15 Interesting Things To Do in Alleppey, Kerala

Posted On October 9, 2018 by Tours In India

things to do in alleppey

Alleppey (now known as Alappuzha) in Kerala is one of the popular travel destinations for the tourists because of its endless and serene backwaters. The backwaters and its related activities create enough interests among tourists and make them crazy for this place. But this is not the only activity that is present in Alleppey. There is a chunk of activities in Alleppey that will give you enough reasons to love this place. Let’s break some myths and take a look at the other interesting things to do in Alleppey Kerala.

Below, we are mentioning 15 intriguing things to do in Alleppey that every traveller should try during his trip apart the best backwaters of Kerala. The best time to visit Alleppey is from November to February during the Winter season. Though you can visit it in March to May during the Summer, try to avoid this place in monsoon season.

If you are planning what to do in Alleppey, then take a look below-mentioned interesting things.

1. Enjoy your stay at houseboatEnjoy-your-stay-at-houseboat

The Alappuzha backwaters and houseboats are the prime attractions in Alleppey and you can’t miss them if you are planning to visit in Alleppey. Staying at the houseboats in Alleppey backwaters will complete your vacation satisfactorily. The houseboats are beautifully crafted and adorned with the decorative items. During your stay in the houseboats, you can enjoy the paddy fields near backwaters, lush greeneries, palm trees and other attractions which will certainly mesmerize you. You will also get an experience of local village life. You can spot many birds and many aquatic creatures in the water. You can even spot fishermen using Chinese Fishing nets. You can easily go for a day cruise or a night cruise as per your trip and budget. The experiences in the houseboats are truly worthy even if you are planning to visit Alleppey for only one day.

2. Alleppey beach:

This is another thing to do in Alleppey during your visit to this place.To experience a sunset that will be engraved in your memory, you must visit the mesmerizing Alleppey beach. Alleppey beach is one of the prominent places to visit in alleppey  that you can’t miss at any cost. At Alleppey beach, you can experience that rippling blue sea waves are kissing the pristine palm-fringed beach and the tangerine sun setting in the background. The highlight of the beach is the 150-year pier that extends into the sea. You can also visit the lighthouse which is situated near the beach. In the evening, you can climb up the lighthouse and can experience some of the astounding views of the sea.

3. Enjoy sunset at Pozhiyoram beach:

This beach is situated in Alleppey and if you want to enjoy some cozy moments with your family members, then this the ideal place. This beautiful beach is not well-known for water activities. The core attraction of this beach is enjoying the sunset in peace. If you want to get rid of your stress and want to observe nature closely, then head out to Pozhiyoram. This beach is the ultimate place for those who are addicted to photography. Here, you can get some amazing pictures as one boat or two are stationed at the beach or usually floating in the water. If you are planning some places to visit in Alleppey in 2 days, then must include this beach.

4. Explore your religious side:

There are so many things to do in Kerala. If you are a believer or love to visit the religious places, then you must visit some nearby temples and churches in Alleppey. St. Marys Forane Church is a renowned church which is situated in Champakulam area. It is amongst the oldest churches in India. Ambalapuzha Temple is another must-visit place in Alleppey. Known as Dwarka of the South, Ambalapuzha Temple is a famous tourist spot in Alleppey which is built between the 15-17th centuries. Here, Lord Krishna is worshipped in his Parthasarathy form – Lord Krishna riding Arjuna’s chariot. You can enjoy gorgeous al fresco paintings depicting the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu that are adorned with the inner walls of this temple. Don’t forget to taste the delicious Amabalapuzha Palpayasam (a sweet dish made of milk, pounded rice, and sugar) which is distributed among devotees as Prasad.

5. Pamper yourself with famous ayurvedic massages:


Pamper-yourself-with-famous-ayurvedic-massages Kerala is famous for the best Ayurvedic treatments and massages. If you are planning to visit in Alleppey, then don’t forget to treat yourself with the relaxing massages. There are many resorts in Alleppey which promise you to give the best ayurvedic therapies for rare and chronic illnesses. Massages and spas will rejuvenate your life and you will become more energetic and spirited. With this massage and spa, every part of your body (sin, head, feet, legs, hands, back, etc.) will get the ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation. The spa massage starts from Rs.1000/- onwards and it can go up to Rs.5000/-.


6. Taste some delicious food items in Alleppey:

If you are an epicure person, then there are many things to do in Alleppey. This place offers a variety of food options both for veg and non-veg lovers. One interesting thing that you can notice here is that the food items are served on banana leaves. You can find many restaurants which embrace the tourists with some authentic Keralite dishes. The top items to enjoy are Puttu, Vada, chickpea curry, fried banana chips, fish curry, etc. You will get a flavour of coconut in every item as most of the items are cooked with coconut. Even the food items that you will get in Alleppey houseboat will satisfy your taste bud.

7. Enjoy a picnic at Marari beach:

Marari is a sea beach which is situated just 11 km from Alappuzha town. This is a quiet beach and an ideal spot for picnic and beach strolling. Marari beach is one of the favourite tourist spots in Alappuzha. This is a sand beach and water is very safe and clean. You can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and many other water-related activities here. If you are planning a family picnic in Alleppey, then nothing can be better than Marari beach.

8. Visit Karumadi:

Karumadi is a village which is close to Ambalappuzha and here, you can find 10th Century Buddha statue of granite. The idol of Buddha is around 3 feet and whose left hand is missing. This statue mesmerizes many visitors and archaeologists and a chunk of people used to visit this place every year. His Holiness Dalai Lama also visited this place in 1965. You should visit this granite statue during sunrise. The orange sky and the silhouette of black huge standing Buddha will be very enchanting and photogenic too. There are also many paddy fields and inlet water irrigation systems in Karumadi which also pleasant to watch. Karumandi is another prime places to see in Alleppey.

