Top 100 Travel Bloggers In India

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Top Travel Bloggers In India

If you are a travel freak and want to rediscover the world we are here to help you out. While planning your holiday you look for all the information starting from good food, good hotels, adventures to do, best places to visit, local food, local shopping, local handicrafts and lot more that can enhance your memory. For all these you guys keep on hunting throughout Google for travel blogs, here we have bought some great travel bloggers whose blog can really help you out to grab all the information you desire for! We have jotted down these bloggers based on the index as per searches and social metrics.

Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in India that your must visit.

We have a great surprise for all travel lovers who are looking to explore great places throughout India. India is really incredible and the awesome travel bloggers who have made India more beautiful through their pictures, updates, and information. We understand your love and desire for exploration and that is why we have handpicked top 100 travel bloggers for you across the country who have chased their dream to hunt the unleashed beauty of India.

This series is dedicated to celebrating the wild souls that run on the fuel of passion for traveling and discovering the new natural beauties. The selection is literally awesome, we really enjoyed including you and your blog in our article. Based on our social survey we have chosen top 100 travel bloggers in India.

 1. Rajat Chakraborty

Rajat Chakraborty

Being an ex-serviceman, Rajat always loved traveling throughout his profession. Since the year 2000, he started traveling around the world and India. And till now he has traveled more than 200 small town and cities in India. Since 2012 he started jotting down his travel experience and stories. Throughout his travel, he shares his experience on “travel at low cost”.

Rajat keeps on writing on various blogs; you can visit and his twitter account  for more updates and travel reviews.

2. Archana Singh

Archana Singh

Archana Singh of Travel See Write is an award-winning Travel Writer, who recently won the Outlook Traveller “Best Blogger” Award along with winning five more awards in the last one year itself. She is a Brand Strategist turned Travel Journalist who loves to explore offbeat places in search of untold human stories. She is regularly invited to speak at prestigious travel events and conferences around the world. Besides documenting her experiences on Travel See Write, she regularly writes for global publications in India, US, UK, South East Asia and the Middle East. She has worked with hundreds of destinations, travel companies, PR Companies, and hotels across the world. Having worked on both sides of the table, she provides useful information to the armchair and aisle-seat travellers alike; and help brands plan and execute strong insight led campaigns. Her current focus is on helping promote the emerging markets.

Her twitter account: to know more about travel destinations.

3. Mariellen Ward

Mariellen ward

Mariellen Ward, a Canadian Traveller, has proved that India is one of the awesome places to dedicate. India has been her deepest desire, and this made her write a book Song of India: Tales of Travel and Transformation.  Since 2009, she is exploring India. Life- changing travel adventure- that is what she says. Currently, she has been one of the award-winning bloggers in India. India has now become her home.

To know more about her travel stories please visit:

You can also hop in her twitter account to see her latest travel updates:

4. Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones

Working for half a year and enjoying the other half by traveling- was her utmost desire. By birth, Rachel is from Ohio and upon finishing her honors in Nurse she set out to fulfill her dreams and came to India.  And with time, she fell in love with Goa and has been there for more than five years. Beach life, is something that drives her crazy.

To check out her travel stories visit her blog:

You can also catch her up on twitter:

5. Ashray Baruah

Ashray Baruah

Ashray Baruah though a native from India has been residing in Dubai, in his early life, later on leaving the boring corporate life, Ashray and Zara his wife, started travelling around the world since 2011, though earlier they have planned only to travel for a year, later on, both dedicated to take this up as their sole motif of life. They enjoying traveling at various parts of life, as long their visa permits. Ashray works and travels at the same time. He is a software engineer and travel blogger.

To know about their travel tips and travel stories of last 6 years you can visit their blog:

Also check their twitter account:

6. Sandy N Vyjay

Sandy N Vyjay

This couple- Sandy and Vyjay shares their amazing travel stories of India- its food, culture, history, sea, mountain, nature, art and urban areas. Voyager has been a one stop place for all the information that is required for a traveler while visiting a particular place. It includes all- luxury travel, adventure travel, couple travel and family travel. Check their blog:

Their twitter page: 

7. Arun Bhat

Arun Bhat

Arun Bhat is a passionate photographer and a traveler. Photography since 2007 has led him to travel around the country- India, and world to get the best snaps of nature, wildlife and people. He is based out of Bangalore and keeps on traveling and taking up various photography assignments. Being the winner of several prestigious photography awards, the passion has become stronger in him. Currently, he works for several clients.

