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Wildlife Tours In Kerala, Wildlife Tour Packages In India

A part of the Western Ghats is situated in Kerala. With over 20 types of forests, 4000 species of flowering plants, 137 mammal species, 540 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 93 reptile species and so on, this World Nature Heritage is a biodiversity hotspot. In fact, several tribes still inhabit these forests and make a living gathering aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs. Home to the majestic Asian elephant, 17% of the world’s existing tigers, deer, Indian bison (gaur), monkeys, foxes, mongoose, panthers, leopards, wild boar, grizzled giant squirrel, and many other wild animals, the wildlife parks in this region attracts thousands of visitors the whole year round. The ideal time for Kerala wildlife holidays is from end September to June, with the hottest months of April and May being the best time to spot some of the elusive wildlife. This is when animals roam from one area to another in search of precious water – and that’s your best bet at sighting them.

Kerala has a native habitat of wet evergreen rainforests at lower elevations and highland deciduous and semi-evergreen forests in the east – where most of the wilderness and wildlife is found. The mountains ranges of the Western Ghats are rugged, yet not dangerous, and offer plenty of scope for hiking, rock climbing, and trekking, in addition to wildlife tours in Kerala.

With 5 National Parks and 13 wildlife sanctuaries, wildlife enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in Kerala. From Chinnar to Parambikulam and Eravikulam to Periyar, Kerala has over 11,000 square kilometers of lush green forests where you can hope to catch sight of exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.

We organize tours in Kerala for wildlife enthusiasts to most of the major wildlife sanctuaries like Periyar, Eravikulam, Neyyar, Parambikulam, Chinnar and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.

For true nature lovers, each of these visits will be a memorable experience as the landscape and vegetation is different at each place – thorny scrubs, evergreen hills, rainforests, meandering rivers – even if you’re unable to sight the big cats, we’re sure that you will return mesmerized by the unique beauty of Nature that you come across in all these places. In Periyar, you have several options, like walking safari, rafting, and even night safaris – all under the guidance of local tribals and forest officials.

The Forest Department provides its guides at all the sanctuaries; they are experts at spotting wildlife even from far away and will help you enjoy your foray into the forest to the hilt. Visitors are advised to wear neutral colored clothing, and to avoid speaking loudly, playing music etc., to avoid disturbing and scaring the animals away; it is also forbidden for visitors to get down from their vehicles at any point during the safari. It goes without saying that visitors must not attempt to engage with the animals in any manner – you may endanger your own safety! Follow the guidelines, and have a magical, enjoyable Kerala Wildlife tour!

Eravikulam National Park

If you’re thinking of tours in Kerala National Parks, you must certainly make a trip to Eravikulam near Munnar – the home of the endangered mountain goat species, the Nilgiri Tahr. These gentle creatures are a protected lot in the 97 square KM of Eravikulam National Park. Giving company to the tahr are several species of flora (like terrestrial and epiphytic orchids, and beautiful wild balsams) and fauna, especially birds (over 132 species including black-and-orange flycatcher, Nilgiri Pipit, Nilgiri wood pigeon, white-bellied shortwing, Nilgiri flycatcher and Kerala laughing thrush) and 100+ species of butterflies including the red disk bush-brown and Palni four wing.), and leopards, tigers, sambar deer, Indian muntjac, golden jackal, dhole, wild dog, Indian porcupine, Nilgiri langur, Stripe-necked Mongoose, small-clawed otter, dusky palm squirrel, Nilgiri marten and bison, and over 19 species of amphibians. Elephants saunter into this park seasonally only and are not regular inhabitants. As you go through the park, you can gaze upon the tea plantations around – a truly magnificent vista that one never tires of Rolling hills, caressed by mist – and once in 12 years, carpeted by the blooms of the Neelakurinji; yes, this flower blooms just once in 12 years, and it is a sight to behold!

Eravikulam is the ideal destination to experience the biodiversity of a shola grassland system at high elevation. You can get into the special vehicles arranged by the Forest Department, which will take you to Rajamalai, and enjoy the bounty of Nature. In the first few months of the year, it is calving season for the Tahr females, and so the Park is closed to visitors for that period. The visiting hours for the park are from 7 am to 6 pm.

The park also houses Anamudi, the highest peak in India south of the Himalayas, at 2695 meters above sea level – right in its core area. Visitors can also visit the Interpretation Center, which is a fountain of information regarding the National Park and its inhabitants. You will also pass many perennial streams that flow across the park – these streams merge to form tributaries of the Periyar and the Cauvery. You can also catch a glimpse of the magnificent Lakkom waterfalls.

If you are a lover of Nature, and enjoy traversing wildlife parks then you should not miss going to Eravikulam. Though there are several wildlife parks in Kerala, few showcase such diverse plant and animal life like this National Park.

At Tours in India we can arrange for you to visit Eravikulam at the appropriate time and at affordable prices. Just fill up our online form, and we will get back to you right away with our best offer.

Neyyar Wildlife

Neyyar river and its tributaries Mullayar and Kallar in the southeast corner of the Western Ghats is another place where the tourist can dwell.

Parambikulam Wildlife

Parambikulam wildlife is the real heart of Kerala evergreen hills. ‘Vayalkilikal‘ peculiar singing birds are in plenty here. Swampy areas, grassy hills, evergreen hills brings a detached atmosphere here.

Periyar Wildlife

You see the real beauty of Kerala landscapes here. Of course, Periyar sanctuary will be a rare gift in the tourism map.

Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

It is in Palakkad district north Kerala. Spread over an area of 236.74sq kilometer. A special variety of silent valley Monkeys are here.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Blessed with a variety of wildlife presence of special species of squirrels is here. A thorny scrub forest is located in the Western Ghats. Sandalwoods are the delicacy of the place.