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About Bekal

It is a landscape of konkan culture. Big hole shaped fort, the golden expanse of a gorgeous beach surrounding the fort, backwaters and hill destinations and water sport facilities nearby Kasaragod. It is a stunning town positioned at the Northern extreme of Kerala. There is a renowned worshiping place, Ananthapuram Lake temple(only lake temple in kerala) and is the moolasthanam (original abode) of Ananthapadmanabha, Trivandrum. Bakel beach provides an outstanding view of sea.

The fort appears to have been designed up from the ocean since almost three fourths of its exterior is drenched and therefore the waves regularly stroke the fastnesses. The Mukhyaprana Temple of Hanuman and therefore the ancient Muslim place of worship nears bear testimony to the oldspiritual harmony that prevailed in the area. The zigzag entrance and therefore the trenches around the fort shows the defenses strategy inherent in the fort.

The ease of accessibility, golden shore and the beautiful view or the Arabian Sea makes this vicinity a huge hit the various travelers. Bakel fort has various uncommon features. One of the most critical amongst those is the water tank with its flight of steps.

Places to Visit in Bekal:

Bakel Fort

Important features of this Bakel fort is the water-tank with its flight of steps, the tunnel, the ammunition magazine and the broad steps leading to the Observation Tower. This region is a really perfect weekend getaway if the climate is winter and summer.

There are numerous ways to arrive at the Bekal castle through numerous modes of transportation to be had. You can actually without difficulty take a bus (which takes about an hour), taxi, vehicle-rickshaw or a non-public car to attain the destination.

Bekal Beach

Bekal seashore isn't always a virgin seashore but it no longer usually crowded like several different industrial beaches in India. The garden is the nice location to spend time with friends and family.

Chandragiri Fort

It is said that Sivappa Nayak established his authority over the area and designed a sequence of forts, the Chandragiri Fort being one among them.

In case you want a lazy and unconventional manner to spend a free evening whilst on the trip near Bekal or Kasaragod, the Chandragiri citadel is your best yet.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

It's far a stunning island situated in River Tejaswini and is widely known as one of the most picturesque backwater destinations in Bekal. It's also a fishing centre which provides to the beauty of the island.

Bakel Hole Aqua Park

Ideal spot for sports lovers, this park will take you to a completely unique journey thru its diverse water sports activities sports and rides, such as pedal boats, water cycles, among others.

Things to Do in Bekal:

Witness The Glory & Grandeur Of Bekal’s Delight:

Exploring the beautiful walkway, well-lit beach, and the impressive construction of the Bekal Fort is surely one in all the numerous things to try and do in Bakel, Kerala.

Explore The Heavenly Paradise:

The impenetrable palm timber, the majestic sea, the golden sand, and the strong partitions of the fortress collectively shape a picturesque place that makes visiting the well-known seashore one of the satisfactory activities in Bekal.

Walk Through The Glorious Past

Complete of inventive and historic importance, this place is visited by means of locals as well as tourists to enjoy the spectacular perspectives of the estuarine that the River Payaswini paperwork with the Arabian Sea.

Ideal Place To Relax & Unwind:

To revel in the mystical waves of the Bekal backwaters, clouds, and the stunning landscapes, it's far a have to for each traveller to cruise at the backwaters of Valiyaparamba.

Experience Luxury On The Backwaters

If you step in Bekal to your vacations, staying and relishing the posh of Vivanta by means of Taj, Bekal is a ought to. Located on the Arabian Sea, the property includes 71 expensive villas and rooms over a substantial panorama that stretches as much as 26 acres of land.

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How to Reach in Bekal

  • By Air : The nearest airport to Bekal located at a distance of 50 km from Kasaragod.the international airport is Calicut international airport, located in Kozhikode which is about 200 km from Kasaragod town
  • By Train : The Kasaragod railway station and Kanhangad railway station are the nearest major railway stations
  • By Road : The nearest towns to Bekal are Kanhangad and Kasargod, situated at a distance of around 12 km. regular state-run bus services are available with a ticket cost of around INR 10.