Visit his facebook page: for his travel photographs.

Read his travelogues:

8. Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath after working for 15 years with a media company, decided to explore the world. She declares herself as a storyteller and a travel blogger who loves to share her stories of travel. She has worked with 25 tourism boards and has won several awards. Till now she has traveled over 25 countries and since 2005 she is jotting down her stories.

To read her stories visit:

Also check her twitter account:

9. Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath

Shivya Nath is a nomadic traveler who has quit her job just to fill her quest of knowing the world. Shivya has been featured on TedX and BBC. She loves to travel throughout the world and discovers the countryside. Shivya is a solo traveler most of the time. She left her home, sold her stuff to go round the world.

Read her travel stories on:

You can also find her updates on twitter:

10. Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta

Anirudh Gupta, the co-founder of Tripoto. Tripoto is a general platform which works as a Global Travel Community. Tripoto has covered the entire travel lifecycle. It can be used a tripadvisor for all people who are planning to travel to many parts of the world. Tripoto also helps in getting your travel booked.

Visit them at

Also you can get in touch at twitter:

where you can join the travel forum and plan your travel itinerary.

11. Nisha Jha

Nisha Jha

Nisha and Vasu, the lovely couple with a unique combination of north and south have engulfed themselves in a care-free and fearless life. They found their happiness in traveling. Nisha has come up with her new venture which has already covered a numerous number of places wherever she has visited. Nisha has been featured by Yahoo, Fox Traveller and many more. Nisha has some of her articles featured in Japanese movies, She has been acclaimed by the various tourism sector.

To more about their travel stories visit Nisha and Vasu at their twitter account:


Chetan Karkhanis


Chetan and Sandeepa, this couple, though being electronics engineer ( sandeepa) and digital marketing person ( cheta), left their secured job life, sold their stuff and started to go round the world. They love slow travel through the roads, have a deep desire to go the hook and corner of all locations and finally jot down their experience in their blog, They have been already featured in Yahoo stories and National Geography. Photography has been a passion of Chetan. Knowing the local culture and getting deep into it, is their utmost desire.

If you want to know more about their travel stories visit their blog: or

Their instagram account:

13. Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi-The Wanderer, that’s what he calls himself. Visiting several places, meeting new people, understanding their culture, this is what he loves. He is a blogger, travel writer, reviewer, and designer. He has been covered by some top most social platforms such as TEDx, NDTV Goodtimes, Shutterstock, Buzzfeed, Discovery, CNN, HuffPost, TOI, Hindustan Times and DNA.

You can visit his blog to know his travel epic:

Also visit his twitter account:

14. Ajay Jain

Ajay Jain

Since 2007 Ajay Jain is on a quest of traveling and discovering new places with his eyes His prime motto is to share 100 great journeys by 2020. You can visit i=his journeys at kunzum on Instagram too. He first started his expedition on the Himalayas where he discovered his love for traveling. He now wants to go through all hook and corner of India.

To know is journey stories visit:

15. Sankara


Sankara is another passionate traveler, who feels at home when he is on road. Since last 6 years, after leaving his corporate sales profile for 8 years, he is just traveling. Now demystifying the nature and its beauty has been his sole passion. Travelling, jotting down the experience, photography has been his activities since last six years. To know more:

Visit his blog: 

Twitter account: 

16. Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal started her travel blog back in 2004. She is a great writer, initially, she worked in IT industry which she left 12 years back and now works as a Business consultant to earn her bread and butter. She is a great writer too.

Her travel blog: has been an award winning blog.

