How To Plan A Tour Package To Kerala From Bangalore

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Kerala Tour Packages from Bangalore

Are you looking for best places in Kerala during monsoon? What place could be better than Kerala? God’s own country is truly ethereal in the rains – when lush greenery abounds at every nook, gushing waterfalls cascade down with all their might, gently rolling mist hangs low, giving a surreal, silvery appearance to the hills. There is truly no place more beautiful. For a tiny state, Kerala offers a plethora of sightseeing opportunities for the discerning tourist. So whether you’re looking for the tranquil forests, romantic mountains, palm-fringed beaches, or quaint hamlets, you can find it all in Kerala tour packages from Bangalore.

Getting There

The quickest way to Kerala from Bangalore is via Wayanad. If you drive down yourself, it should take you just under 6 hours; distance: 278 Km. You can also travel by train; however it will take you 12 hours to reach Kochi, 10 hours to reach Calicut, and 16 hours to Trivandrum, the capital. There are also several buses both private and State operated, that reach Calicut by overnight journey.

Additional Info

Rains in Kerala can be pretty heavy, so pack clothes that will dry quickly, and of course don’t forget umbrella/raincoats. Insect repellants are a must as this is a season when mosquitoes and flies flourish. If you plan to visit temples, men need to have a dhoti, and women long skirts or sarees, though salwar-kameez is now acceptable in some temples.

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Places to Include in your Kerala Tour Package

You can visit Kerala for just the weekend, or have an extended holiday of up to 2 weeks, because Kerala has a great deal to offer. Here are some of the best places for you to visit in Kerala:



It makes sense to visit this destination first, especially if you’re driving down – it’s definitely one of the more tranquil and beautiful places to visit in Kerala. Wayanad is situated in the northern region of Kerala, amidst the majestic Western Ghats. This hilly district is blessed with abundant natural beauty, and there is greenery as far as the eye can see. Here you can see undulating hills, carpeted with tea bushes, grown in symmetrical patterns, coffee plantations, spice gardens that lend a special aroma to the air; in the monsoons, the mist rolls in, ensconcing the whole area in its shimmery embrace, and lending a touch of romance and mystery. You can see small waterfalls in several places – but if you want to experience the rush, had to Soochipara, where you reach after a long trek. You can hear the roar of the gushing waters quite a distance off! Kuruva Dweep is another attraction in Wayanad ; it’s a protected river delta and is comprised of a group of islands spread over 950 acres. It is rich in flora and fauna and uninhabited. You can go on a boat ride or do river rafting – an out of the world experience!

Alleppey – Kumarakom

Distance from Wayanad: 8 hours by road. Distance from Kochi: 1 hour 30 mins by train.

This beautiful little town in the southern part of the state is internationally renowned for its network of lagoons, canals, lakes and rivers that make up the backwaters. This rare geographic feature makes for a unique ecosystem, rich in biodiversity. Here one can see several exotic and indigenous species of flora and fauna, paddy fields on the banks, and the Arabian Sea in the distance. There are houses with no other access to the outside world other than the canals, and you’ll see small boats tied to jetties in front of the houses. You can witness idyllic village life – women washing clothes in the canals, fishermen going out to sea, kids playing water polo or dunking one another – things you won’t get to see anywhere else!  The best way to experience all this? Why, cruising down the backwaters lazily in your floating home – Alleppey houseboats! It’s an unforgettable experience, and you should not miss the opportunity of spending a whole day and night on board these delightful crafts. You can take a trip to another important backwater destination – Kumarakom. As you cruise, you will pass through a bird sanctuary spread over 14 acres, where, if you’re lucky, you may get to see some of the migratory and endangered birds that nest there. Houseboats are all modern inside, and fitted with the latest amenities like European toilets, fully furnished bedroom, TV, a kitchenette and seating area. You can also choose to book a houseboat with an upper deck so that you get a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape as the houseboat meanders down the gentle waters. Your crew includes a cook who will prepare fresh meals for you on board. Try to book a houseboat that looks like a traditional kettuvallam from the outside – replete with thatched roof, bamboo rafters and more – for a true Kerala experience.



