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About Vagamon

Whenever you think of the hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is probably the name that comes to your mind in an instant. However, there are many other hill stations in Kerala that are no less beautiful than Munnar and one of them would be Vagamon. Also called as Vagamon, this small hill station is located in the border of Idukki and Kottayam.

It was during the British Raj that the place came to the notice of the rulers for its sheer beauty and the comfortable climate and Vagamon has remained a major tourist attraction ever since. the 3 major hills namely Thangal hill, Murugan Hill and Kurisumala, the lush green blanket of tea plantation that covers the entire region, the meandering rivulets and the breath-taking ravines all will mesmerize you. Vagamon is located 1200 meters above the sea level and therefore, the climate is not too cold not too hot and very comfortable. Even in a hot summer day, the temperature remains within 10 to 23 degrees celsius.

Places to Visit in Vagamon

The Pine Hills

One of the most beautiful places in Vagamon that every traveler and tourist loves to visit when in Vagamon is the forest of the pine trees or the pine hills. The vast area of pine trees is what you will come to see here and there in nothing else to look for. However, there is much to feel and once you come here, you will surely be lost in nature and would want to stay for long and not leave. It is a perfect destination for enjoying the beauty of nature and for photography.

Marmala Waterfalls

When you come to a hill station, it is quite unlikely to not come across beautiful waterfalls. the Marmala waterfall is one of the most beautiful and most easily accessible waterfalls near Vagamon. The best part of this waterfall is that it is less popular amongst the tourists and hence, you will be able to enjoy the beauty all by yourself or with your near and dear ones and not be distracted or annoyed by the tourist crowds. However, the place is gradually becoming quite popular and during peak seasons, you may not find the place as secluded as during other times.

Vagamon Elappara Meadows

Vagamon is a place where you can come close to nature and the Vagamon Elappara Meadows are the best place to do so. The vast green meadows are open every day till 5 in the evening and you can spend a soothing, relaxing time amidst nature, right under the clear sky in a comfortable climate. This place is a very popular shooting destination and if you are lucky, you may find your favourite stars dancing and singing around the meadows.


A popular pilgrimage for Muslims, Thangal para is a large boulder of rock, which was the resting place for Sufi saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba. Many Muslims come to this place for religious purposes. However, the beauty of the place is breath-taking and you should not miss the view of Vagamon from this huge boulder of rock.

Kurisumala Vagamon

Along with the place for muslim pilgrims, Vagamon also has a tourist destination that is popular amongst the christians and that is the kurisumala hill. Literally translated as the mountain cross, the view from the top of the mountain is a stunning.

Things to Do in Vagamon:


There is ample scope for trekking along the hills near the Marmala waterfall. When you come to Vagamon, a hill station, you have a very high chance for going for a trek and the hills of Marmala waterfall is a perfect place for that. But this is possible only during winter and monsoons are a strict no for trekking as the soil is loose and runny. The Kurisumala hill is also a great trekking track. It is about a 1.5 km uphill trek that takes around 45 minutes to complete and trekking shoes are recommended. The Kurisumala hill is flocked by tourists and Christian visitors on Good Friday. So, it may not be an ideal time for trekking.

Picnic at the Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

When you visit Vagamon, going for a small picnic to the Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located 10 km away from Vagamon, is a great idea. It will give you a perfect chance to spend some time amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Check out wildlife tours.

Boating in the Vagamon Lake

Though the lake in Vagamon is not too big, the beauty is not compromised. The greenery surrounding the lake and the silence of the place will soothe your soul. For a minimal cost, you can avail both rowing boats and pedal boats and it is a must that you boat in this lake for enjoying the beauty of the place.


Paragliding is one of the most popular activities or things to do in Vagamon. There is no other feeling that can match your feeling of enjoying the beauty of nature from the top of the sky, like a bird. A great sport for the adventure lovers, paragliding is one of the major attractions in Vagamon.

Visit the Kurisumala Ashram

Though the Kurisumala hill is a popular destination for the Christians, the Kurisumala ashram is an amazing place where the Christians and Hindus come together. This is a place for those, who have compassionate feelings for both the religious beliefs and the spirituality of the other religion.

Hotels in Vagamon

There are quite a number of fine class hotels and resorts in Vagamon. Since it is not a common and cheap tourist destination, the service of hotels is fine. You can find budget hotels as well as luxury resorts.

Top Attractions in Vagamon

Best Time To Visit in Vagamon

Nearest Tourist Locations in Vagamon

How to Reach in Vagamon

  • By Air : The nearest airport to reach Vagamon is Cochin International airport that lies at a distance of 150 Km
  • By Train : The Kottayam railway station is located at a distance of 44 km from Vagamon.Erattupetta is the closest town, situated at a distance of 25 km from Vagamon
  • By Bus : To reach the Erattupetta, take the Kottayam-Kumili road,is easily accessible by road from Munnar, Kochi, Kottayam and Madurai