To know more about her please visit her twitter account:

17. Ami Bhat

Ami bhat


Ami Bhat is another travel blogger who loves to plans here year traveling at various places of India. She believes she has a restless soul and to pacify that soul she keeps on exploring new places. Being a marketing post- graduate she preferred to be a travel blogger. She got her position among top 1000 travel blogs. She has been a travel expert, and you can find her in several travel websites such as lonely planet, moneycontrolcom, etc. To know her latest travel stories:

Check out her blog: and

Her twitter: 

18. Revati


Revati and Charles run the show of, they are professional advertising couple, who love to travel. They do luxury travel, so if you want to have a laid-back holiday, their experience can definitely help you. To know lesser known and interesting facts about famous travel locations, you must surely visit their blog.

You can also check their twitter account for latest updates:

19. Rutavi Mehta

Rutavi Mehta

Rutavi Mehta after working long years in hospitality, she quitted her job to unleash the world. She is a travel aficionado and a travel blogger, who participated in world’s dangerous race, she rode 3300 km around India, just to explore. She is one of the regular travel writers, who is associated with different travel websites and magazines. To know more details: 

Her travel blog: .

Visit her twitter account to know more about her photokatha:

20. Arvind Passey

Arvind Passey

Arvind Passey, the gentleman straight from the Indian Military Academy =, after engaging his long years into Pharma, now started to explore his passion in writing, He loves words, wrote several poems, stories, especially his travel experience, which got quite famous.

If you love to read the story, related to true travel experience and nostalgia:

Check Arvind’s twitter account for his latest travel stories:

21. Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma

Shalu Sharma is from Bihar and started her Bihar social network youbihar. Since then she started interacting with people via the social site and still now that is on, she shares all her travel experience, throughout India. She is a travel freak, a housewife, and a mother.  She wants to share the culture the food and the natural beauty of India with all readers.

To read her stories visit: her twitter account to know more about

22. Parnashree Devi

Parnashree Devi

Parnashree Devi, a photo editor by profession, tries to capture the world through the pictures she captures via her eyes and her camera. Since 2009, when she was out for Mukteshwar, she realized her travel desire. Since then she always tried to get associated with travel shows, such as Arunachal Pradesh Tourism, Nano Drive with MTV. Her travel diary is now one of the top travel blogs in India that gives glimpses of the remote corner.

Check here travel snaps and travel stories on:

Follow her on twitter account :

23. Puru & Ekta

Puru & Ekta

Puru is an IT project manager and Ekta is a Business Analyst, from Pune, both the settled in their career, but still travel and photography is something that makes them to move out of their job at certain times to get themselves connected with the world. is the web blog that Puru and Ekta runs, which includes travelogues, travel tips, photography lessons, book reviews, photo essays, film review , etc.

Check their twitter account:

24. Rishabh Shah

Rishabh Shah

Rishabh Shah and Nirali, the famous gypsy couple, Passion for travel is that connected these two lovebirds. These couple has jotted down several stories, related to travel with friends, family, alone or as a couple. The blog has travel stories and updates for various parts of India, Europe, Asia, Africa and China. They are mainly into boutique luxury.

Visit: and to read their luxury travel stories.

25. Anna Phipps

Anna Phipps

Anna Phipps travels to get escape from the tedious life. tells us her escape stories, and how she found her soul amidst nature. Basically from UK after graduating and wasting her few years in corporate, she decided to find her desire to explore the world. She travels throughout India, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Know more about her travel moments in her twitter account:

26. Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood

Ajay Sood is the renowned winner of 2016 OSM Shutterbug of the Year. He is a professional travel photographer and a blogger sharing his travel experience. He is a speaker at TBEX. He also works a freelance Travel journalist. He participates on various travel exhibitions at various parts of the world.

Read his achievements and travel stories at: and

Follow his twitter account:

27. Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne Bamboat is food reviewer of all local foods of various places. Now food has an important place to offer to people who travels while they are on holidays. She keeps on reviewing and sharing her feedback on all local food joints, and famous dishes of the place, along with her travelogue. You can also find the recipes of the local food.

Check her blog: to know about those foods.

