6 Best Backwaters in Kerala That You Must Visit

Top backwaters in kerala
Posted On June 3, 2017 by Tours In India

6 Best Backwaters in Kerala That You Must Visit

Backwaters in Kerala are very popular among the tourists and these have always remained the center of attraction in this southern state of India. Backwater is a natural phenomenon where mainly the river water and in some cases sea water gets trapped in an area over the passage of time. Due to heavy soil erosion for a long time, these..

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summer vacation with family
Posted On March 27, 2017 by Tours In India

Choose The Best Destination: Make The Summer Vacation With Family Unforgettable

Summer vacation is the only period in an academic year when the children get ample time to enjoy quality time with family and friends. For the parents, especially homemakers, this is the only scope to get some rest from regular mundane and extreme business. This is the time to plan for a long vacation away from the hustle and bustle..