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Kerala Tour Packages

The divine land of coconuts and backwaters – Kerala, is indeed the beautiful ‘God’s own country – any traveler’s dream. Regardless of why you are planning a holiday, Kerala has a wide range of exquisite wonders to offer to start from the tranquillity of backwaters, misty-foggy mountains, and peaks, calm and serene beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, splashing-shiny waterfalls, celebrated pieces of folklore, culture, tradition, and history, and what not. Even the festival seasons can be a reason for a trip to this paradise on earth.

Our Kerala tour packages are a comprehensive set of all kinds of travel experiences, including solo, nature-lover, family, couple and so on – while including houseboats, trekking facilities, sports adventures – based on what the traveler prefers. How about sleeping on a tree house amidst the greenery of Wayanad or Munnar, and waking up to a stroll organized across the tree plantations, and then rejuvenating your senses to the fresh aroma of tea leaves plucked freshly from the tree gardens, and then a tour to the wildlife of Bandipur or Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. And, finally coming to the serenity of the beaches of Alleppey or Varkala, where you can lay down and look at the sun as it sinks deeper into the beauty of the water. So when are you packing your bags?

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Are you looking for a perfect holiday destination within the country? What place could be better than Kerala? God’s own country is bound by lush greenery by every nook; the gushing waterfalls cascade down with all their might, the gently rolling mist hangs low – giving a surreal silvery appearance to the hills… There is truly no place more beautiful. For a tiny state like Kerala offers a plethora of sightseeing opportunities for the discerning tourist. So whether you’re looking for the tranquil forests, romantic mountains, palm-fringed beaches, or quaint hamlets, you can find it all in Kerala tour packages.

Here is a list of the 5 must visit places in Kerala.

Kovalam Beach and Resorts

When you think of this coastal state, which is the first thing that comes to your mind? The coconut palm fringed beautiful beaches, right? There are many stunning, beautiful, soothing as well as calm, virgin beaches in Kerala. Across the coastal line, you may discover many small to medium to long beaches, some of which may be major tourist attractions.

But the one that needs special mention is Kovalam – the most beautiful of all and the one that draws thousands of visitors every month. Kovalam is known for the many hotel resorts that offer access to the private Kovalam beaches for an uninterrupted and cozy beach fun. Most of the Kerala tour packages include Kovalam in their list itineraries with best resort stays and spa in Kovalam, Kerala. You can always choose the resort of your choice, but staying here is a must.

Alleppey Backwaters

Kerala is also the only state in India that has this unique natural backwaters landscape. The water from the Arabian Sea enters the labyrinthine channels of Alleppey backwater region and offers a unique natural landscape that is unlike anything in the country.

The Venice of East, the houseboats in Alleppey is another major attraction here. You might have come across houseboats in many other lakes and places in India, the famous of them, the ones in Dal Lake of Srinagar, do not move. However, the Alleppey houseboats move and you can plan an overnight stay.

What is astonishing is the size or the grandeur of these houseboats. They are beautifully decorated, carefully crafted with wooden décor boats that come in different sizes. From one storied to two storied, from one room to three to four rooms, you will get a houseboat in Alleppey as your requirement.

You can enjoy your stay in these houseboats that will take you to a trip through the backwaters. To complement your stay, you get some of the best, fresh and local delicacies right on the houseboats that will include breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and tea along with dinner. The Aleppey boat house stay is going to be one among of the most memorable things not just in your Kerala trip, but also that you’ll cherish in your entire lifetime.



Another beautiful place in Kerala that you must not miss visiting – Munnar. This beautiful hill station is one of the most popular ones. The sheer beauty of the tea plant covered hills seem like they are clad in a green velvet blanket. What makes Munnar such a favorite for everyone is the temperature here. It is always pleasant in Munnar, especially in summers. The winters are a little cold, but still very enjoyable. The only season that you must avoid for coming to Munnar is monsoon as it rains heavily in this hill station and roads are slippery and not suitable for hiking or trekking that Munnar is famous for.

