11 Best Places to Visit in Kerala for Honeymoon

places visit kerala honeymoon
Posted On September 19, 2018 by Tours In India

11 Best Places to Visit in Kerala for Honeymoon

When it comes to honeymoon planning in India, amongst the prime locations, one cannot rule out Kerala. There are many honeymoon destinations in Kerala that are safe, calm and romantic spaces to get to know your partner a bit more. Here are the 11 best honeymoon places in Kerala to visit, explore and enjoy the first trip with your beloved..

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15 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Kerala in December
Posted On September 13, 2018 by Tours In India

15 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Kerala in December

Breath-taking beaches, mountain ranges kissing the clear blue sky and caressing the soft surf, endless rows of beautiful coconut trees and the shimmering backwaters – this is a clear description of how Kerala’s beautiful places, God’s Own Country. It is not only because of the beautiful natural landscapes, but also the cultural richness, the sumptuous cuisine of Kerala that has..

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15 Best Places to visit In Kochi
Posted On June 20, 2018 by Tours In India

15 Best Tourist Places To Visit In Kochi

Kochi – known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea – is the biggest city, and the most culturally diverse and cosmopolitan city in Kerala. There is plenty to do and see for heritage enthusiasts, nature lovers, and even those who want to experience Indian city life!. Especially South India, there is a list of tourist places in Kerala, that..

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celebrate new year in Kerala
Posted On December 6, 2017 by Tours In India

Best Ways to Celebrate the New Year 2018 in Kerala

Kerala is known to be ‘God Owns Country’ and is places for various types for various types of occasions and events. Kerala is also one of the most beautiful and happening places to have new year celebrations which are not only famous in India but across the world. If you are planning to celebrate this new year in a delightful..

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Celebrate Christmas Kerala
Posted On November 29, 2017 by Tours In India

Christmas in Kerala – Some Awesome Places to Celebrate

Listed among the must see tourist destinations on international tourism list, Kerala has mesmerized people for it’s sprawling beaches, hilly valleys, coffee plantations, mysterious back waters, towering religious edifices and much more. As summers are highly humid and scorching in this part of the world, the best season to visit Kerala is December, around Christmas.  This is the peak time..

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Best Ecotourism Destinations in Kerala
Posted On May 6, 2017 by Tours In India

Best Ecotourism Destinations in Kerala

Kerala, named as one of the ten paradises of the world, is a very attractive tourist spot due to its lush greenery, natural beauty and vivid landscapes. Here, nature exists in its pristine glory, making the view breathtakingly stunning. Ecotourism has become increasingly popular among people as in today’s hectic world, natural beauty provides peace and tranquility like nothing else..

11 Things To Know Before Booking A Houseboat In Kerala
Posted On February 17, 2017 by Tours In India


Alleppey, popularly known as “Venice of the East”, is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala well-known for the serenity of its exotic backwaters, and also the houseboat cruise is a pleasant experience that attracts tourists from far and wide across the globe. An amazing fact about Alleppey is its geographical location and physical features, being a land that..

Travel Destinations in Kerala
Posted On November 11, 2016 by Tours In India

Top 10 Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Kerala

India has always been a place of interest for foreign travellers and visitors from across the globe, due to the variety of beautiful landscapes, the rich resources and the warm and welcoming people. With great diversity in food and culture, India has always mesmerized the travellers and tourists. One place, amongst the many, which has managed to maintain its awe..

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Backpacking tips for a solo woman traveller
Posted On November 3, 2016 by Tours In India

Backpacking Tips for a Solo Women Traveller

Caution and good judgement – these two are the very basic principles that a solo traveller must follow. And if you are a woman and want to set out for your first solo trip across the country or abroad, yo have more things to think. Here are a few additional backpacking tips for a solo women traveller, that you must..

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A complete travel guide for women travelling to Kerala
Posted On November 1, 2016 by Tours In India

A Complete Travel Guide for Women Travelling to Kerala  

Kerala – the God’s own country has always been one of the most traveled tourism destinations in India. Not just the citizens from the rest of India, Kerala welcomes thousands of foreign tourists – thanks to the tourism department of Kerala Government that spends a good deal of money in developing the state for tourism purposes and promotion. Coconut trees adoring..

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