28. Shubham Mansingka

Shubham Mansingka

Shubham Mansingka is the carefree boy, who does not care for materialistic possessions. Being from Rajasthan and from a conservative Marwari family, travelling was nowhere in his life, since childhood, after finishing education and handling business for seven years, since the time he is started suffering from chronic asthma, fresh air from Himalayas and nature started give him life. And he has never looked back since then.

Visit his blog: and

His twitter account: to know his travel stories.

29. Manjulika Pramod

Manjulika Pramod

Manjulika is a travel freak, though being telecom engineer, she left her job 2 years back after working for 8 years, since then she follows her heart, she is addicted blogger exploring various destinations , food. She loves to share her travel experience. In India, she has travel more than 17 states and more to go. She has been a prestigious writer for several blogs, tourism departments and travel magazines. She is blogging for last 10 years and have travelled to 20 countries and 19 states of India

Read more about her: and

Follow her twitter account:

30. Mridula D

Mridula D

Mridula Dwivedi is professor by her profession, who has left her job to pursue her hunt and quest for going around the world. She has started her journey since 2005, and she is on the way to cover all the places. She is a lovely person and awesome writer. Her writing always reflects her travel experience.

Visit her blog: and

Her twitter account:

to know more about her travel updates.

31. Anita Bora

Anita Bohra

Anita Bohra is a travel, fitness and adventure freak. She loves to travel throughout India and aboard and discover its beauty and mystery. She works as a marketing person and is based out of California. He has been travelling all throughout her childhood, and that’s why travelling has a very important place in her life.  

Check out her blog: and

Facebook account:  for her wonderful travels stories.

32. Lucy Ruthnum

Lucy Ruthnum

Lucy is freelance journalist and a travel editor. She is a travel blogger, since last three years, stuck in a job and a old relationship that bounded her from knowing her who she is. Leaving all that back, Lucy is now enjoying travelling at various places and she is knowing own self in a better way. Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand, she has been to all these places.

Connect to her  blog:  have all her experiences.

You can also follow her twitter account:


33. Prabhakar Pathak

Prabhakar Pathak


The Pioneer has been one of the oldest national newspapers that run in several languages throughout India. The Exotica is the travel and wellness magazine that is now available countrywide. All five-star properties have already subscribed for Exotica. You can find all luxury and leisure travel information in their blog  that comes from time to time; you can also find their online version of Exotica, which is solely dedicated to travel and adventure.  Mr. Prabhakar Pathak is the marketing person who is handling the business of the Exotica

Checkout the blog:

You can also visit their twitter account for more updates-


34. Swati & Sam

Swati & Sam

Swati & Sam are Software Engineers and travel freaks by passion. They love travelling with their full-time job and have managed to cover 22 states in India and 20+ International destinations. They blog about destinations, road trips luxury resorts, packing tips and gadgets. They have worked with various tourism boards and brands.

You can find more about them on their blog – and

Their Instagram account:


35. Himanshu Barsainya

Himanshu Barsainya

Himanshu Barsainya is a offbeat travel blogger, who loves to go around places other than the metro cities. He loves self driving, travelling and exploring new places. Road trip is fascinating for him. He is is a great reader and shows his interest in various books and subjects.

His travel stories are jotted down in his blog:

Which is inspiring and will definitely have a view of his colorful photography of various places visit his twitter account:

36. Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

karthik reddy

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala since his 22 years started travelling. He loves to travel, since completion of his MBA, he loves to travel rather doing full time job. Tasting different foods, knowing different cultures, making new friends and travelling best places, is his only aim. He travels in a simple way, and travel at several places just like a simple man. He does not believe in luxury, he roams like a common man.

Check out his blog: and

His twitter account:

37. Neelima V

Neelima V

Neelima V is a off-grid traveler, leaving job from corporate, she started travelling remote corners to find the unrevealed stories of the places. She loves photography, and is freelancer and writes for several travel channels and magazines. BBC, NatGeo Traveller, Travel+Leisure, Mint and Indian Express have their words and travel photographs covered.

Check her website: and

Her twitter account: for more updates.

38. Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma

Dheeraj Sharma is a passionate Himalaya lover; he is an offbeat traveler, who loves to travel throughout with a zest of exploring new places. His Dow Community is really going well with several solo travelers. Professionally he is a software engineer and passionately he is a devil who is on wheels.

Visit his website: to know more about the Himalayan community and his travel expeditions.

Visit his twitter account: to know about his covered destinations.

39. Thommen Jose

Thommen Jose

Thommen Jose is the great author of Experience Agra and around on the road and Experience Chhattisgarh on the road. He is a scriptwriter and travel director for several travel episodes on various television channels. You can find some of his best travel stories on The New Indian Express, Sunday Express, Gay Travel, Romar Traveler, Yahoo! Travel and Transitions Abroad.

His website:

Since last 5 years is the only gateway where Thommen shares his best travel experiences.

40. Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha

Ankita Sinha is one of the India’s Award-winning Travel Adventurer, she is also a Fashion Blogger at Ankionthemove. Till now she has covered 18 Countries, he blog has 380+ travel stories, and the video blog has 100+ videos.

Read more about her travel stories at: and

Follow her twitter account: for latest travel updates.

41. Iris Isac

Iris Isac

Iris Isac runs a travel company that caters to travelers with all information, bookings for their travel destinations in Kerala. Being a native from the same place, all the informations provided are from his personal experience. Be it luxury holiday packages, honeymoon tour, weekend gateway or any other, iris holidays is the best to provide all such information.

Visit their blog: and

Twitter account:  to know more about the travel plan.

42. Vishnu Kumar

Vishnu Kumar

Vishnu Kumar is the co-founder of Thinking Particle. Thinking particle Is a travel forum, where all travelers, share their travel stories and experiences throughout India. It is basically a way to know original feedbacks and genuine information of all tourist destinations and offbeat locations in India. Travelogues, stories, articles and traveler’s forum all are on the same platform.

Visit: . V

43. Madhu Shetty

Madhu Shetty

Madhu Shetty is an independent traveler, who has an urge to travel all throughout the world. Travelling is her passion. From very childhood, she dreamt to fly far off, and that is why she is now pursuing the same. She is an interior designer by profession, but now she is simply at nature lover.

Check out her stories on: and

Her twitter account: for the latest travelogue.

44. Shraddha Gupta

Shraddha Gupta

Shraddha Gupta is aiming to be the change- the world kind of journalist; she is currently studying journalism from Boston. She loves to travel and explore new majestic beauty of nature. She travels as a solo traveler, understanding the real meaning of life, and trying to give away to the society as a traveler and as a volunteer while she is on her travel mission.

Check out her blog: and

twitter account:

45. Jitaditya Narzary

Jitaditya Narzary

Jitaditya Narzary is travelling since 2011, knowing and discovering all clutches, of nature since then. HE is a budget traveler for offbeat locations. India, is now his destination to explore. He travels in non- ac trains and prefer to stay in budget hotels, for him playing in the lap of nature is more desirable rather than having a luxury tour.

Check out: and for more information about the destination you are planning to travel.

46. Rajiv Verma

Rajiv Verma

Rajiv Verma, is a travel blogger from Assam. In his initial days he was a tech guy, who changed to a travel blogger, currently he runs North East Explorer, through which he is trying to promote the beauty of North East India. He is simply in love with North East India, and slips away to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Check his travel blog: and

His twitter account: for his latest travel photographs and stories.

47. Reshma Narasing

Reshma Narasing

Reshma Narasing is a travel addict, and through her blog tries to take all her readers virtually along with her whenever and wherever she travels. She travels within shoestring budget and loves to travel wherever her hearts goes. Professionally she is a marketing strategist and loves to explore the world either solo or with friends and family, whatsoever opportunity comes to her.

Check out her blog:

48. Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi

Umang Trivedi is another offbeat traveler who produces crafted stories, involving his travel experience for his reader in his blog . His travel stories involve 3 segments- amazing experience, offbeat locations and adventure. He creates itineraries and provide travel tips and information of local food and best locations to visit. 

Check out the blog:

Check out his twitter account: for more such amazing adventure stories.

49. Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg

Prachi Garg is one of the famous authors who have some bestsellers books on entrepreneurship. He travel blog  is organizer of corporate travels. They provide end to end services that include instructors for team building activities, conveyance hotels at minimal charges. Ghoomo Phiro works on travel tours within India and also for International locations.  

Check out the blog:

50. Priyanka Dalal

Priyanka Dalal

Priyanka Dalal is a Digital marketer since 2008 in Mumbai. Since 2009 she started travelling as a solo traveler, while get overwhelmed by the stories of several foreign solo travelers. She keeps on exploring India, Australia and Europe, being safe. She believes in yoga and spirituality.

Check out her blog:  

and her twitter account: for her travel adventures.

51. Sonia Ankur

Sonia and Ankur

Sonia and Ankur who loves travelling, as per their saying, they are bitten by “wanderlust”. They both are working in corporate sector, and that is how they get funds for travelling. Be it any occasion, festival, adventure, history, wildlife or heritage, they are ready to visit all places. They are mostly into budget holidays.

Visit their blog:  

and their twitter account:  https: // Travellers  for their amazing travel stories from their bucket list.

52. Sushmita Sarkar

Sushmita Sarkar

Sushmita Sarkar is a working woman- an Infrastructure consultant, a mother, a loving wife and a traveler. She describes herself as a free spirit.  

She loves to share her travel experiences in her blog: . She travels throughout India and even in foreign countries.

Go through her twitter account: to get more details of her journey.

53. Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh

Abhinav Singh is an award-winning travel blogger, who started travelling 8 years back, to get out of his loneliness and meaningless life. He left his 7 years long corporate job just to find the real meaning of his life and existence. He is a solo traveler and goes for all sorts of expeditions. He is the winner of some of the best blog awards and photography awards.

Check out his blog: to know more about him and his travel experience.

For photography and his latest travel updates check out his twitter account:

54. Svetlana


Svetlana is a cloud gypsy, (as she describes herself) from Germany. She is a great animal lover, a foodie, a travel expert and a mother. Professionally she is an ex-flight attendant who has travelled more than 35 countries. She has shared all her travel stories, travel tips, from her expat life.

Check out her blog: and

her twitter account: for her caring and child friendly travel tips.

55. Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar is a digital marketing strategist, author of two books, and a blogger. Since 2007, she is running her blog; She is a army man’s wife, a mom and curious person. She loves to write, create stories. She is a travel freak, and collates her travel experience for others to follow.

Read her blog: to know more about her work.

56. Parichay Mehta

Parichay Mehta

Parichay Mehta and Parampara, are storytellers and works as digital entrepreneurs. They love to travel, they wander and discover. They share all their travel experiences through their blog . They boastfully declare themselves as Indian travelers who roam around the world.

Check out their latest travel experience on:

57. Sindhu, Shruthi, Srishar

Sindhu, Shruthi, Srishar

Sindhu, Shruthi, Srishar are the three family members who are software professionals and are travel freak. Their blog  includes tried, tested and successfully accomplished itineraries, for Indian destinations. They mostly travel together for all sorts of offbeat locations.

Read their blog:

Check out their twitter account: to know about their experiences through their travel stories.

58. Swati Jain

Swati Jain

Swati Jain is a fitness freak and an ex-PR, who has quitted her job and took up travelling as her sole passion. She is a digital influencer; she quitted her job to find new meaning of her life. She has travelled in more than 160 cities, 20 states, 4 countries and 4 union territories in just 3 years.

Read her blog: to share the rich culture and heritage of India and other countries.

Check out her twitter account: to know latest updates related to travel.

59. Akanksha Dureja



Akanksha Dureja is a travel blogger, who is sharing her travel experiences through her blog  since 2007, when blogging was just buzzing out. Since then, she kept on visiting several places, and shared her experiences. She keeps on working for various brands, and that is how she became popular!

Read their blog:

Check her twitter account: to know more about her.