This famous tourist attraction has many places of interest that you must visit. The place that most people who have a fascination for hiking love is to visit the Anamudi peak. The various view points, with forests and waterfalls etc. will make your Munnar trip a special one.

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If you’re a wildlife enthusiast and a conservationist, head for Thekkady, to the Periyar National Park – a tiger reserve that spreads over the districts of Kottayam, Idukki and Pathanamthitta, over 925 sqaure km, with 305 of it being the core area. The forest is known for its huge pachyderm population; bison, langur, deer, sambar, and tigers are also found here. The forest department conducts boat safaris on the Periyar Lake. There are more exciting activities for the adventure seekers, like night patrol trek, bamboo rafting, nature walks and long treks that will also take you to an ancient temple in the middle of the forest. The bamboo rafting is conducted in conjunction with the local tribal, and you can see their hamlets and discover their way of life. The Mangaladevi temple is definitely one of the most interesting  places to visit in Thekkady; others include the spice gardens nearby, and centers of traditional martial art Kalaripayattu, and the temple art form of Kathakali. At these centers, you can buy tickets to watch artists perform Kathakali, replete with exotic makeup and elaborate costumes, exponents of Kalaripayattu demonstrating their skill with swords and sticks as well as unarmed combat.


Kochi or Cochin

Kochi is Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, is the naval port and also the cosmopolitan bustling city of Kerala. Yet it still carries several symbols of its colonial past, royal heritage, and monuments left behind by ancient travelers and traders. Make sure that Kochi is a visit place when you are on a Kerala tour package, as you can see the other face of Kerala. Kochi also has a part of the backwaters; the city is actually made up of several islands (similar to Mumbai), and you can take the ferry to reach different areas like Fort Kochi, Willingdon, Bolgatty Palace, Vypeen and so on. There are several heritage buildings in Kochi like the palaces of the erstwhile royal family, churches and palaces built by the Dutch and Portuguese, and colonial style bungalows and cottages. Princess Street is an interesting place to go shopping, where modern architecture coexists with the ancient. Fort Kochi is one of the most eclectic towns you could visit in your life; it has places of worship that belong to several faiths: temples, basilicas, mosques, Jain temple, and even Jewish synagogues. Jew Town is a quaint street where you can shop for exotic handicrafts and curios. Kochi also has lovely sun-kissed beaches like Cherai, Puthuvype, etc. where you can see the famous shore operated lift nets, called the Chinese fishing nets.

As you see Kerala has everything that allures a traveller. Apart from Kerala being abundantly blessed with natural beauty, the climate, culture, heritage, art and architecture are all pretty different and interesting. Here are some useful things for you to know when planning a trip to God’s own Country.


Kerala is known for its some unforgettable flavour with juicy seafood and aromatic traditional dishes. The people incorporate a heavy dose of coconut milk, and also chilies, mustard seeds, curry leaves and tamarind. Rice is the staple, though in the cities you can get all kinds of cuisines including north Indian, Italian and Chinese, and you’ll also find international fast-food chains like Subway, KFC, McDonald’s and Dominos. Kerala cuisine offers a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat with rice a typical accompaniment.


The climate in the coastal regions is humid tropical, which means it is quite warm and humid, and rains a lot. Away from the coasts, it is drier and hotter, but in general, it never gets as hot as North India during summer. Summers also have light showers, so carrying an umbrella with you is a good idea.

So as you are all set to pack your bags and set out for let’s find out how to reach this beautiful land of nature’s splendor.

How to reach Kerala from Chennai?

Though Chennai is in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, there is a stark difference in the landscape and culture of Kerala. This has attracted many tourists for Kerala tour packages from Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu.


If you are travelling by train, here is the list of train numbers to reach your vacation spot. Most of the trains offers an overnight journey and it take 8-15 hours to reach Kerala depending on the destination you choose.

