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About Pondicherry

Pondicherry (or Puducherry), a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, is now a Union Territory city bounded through the southeastern Tamil Nadu state. Its French legacy is preserved in its French area, with tree-coated streets, mustard-coloured colonial villas and sublime boutiques. A seaside promenade runs alongside the Bay of Bengal and passes numerous statues, inclusive of a 4m-high Gandhi Memorial.

Places to Visit in Pondicherry :

Paradise Beach

Additionally known as the Plage Paradiso, Paradise seashore is located in Chunnambar, near Pondicherry metropolis. Decorated with the golden sand, this famous and particularly well-liked beach is usually swaying in a cold sea breeze. This is a little-isolated beach, and to reach here, you need to take a ferry throughout the backwaters, which takes round 20-half-hour.

Part of the fun in reaching the seaside is the beautiful ferry from the boathouse - the backwaters at the way to the beach are green and have thick mangrove forests. In particular after the monsoons, the backwaters are sparkling and inexperienced. You may spot loads of birds at the same time as on the journey - and photography lovers could savor the opportunity to get a few extraordinary pix here.

Water Sports in Pondicherry

With a completely unique, peaceful coastal splendor to it, Pondicherry is quick turning into every beach lovers' favourite hideout. A number of water sports options alongside its white sandy beaches are every other cause for guests to like Pondy, as it's far lovingly regarded.

With a completely unique, peaceful coastal splendor to it, Pondicherry is quick turning into every beach lovers' favourite hideout. A number of water sports options alongside its white sandy beaches are every other cause for guests to like Pondy, as it's far lovingly regarded.The union territory of Pondicherry constitutes 4 coastal provinces spread throughout 3 Indian states: Yanam (in Andhra Pradesh), Pondicherry metropolis, Karaikal (both located on eastern coasts of Tamil Nadu) and Mahe (positioned across the western coasts of Kerala).With its services of not most effective more than one water sports activities sports like scuba diving, parasailing, banana boat rides etc, but additionally its unique cultural traits, high-quality meals types and innumerable sightseeing options, Pondicherry is a real delight to tourists who long for an off-beat tour enjoy.

Auroville Ashram

Conceived as the 'accepted city', the Auroville Ashram is an experimental township - the idea is to create a town where people from the world over of all cultures and traditions come and stay together in peace. Based in 1926 with the aid of Sri Aurobindo and a disciple of Shri Aurobindo, French female known as 'Maa' or 'The mother', the Aurobindo Ashram is an area wherein you could relax and calm your internal being. The task become supported with the aid of the government. Of India, and the UNESCO passed a resolution in 1966 commending this as "a venture of significance to the destiny of humanity". The metropolis become formally inaugurated in 1968.

The architecture of the town is as thrilling as the idea. The city is deliberate in a circle of radius 1.25kms, and the center of the metropolis is the well-known Matrimandir along side the gardens surrounding it. Just outside this are the economic zone, the cultural quarter, the peace zone, and the residential quarter. outdoor this, the whole metropolis is surrounded by way of a "inexperienced belt" - this is meant to behave as a barrier against urban encroachment, a flora and fauna habitat, and sources of food/timber/etc. This whole location turned into created out of a wilderness, demonstrating the capability to preserve nature at the same time as growing a metropolis.

The primary appeal here is the "Matrimandir" - you can watch an introductory video about the concept of the metropolis, and sit right here in silence to pay attention. With water pooling in from one-of-a-kind facets, the sound of the water and funky breeze which constantly flows, affords an excellent ecosystem for meditation. The mandir is an architectural masterpiece with a 30m excessive globe with a lotus-shaped basis urn. The entry is freed from prices, and you may only purchase the tickets in person at the venue, no longer online. The stroll from the access gates to the middle takes around 10-12 mins. The best manner to enjoy Auroville ashram is to actually simply sit down in one of the cafes, and communicate to some of the residents right here approximately their enjoy of dwelling in the city - you'll be surprised to find out how a whole lot the people dwelling here love the idea and the existence.

