in this southern state of India. Backwater is a natural phenomenon where mainly the river water and in some cases sea water gets trapped in an area over the passage of time. Due to heavy soil erosion for a long time, these places forms deep and stretched basins where water can be naturally preserved. Normally, a backwater is fed by the linked rivers from which it is formed but the connection is so narrow that it doesn’t get river currents, only during the high tide and low tide phases some differences in water levels could be detected. Some backwaters also gets plenty of water from the Arabian sea.

Features of backwaters in Kerala

Backwater regions are counted among the top points of interest in Kerala. The backwaters are formed along the Malabar coast adjacent to the Arabian sea. Most of these backwaters are naturally formed but some manmade canals can also be found in this state. The interesting aspect of these Kerala backwaters is that they are more or less interlinked with each other. They are mostly fed by rainwater; however, they also get plenty of water from 38 rivers in Kerala which are visibly crisscrossed the entire state. The backwaters of Kerala are the part of the mainstream life of this state as Keralans are mostly dependent on these water bodies for their daily activities.

Besides, these interconnected backwaters have created completely different geographical characteristics in terms of soil character, flora and fauna, and weather. Backwater areas in Kerala are popular for greeneries, birds, natural serenity, and local communities.

6 Best backwaters in Kerala

Alleppey backwaters

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It is not possible to visit all backwaters within a few days, so tourists mostly want to visit the most famous destinations known for enriched backwaters. Here are the six extensively visited Kerala backwaters:

1. Alleppey

This is truly called the “Venice of India”. Locals called it Allappuzha. This place has a rich cultural history and traditional life that truly depict the true life of Kerala. Alleppey is also one of the best places to visit in Kerala for honeymoon. Alleppey is famous for its backwaters, scenic beauty, and houseboat tour. Houseboats offer an opportunity to experience the charm of this state and why tourists prefer to come here again and again. Boat races take place on the backwaters in Alleppey during the harvesting season which is really an event to enjoy from the houseboat. Alleppey is one of the rarest places in the world where agricultural activities takes place below the normal sea level. For this reason, it is also called the “Rice bowl of Kerala”. The appealing landscape, laced up on the west by the wonderful stretch of long and sparkling seashores, the Arabian Sea, natural lakes, lagoons calm and beautiful rivers, and never ending palm groves provide a different levels peacefulness to the visitors.

2. Kollam

Tourists who are seeking a completely peaceful environment and soul soothing serenity, Kollam is the perfect destination for them. Kollam is a must visit place for tourists who love backwaters and life surrounding them. For decades, the popularity of Kollam for its amazing houseboat cruises is quite widespread. That is why thousands of international tourists throng here every year just to spend a few days amidst natural tranquility. Visitors can make some unforgettable moments with their near and dear ones on the “Kettuvalloams”, the traditional Kerala houseboats. These houseboats are well-appointed with modern facilities but with a traditional touch of Kerala. Delicious Keralan dishes are served on board by the traditional cooks. The brilliant seashore of the Arabian sea is quite prominent in this part of Kerala. Tourists can see fishing boats on the seashore as also on the sea while spending a day on a houseboat. Kollam is renowned for its fishing, cashew, and mussel. Centuries ago, trade through sea routes used to take place from Kollam. It is one of the first seaports in the Indian subcontinent on the Malabar Coast. Lots of sightseeing are here such as Adventure park, Paravur lake, Chinnakada clock tower, etc.