Towards North Kerala

  • 16627-West Coast Express
  • 12601 Chennai – Mangalore Mail
  • 12685 Chennai – Mangalore SF Express
  • 16107 Chennai Egmore – Mangalore Express

Towards South Kerala

  • 12511 Rapti Sagar Express
  • 12697 Chennai Central – Trivandrum SF Express
  • 12623 Chennai Central – Trivandrum SF Express
  • 16041 Chennai Central – Alleppey Express
  • 12695 Chennai Central – Trivandrum SF Express
  • 16127 Chennai Egmore – Guruvayur Express


If you planning to be in Kerala by air, there are four International Airports in Kerala namely: Trivandrum International airport, Calicut International airport, Cochin International airport, Kannur International airport (just started with trail flights). There are frequent flights that you can schedule which don’t even take much time to reach with 1 – 1.5 hr. approximately.


Or else you can come over on your own vehicle which will take around 600 km with 11 hours of drive (depends on the destination).

How to reach Kerala from Delhi?

India is marked for its geographical and cultural differences across the country. The language, culture, history, art and architecture as well as the landscape are entirely different right down in the southern state of Kerala. With mouth-watering cuisine and authentic ayurvedic spa and yoga treatments there are increasingly more enquiries for Kerala tour packages from the capital city – Delhi


  • Swarna Jayanti H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Jn
  • Ers Millenum Ex H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Jn
  • Mngla Lksdp Exp H Nizamuddin Eranakulam Jn
  • Trivndrm Rjdhni H Nizamuddin 11:00 Eranakulam Jn 04:25
  • Kerala Express New Delhi 11:30 Eranakulam Jn 09:35
  • Jammu Tawi Himsagar Ex… Shakurbasti 12:58 Ernakulam Town
  • Asr Kcvl Expres New Delhi 13:45 Eranakulam Jn 14:10
  • Kerla S Kranti New Delhi 13:45 Eranakulam Jn 14:10
  • Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex H Nizamuddin 14:00 Ernakulam Town 14:05
  • Nzm Ers Duronto H Nizamuddin 21:35 Eranakulam Jn


If you planning to be in Kerala by air, there are four International Airports in Kerala namely: Trivandrum International airport, Calicut International airport, Cochin International airport, Kannur International airport (just started with trail flights). As you wish you can chose any of these airports from Delhi. It takes 1.5 – 3.5 hrs. depending on the location and flight.


Road trips are exciting from Delhi to Kerala would be highly adventurous. It takes approximately 2,617.5 km via NH 44. Though there are very few who chose roadways, as of now the bike-rally are becoming really trendy, there are many who are also opting for bike-rides to reach.

How to reach Kerala from Bangalore?

Bangalore also belonging to the southern state of Karnataka, people in Karnataka and Bangalore can easily relate to many things that of Kerala. But still, there are few distinct features that make Kerala stand out with its splendid beauty and enticing charm for travellers to have Kerala tour packages from Bangalore.


If you planning fly to Kerala, there are four International Airports in Kerala: Trivandrum International airport, Calicut International airport, Cochin International airport, Kannur International airport (just started with trail flights). Bangalore, being close to Kerala it just takes around 1hr. time to reach by flight.


Many people coming from Bangalore drive to kerala as it just takes about 8 – 10hrs via Mysore with 371.4 km by NH275. The drive itself is magnificent as you drive through the Bandipur forest.

How to reach Kerala from Hyderabad?

Hyderabad is a fast growing IT city with a backdrop of rich history. In the hustle-bustle of this busy city, people hardly find time for total relaxation and recreation. So a complete Kerala tour package from Hyderabad will give a much needed break and let them feel totally refreshed in the God’s own country.


Kerala can easily be accessed by air, they have four International airports – Trivandrum International airport, Calicut International airport, Cochin International airport, Kannur International airport (just started with trail flights). Airlines like Spice Jet, Indigo, Go Air, Jet Airways, and Air India operate flights to these destinations from Hyderabad. It merely takes around 2 hrs. of time to reach.


Kerala and other neighboring states and major cities are linked with good roads. If you’re the adventurous type and want a road trip, you can drive down via Bangalore, 1,035.4 km via NH 44 that may take around 17 – 20hrs.

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