9. Watch snake boat race:

Watch-snake-boat-raceDuring the time of  Onam, a customary boat race occurs in Alleppey. This traditional boat race takes place on the second Sunday of August in every year. Many tourists come at this time to watch and participate in the event. The snake boats are long and slender and accommodate about 20-50 people with them pulling their own roars. It is a great and unique experience to watch. Even you may not be a part of it, you can still witness an adrenaline rush through them. It is a very fun and exhilarating tradition in Kerala. Many international tourists around the world come to witness this snake boat race through the backwaters of Alleppey. This is an exceptional experience for the tourists because this kind of event doesn’t happen in any other place around the world. 

10. Night walk and bird watching in Alleppey:

Alleppey is always considered as one of the beautiful places in Kerala and a night walk on the roads of Alleppey is just mind-blowing. The peace and the sound of backwaters will certainly make your night memorable and amazing. You can go on a night walk with friends and family and can enjoy the serenity of the place at night. If you are an ardent bird lover, then you can go for bird watching in Alleppey backwaters. Alleppey backwater is the hub for the most exquisite and rarest migratory birds in India. You can find different bird species like White Throated Kingfishers and Stork Billed, Black Drongo, White Breasted Waterhen, Jungle Myna and Asian Palm Swift which are ready to give pose for your camera. You can also go for Canoe in the beautiful backwaters. If you are an adventure lover, then there are many ways by which you can explore the backwaters of Alleppey.


11. Enjoy the village life of Kuttanad:

Kuttanad is a region of Kerala which covers both the Alappuzha and Kottayam district. Kuttanad is a place where you can find many things to do in Alleppey. This place is a perfect choice for nature lovers and people who are passionate about photography. You can stay here and can capture the rustic life of Kuttanad. This place is all about waterways, duck farming, spice cultivation, fishing, coconut lines and paddy fields. It is popularly known as “rice bowl of the country”. It is the lowest point in the country and this is the only region where farming is done 4-10 feet below sea level. The rural and village life will take you into a different world which is far away from your city life.You can experience and enjoy beautiful canals and waterways, coconut farmlands and heritage agricultural system. You can interact with local people who are very humble and friendly. Don’t forget to try some local cuisines which are scrumptious and mouth-watering. So, in your next Alleppey trip, don’t miss Kuttanad if you didn’t go earlier.

12. Vembanad lake:

Vembanad-lakeThis is the second largest lake in India and the largest lake in Kerala. This lake is also known as Punnamada lake in Alleppey. The total area of the lake is nearly 2033.02 sq km. The lake is home to many marine bird and animal species. Vembanad lake is one of the popular to be visited, as it famous for houseboats alleppey. The lake consists of several small islands including Vypin, Mulavuyad, Willington Island, and many more. Every year Nehru boat race is held in a part of this lake. Nehru boat race is another well-esteemed race in Kerala that used to take place during monsoon. This boat race started in 1952 and it is a fun-filled event that attracts people from various places. Many tourists from different parts of the world used to come for this amazing event.

13. Enjoy the collection at Revi Karunakaran Museum:

If you are fervour about the old arts and crafts, then this is a worthy place to visit. Here, you can see all the collections of Revi Karunakaran family. The museum is the brainchild of Revi’s wife Betty who, after his demise, decided to exhibit all the exclusive art and artefacts that are collected by the family over the years. Here, you can find the most sought-after Swaovski crystal collection, mural painting, crystal wares, antique furniture, Tanjore paintings porcelain wares, ivory works, and many more rare and antique pieces at this museum. All the collections include pieces from Brazil, France, Burma, Venice, Vietnam and more. It is said that more than 3000 collected items are placed in this museum. So, visiting this place is a great treat for your eyes. This place certainly comes under some of the popular Kuttanad tourist places in Kerala.

14. Go for kayaking on the backwaters:

Kerala is known as “Gods own country” and is an ideal destination for the backwater lovers. A vivacious kayaking tour will not only make you amazed but also can make your Alleppey trip memorable. The total duration of a kayaking tour is nearly 7 hours. From Alleppey pick up point, you will go to Thottathodu Pallam which is known as kayaking base camp. After a brief session about kayaking and its activities, your tour will start from here. You will go through several canals and backwaters including Kuppapuram, Panakal Thode, Umpikaran Thode, Chennamkary Vattakayal, Pallathuruthy and Kainakary. Finally, your tour will end at SNDP Thode. If you are planning some places to visit in Alleppey in 1 day, then don’t miss kayaking.


15. Go for some street shopping:

Shopping is an integral part of a woman’s life. But during your Alleppey trip, if you are planning some interesting things to do in Alleppey, then don’t miss shopping. Don’t even think of leaving Alleppey without shelling out some time at buying some unusual south Indian jewellery, little trinkets, artefacts and typical handicrafts of Alleppey. You will find many unique and amazing things in the small stores in Alleppey at an affordable price. The maritime items are the most talk about things in this region. You can purchase all these items at Alappuzha Zakariya Market which is a renowned place for shopping.

The above we mentioned some of the interesting things to do in Alleppey apart from staying on a houseboat cruise. So, what are you waiting for? This is the ideal time to visit in Alleppey, just make a plan, pack your bags and head out to Alleppey.

things to do in alleppey

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