Distance from Kochi – 145 Km, 4.5 hours by road

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast and a conservationist, head for Thekkady, to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The forest is known for its huge pachyderm population; bison, langur, deer, sambar, and tigers are also found here. The forest department conducts boat safaris on the Periyar Lake; there are more exciting activities for the adventure seekers, like night patrol trek, bamboo rafting, nature walks and long treks – one of them takes you to an ancient temple in the middle of the forest.  For all these activities you need to make reservations at least a few weeks in advance – there is no spot booking. The bamboo rafting is conducted in conjunction with the local tribals, and you can see their hamlets and witness their way of life. The Mangaladevi temple is definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Thekkady; others include the spice gardens nearby, and centers of traditional martial art Kalaripayattu, and the temple art form of Kathakali. At these centers, you can buy tickets to watch artists perform Kathakali, replete with exotic makeup and elaborate costumes, exponents of Kalaripayattu demonstrating their skill with swords and sticks as well as unarmed combat


Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, this naval port is the most cosmopolitan city of Kerala, and is a bustling city. Yet it still carries several symbols of its colonial past, royal heritage, and monuments left behind by ancient travelers and traders. Make sure that Kochi is included in the Kerala tour packages from Bangalore. Kochi also has a part of the backwaters; the city is actually made up of several islands (similar to Mumbai), and you can take the ferry to reach different areas like Fort Kochi, Willingdon, Bolgatty Palace, Vypeen and so on. There are several heritage buildings in Kochi like the palaces of the erstwhile royal family, churches and palaces built by the Dutch and Portuguese, and colonial style bungalows and cottages. Princess Street is an interesting place to go shopping, where modern architecture coexists with the ancient. Fort Kochi is one of the most eclectic towns you could visit in your life; it has places of worship that belong to several faiths: temples, basilicas, mosques, Jain temple, and even Jewish synagogues. Jew Town is a quaint street where you can shop for exotic handicrafts and curios. Kochi also has lovely sun-kissed beaches like Cherai, Puthuvype, etc. where you can see the famous shore operated lift nets, called the Chinese fishing nets.



As a Bangalorean, going to the beach must be something you really look forward to! Kovalam is situated in the southernmost district of Trivandrum, the capital city. It has not one but 3 beaches – which is actually one beach but separated by rocky cliffs. The lighthouse beach is the most crowded, and popular with locals; the Hawa beach is less crowded, and here you can closely observe fisherfolk going about their work, like mending nets, going out to sea, or returning with the day’s catch. Then there is Samudra beach, which is separated from the rest by a large promontory. It’s the most tranquil beach, and if you’re looking for peace and solitude, this is where you need to go. Include Kovalam in your Kerala Tour Package from Bangalore, to enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, and feel the wind in your face!



Distance from Kochi: 110 Km. Situated in Idukki district, this mountain paradise is not to be missed by hill station lovers. With its lofty peaks, surreal mist, breathtaking valley views and rolling tea garden hills, it’s the perfect honeymoon destination. Apart from the pristine mountain air and the scintillating vistas, Munnar also has a wildlife sanctuary and beautiful waterfalls and lakes surrounded by verdant foliage – great picnic spots for some quality family time. You can also find the Neelakurinji flower here – the extraordinary thing about this flower is that it blooms just once in 12 years. And you’re in luck if you’re planning Kerala tour packages now, because this is the year the hills of Munnar will burst into bloom with the bluish violet flowers of the Neelakurinji. Visitors from all over the world are expected to converge at Munnar for this spectacular event in August; the blooms will last till October.

Kerala is one of the most preferred holiday destination for people from Bangalore because of its proximity to the garden city, the variety of destinations within the state, the low crime rate, and hospitality of the people. Don’t forget to book your Kerala tour packages from Bangalore well in advance to avoid disappointment. Happy Travels!


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