Seaside Promenade

One of the things that does justice to Pondicherry's French Roots is its stunning seaside promenade. The region is properly maintained, clean and exquisite and you may definitely experience foam spray to your face while sipping a cooler in one of the many cafes on the prom. Whether or not you're visiting at some stage in the sunny day or the starry night, the seaside prom is equally experience proper.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

One of the maximum sacred and religious places of Pondicherry, the Church of Sacred coronary heart of Jesus is located 2.5 km faraway from the Pondicherry Bus Station on the south boulevard of the town. One of the 21 Basilicas in India and the simplest one in Pondicherry, this church was installation by means of the French missionaries in 1908 which was given the reputation of the Basilica in 2011. One of the most beautiful Catholic churches of Pondicherry, the Church of the Sacred coronary heart of Jesus beautifully showcases the Gothic structure. Biblical phrases may be seen engraved on the entrance in Latin at the side of the snap shots of Jesus and mother Mary on the door at the doorway. Occasions which includes New yr, Christmas Eve, and Easter Day are celebrated at the church in a grand way.

The lives of Christ in conjunction with the saints of the Catholic Church were captured within the stained glass panels of the edifice. The centenary celebrations were held inside the church all through 2008-2009, and it become throughout this time that postal envelopes in conjunction with a completely unique postal stamp have been launched. The church is the first ever basilica in Pondicherry, the sixth one in Tamil Nadu, the 20 th in India, and the 50th one in Asia. Thousands of people flock to the Sacred coronary heart Basilica to reap peace. This lovely church is a need to-go to in case you are making plans a ride to Pondicherry for it's far going to seclude you and take you to a international of tranquillity far from the fast-shifting existence of the metropolis in a mode of entire rest.


Located inside a 1/2 hour force of the French colonial metropolis of Pondicherry, Arikamedu is an historical Roman alternate centre hidden from the eyes and ears of the common Tamil tourism. Its name has been taken from the Tamil word- 'Arikanmedu' this means that 'eroding mount'. Very little is known about any Indo-Roman ties within the before Christ era, however with the discovery and excavation of Arikamedu, good sized proofs were unearthed. This port metropolis become occupied with the aid of the human beings of Rome, Cholas, and French serving as a completely well-known maritime centre from 1st century BC to second century ad. The glass bead manufacturing factory of Arikamedu is called the mother of all bead centres in the complete wide world.

The first dig in Arikamedu occurred within the Nineteen Forties, and seeing that then these excavations are continuously being carried out. Out of these, the group of Sir Mortimer Wheeler was the maximum encouraging. At gift, the town does now not have a whole lot to it aside from the 2 perpendicular walls which have been laid open and the French Jesuit assignment residence which changed into built inside the 18th century. More so, one can come upon mango timber and coconut timber in this location. The web page additionally contains of numerous amphorae having the mark of the Roman schools inclusive of VIBII, Camuri and IITA present there.

Right here you can see the very last few columns, bricks and mortars of the shape in ruins status like a ghost alongside the river. Sitting in among the inexperienced pastoral hamlets of Tamil Nadu, Arikamedu does not attract tons tourism and therefore is an ideal place in case you like to discover antique, architectural sites. There is not much to see besides taking in the antique ambience of the beyond and take lower back domestic a few reminiscences captured by your digicam.

Things to Do in Pondicherry:

Scuba Diving at Eastern Coast of India

Positioned at the kaleidoscopic coastlines of the Bay of Bengal, Pondicherry also proves to be a blessed scuba diving vacation spot inside the entire united states! The azure and clean waters around this union territory offers astounding opportunities to take a dive into the mesmeric beneath-water world and discover its magical splendor.

One of the first-rate things to do in Pondicherry, scuba diving is a common trait many of the locals and is now gaining big recognition a number of the vacationers. Conducted under the steering of expert PADI licensed divers, this journey game in Pondicherry is in truth a no longer to be missed interest.

Maximum of the diving web sites in Pondicherry ranges from 5m to 40m, and proves to be ideal for the beginner in addition to the professional divers.

Furthermore, the clarity of the water bed and the huge range of aquatic existence makes those dives an exceptionally exciting affair. Some of the famous diving web sites in Pondy includes four Corners, Temple Reef, Coral Shark Reef, Arvind's Wall and The hollow

Visit Auroville

With out peace, serenity and brotherhood, the sector will quit to exist! on the course to obtain those factors, we ought to always purify our souls and explore the real meaning of existence. The greater we discover ourselves, the more significant life turns into for us! And so one can obtain this divine stage, we all need peace of thoughts, relaxation and solidarity.