60. Arnab Maity

Arnab Maity

Arnab Maity describes himself as Travel Evangelist, Technology Enthusiast, Photographer, Filmmaker, blogger, Part-time Explorer & Full-time Dreamer. The motorcycle trip to Bhutan in 2009 has changed his perception and that is how he realized his craze for travelling. His photography has made its way to World Wildlife Fund’s calendar. He shares his views, thoughts and experiences, for all sorts of travel locations.

Check out his blog: and

Twitter account: for his travel stories.

61. Ankita Shreeram

Ankita Shreeram

Ankita Shreeram and Mohit, are the couple who are behind the interesting travel blog named Trailstainfinger . Here you can find information and updates on Top international travel, food & lifestyle, Luxury, Wildlife, History and Wine. Though both are of different temperaments and different choices, still there is one thing in common, that is travelling.

Read through their blogs:

Peep into their twitter account: for further details.

62. Swati Saxena

Swati Saxena

Swati Saxena is an ex-accountant from Uttar Pradesh, who has always lead a nomadic life, and all thanks to her dad’s transferable job, which made her to travel long way. She loves to travel leaving her boring 12 hours shift job.

Check out her travel blog: and

Her twitter account: to know more about her experience.

63. Rathina Sankari

Rathina Sankari

Rathina Sankari is a freelance journalist from Pune, and she keeps on writing about Culture, Travel, Food, Health, lifestyle and wellness. She was a software engineer, who has left her job to explore the wonderful nature. She has worked with several tourism departments, both Indian and International. Her travel stories have been covered by several travel channels and brands.

Go through her blog: and

Twit her at: to know more.

64. Jacomijn Heupink

Jacomijn Heupink

Jacomijn Heupink is a solo traveler, who travels around the world since 2012, Her blog  mainly is about how safely we can travel throughout the countries. She worked as a full time police officer in Netherlands, so she is well knowledge how to tackle hard and unsafe situations. She is a yoga expert and practices it everywhere.

Read through her blogs:

Check her twitter account: to have more safe travel tips.

65. Avanish Maurya

Avanish Maurya


Avanish Maurya is a storyteller, who gets real stories from roads, and compiles them on web. He loves to get of the shell of corporate profile and explore the world, whenever that is possible. He chalks out perfect itineraries that help the travelers, to have perfect holiday.

Check out his blog: and

His twitter account: to have such wonderful travel plans.


66. Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty loves to explore via bike rides and get damn fascinated regarding trekking. Since 2012, after quitting job he never looked back. He kept on travelling and exploring new world. He is a backpacker and loves motorcycling yours.

Check out his freaky adventures on:  and

67. Nilabh Ranjan

Nilabh Ranjan

Nilabh Ranjan founder of Travelscape , it is a travel blog that provides you complete assistance while planning your travel itinerary, If you are planning any holiday they are one of the best solution providers. You can simple and easy travel tips and assistance for any one-stop destination or tour packages.

Gog through the site:

68. Deepika Gumaste

Deepika Gumaste

Deepika Gumaste is a communication consultant since last 5 years. She has itchy feet and a craze for travelling genetically. She also freelancer for companies, travel group, tourism departments and lot more. She loves to explore destinations and their culture.

Check out her:  blog and

her twitter account: for knowing her latest tour stories.

69. JoNi Ontheroadagain

JoNi Ontheroadagain

JoNi Ontheroadagain expresses and explains the day-to-day Indian life in the blog Nicholas worked in an international advertising agency. They love travelling, till now they have travelled in India all over. They live in Bangalore, love to travel and want to live their life.

Check them out in twitter:

70. Charukesi Ramadurai

Charukesi Ramadurai

Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance journalist who writes on travel, food, arts, gender, art, culture & development. She has written articles for BBC Travel, The Economist, The Guardian,Nat Geo Tvlr, Forbes, CNN and Mint. She has been a TEDx speaker. Since 2003 her itchy feet kept on travelling.

Check out her: and Twitter account: to know more about her life and travel stories.

71. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava

Gaurav Kumar Srivastava started his blog  back in 2013, where he started to share articles on India tourism. He also runs online travel forums in the name of He has been writing for several travel sites such as Kerela tourism, hello travel, holidify and lot more.

Read his blog post%3

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