3. Kochi

Kochi is a compilation of several islands where several rivers are crisscrossing the land and the famous Vembanad Lake encircling the whole area. Due to the commercial significance of the place, several European powers like French, English, Portuguese, Dutch, etc. have visited this place several times in ancient times. As a result, the culture Kochi is a nice confluence of all these cultures which is prevailing even today. The lining of never ending coconut trees along the back of backwaters, beautiful birds, flowers, local people and a glimpse of their daily life make the backwaters of Kochi or Cochin as the most attractive tourist spot in Kerala. Kochi is also counted among the best backwaters in Kerala. Kochi has several other tourist places to visit like several centuries old ancient monuments, like the Fort Kochi, the Jewish Synagogue, the Mattancherry Palace, etc., but without spending a night in a houseboat in Kochi, tour to Kerala is never complete. Tourists also come to witness the most famous Indira Gandhi boat rest on the backwater of Kochi which takes place in the last week of December every year. Backwaters are the prime reason why thousands of international and local tourists visit this port city of India.

4. Kozhikode

Kozhikode is situated the north of Kerala. The place was previously known as Calicut. Kozhikode was the trade route for Arabians during Zamorin rulers. Later the place becomes very famous in India when Vasco De Gama landed there in 1498. The famous sailor made Kozhikode very famous as a trade route to India. Later, during the British rule in India, Kozhikode became an important trading outpost for the British. Kozhikode is always flocked with international tourists coming from different destinations. Today Kozhikode is the largest port in Malabar region. It lies between the backwaters of Kallai and Beypore rivers which is considered among the best backwaters Kerala. The backwaters here offer unforgettable backwater experience to the tourists. Plenty of modern and traditional houseboats could be found everywhere. Spending holidays on a houseboat cruise is a lifetime experience for any tourist. Slowly moving houseboats sailing through the calm backwaters takes a tourist on the ever-cherishing journey along the Kallai river and Beypore rivers.

5. Kumarakom

Situated very near to Kottayam and beside the most beautiful Vembanad lake, Kumarakom is famous for its amazing backwaters. The stunning sight of the place enriched with thick mangrove forest, narrow lagoons, paddy fields, white lilies blooming all around make the place very much heavenly for the tourists. Here again, tourists can hire modern or traditional houseboats and sail along for a whole day. Besides, the famous bird sanctuary spread over 14 acres land is an another popular tourist spot in Kumarakom. Lots of migratory birds take shelter here for a brisk period before flying back to their homeland.

6. Valiyaparamba

It is the largest backwaters in North Kerala region and the 3rd largest backwater area in the state of Kerala in India. The backwaters in Valiyaparamba is another renowned Kerala Backwaters tours which are quite popular among the local and international tourists. Valiyaparamba backwaters are situated in the northern part of the Kavvayi Backwaters. Visitors mostly prefers the tranquility of the place that is still intact due to less human intervention. Tourists can witness the traditional equipment the sellers still use which are centuries old concept in Kerala. Hunting for crabs is another excitement while sailing through the apparently peaceful backwaters. You can check out backwaters tour packages in Kerala

House boating in Kerala backwaters

Kerala Houseboats

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All the above mentioned top backwaters Kerala are famous for their various types of houseboats. It can be the most relaxing and cherishing experience for any tourists irrespective of their age and sex. Houseboats are well-equipped with modern amenities to help the tourists spend smooth and peaceful days on board. Most of the houseboats are perfect for family tours as they consist of 1-3 bedrooms keeping in focus various family sizes. Most of the Kerala houseboats that are found in the waterways in Kerala are the modifications of large barges, which were quite visible during the British rules and before. For the globetrotters, this is the most innovative concept of holidaying. In the local term, the houseboats are called kettuvalloms as mentioned earlier. These are nicely furnished with a spacious and open lounge, bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a pantry. Both the traditional and modern houseboats could be found to choose as per the plan. Moreover, these are manned by a crew of 3-4 trained men including a cook and a guide. Here are some 11 things to know before booking a houseboat in kerala

The distinctiveness of these areas from the rest of the places in Kerala is quite noticeable. Tour in this part of India is never complete without visiting some backwaters in Kerala and spending some time in a houseboat. That is why these are always included in the sightseeing and tour packages for every tourist in Kerala. Again, there are lots of tourists could be found who come to this country just out of sheer attraction for backwaters in Kerala.

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