Auroville in Pondicherry is one such area on the way to help your thoughts to relax and discover the actual that means of life. It's far an area, where caste, creed and color are of no importance; all and sundry is welcomed here with an open heart.

With a motto to unfold progressive harmony, this township in Pondicherry is known for the peace, serenity and devotion that may soothe your mind, assist you in bonding with different participants and make you realize the price of team spirit.

A must within the list of factors to do in Pondicherry, a go to to Auroville will no longer only let you enjoy its tranquil ambience or be part of its revolutionary harmony however will even encourage you to be a part of it. Additionally, inside the ‘Matrimandir’ this is positioned centrally in this township, you may additionally bask in meditation and find your mind's cognizance.

Go on a City Tour

After a completely happy history walk thru the old fashioned lanes of Pondicherry, a town excursion is particularly advocated. As the city covers an area of round 90km, this awesome excursion across the town might take you 8-12 hours to finish this remarkable excursion.

In contrast to the heritage stroll, a metropolis tour will take you through how Pondy's cityscape has modified in the previous couple of a long time; the combination of tradition and modernisation is the main enchantment of this excursion. Starting at around 09:30AM, a town tour will take you across the length and breadth of the metropolis.

Be a part of these tours, visit the French Colonies within the antique part of the town and some of the maximum terrifi cathedrals, and get familiar with the bucolic attraction and attraction round. The tour will even introduce you with the proper Tamil and French cuisines across the city; revel in and relinquish over a gastronomic sojourn.

Additionally, with the aid of the end of your Pondicherry town tour, you may visit some of the major traveller enchantment points like Botanical lawn, authorities Museum and Panchavatti Anchanaya. There exist lovely resorts in Pondicherry to make your vacation really worth remembering for. Cross and test out those accommodations.

Explore the City on Bike

Upload a conventional revel in via riding on vintage bicycles to discover the beauty of Pondicherry for your go to. This interest takes you across the French colonies and Tamil settlements together with many exceptional eateries, ancient places and cultural centres as you pedal your manner via stunning streets of Pondicherry.

One of the best things in Pondicherry, this motorbike excursion captures the essence of sustainable tourism and provides the most true face of the metropolis.

Relax at Old Lighthouse

Brace yourself for some sweeping views through a calming time spent at the antique Lighthouse in Pondicherry. Built via French engineer L. Guerre in 1836, this lighthouse supplied the simplest guiding light for mariners at night time within the pink Hills.

Even though it stays out of operation at gift, the antique Lighthouse of Pondicherry is a very vital architectural and historic landmark for the vacationers. The lovely surroundings by means of the lighthouse also makes for plenty photography possibilities in Pondicherry.

Exceptional Time to visit: September to January is the excellent time to visit the vintage Lighthouse.

Surfing at Serenity Beach

For those adrenaline junkies who like to trap the wind and go with the flow thru the powerful waves, browsing proves to be a far modern hobby. A must to have experience within the listing of factors in Pondicherry, surfing take those water recreation lovers far into the turquoise waters of the sea and feature a tryst with the mild wind and play with the waves!

Paradise and Serenity beaches in Pondicherry, with their playful waves and gentle wind proves to be of the ideal spots for the surfers. amongst all of the Pondicherry activities, browsing is certainly the most mesmerizing revel in an journey junky can revel in in this scenic union territory.

Come Pondy, get your surf-board and hit the waves! As quickly as you've got were given balanced your self at the board, capture the wind and manoeuvre thru the waves to get your favored dose of adrenaline!

Top Attractions in Pondicherry

Best Time To Visit in Pondicherry

How to Reach in Pondicherry

  • By Air : The Airport at Pondicherry can accommodate the landing of a small aircraft only and has flights coming in from Bangalore and Hyderabad. However, You can get a connecting flight if you are coming from Delhi, Kochi, Kolkata, And Mumbai. Chennai International Airport is approximately 135 kilometers away from Pondicherry.
  • By Train : The nearest Rail Station from Pondicherry is Villupuram, Which is about 35 kilometers away from the town.
  • By Bus : Pondicherry falls on the national highway 45, Which connects it to major cities of South India such as Chennai, Which is about 150 kilometers away and Bangalore, Which is 320 kilometers away.