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Tiruchirappalli (also referred to as Tiruchi or Trichy) is an ancient town in India's southern Tamil Nadu kingdom. The Kaveri and Kollidam rivers float around Srirangam Island. Which is known for Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Tiruchy is an exceptional blend of a way of life and modernity built around the Rock castle. Other than the castle, there are numerous churches schools and missions dating back to the 1760s. With its super infrastructure facilities, Tiruchy will function an amazing base to see crucial Tamilnadu.

Places to Visit in Trichy :

Rock Fort

The Rock fort Ganapathi Temple is also known as the Uchipillaiyar Koil. This rock is stated to be the oldest rock within the international relationship back to 3800 million years. This temple is a combination of the 2 famous Hindu Temples of the 7th century that have been dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. The temple has to be reached with the aid of mountaineering approximately 344 steps. There's also a tank placed at the rock citadel foot of this temple. This tank is flocked by using people for the duration of the flow fairs held within the area. Robert Clive used to stay adjacent to this tank. The rock fort of this temple is considered to be 2 billion years vintage and to have made a big contribution in the laying down of the British Empire in India. The castle is built by materials like quartz and feldspar. Aside from this rock castle, the principle complicated of the temple includes two components; The Thayumanaswamy, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Pillayar, which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The Shiva temple is the larger one and incorporates of a big stone statue of Shiva in the shape of Lingam. The rock structure of the temple is likewise pretty an enchantment.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is situated in Srirangam city of Trichy, Tamil Nadu. This is a Hindu Temple devoted to Lord Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Vishnu and covers a complete vicinity of 156 acres. This temple is likewise among the first ones of 108 ‘divya desams’ of the home of Lord Vishnu. It has been built in the Dravidian fashion of architecture and has been glorified by using the literature of early Tamil literature canon. This temple also has the honor of being the most important functioning temple inside the world. Some important functions in its structure consist of 21 surrounding ‘gopurams’ at the side of an ornate gateway, which is also the tallest ‘gopuram’ of India.

St John's Church

St. Johns church in Trichy is an area which is a need to visit. it's miles neat and smooth. The church is taken proper care by means of the concerned authorities. Every Sunday a special mass is carried out in which many human beings come and dedicate a while to God. And it's miles one of the oldest church where you may find a non-violent location.


Mukkombu is a popular picnic spot of Trichy. Mukkombu gives many traveler sights in one area, which encompass an enjoyment park, youngsters' park, fishing, sports, and many others. A lot of these functions make it a popular weekend gateway for travelers. Its one of the important appeal is its top dam built throughout the Rivers of Cauvery and Kolladam.

Government Museum

The Government Museum of Trichy is placed near the Rani Mangammal Mahal. It lies in the coronary heart of Bharathidasansan town close to the excellent bazaar of Trichy. The primary appeal of this museum are the sculptures of Mahavira, Gautam Buddha, Lord Vishnu and lots of more. other sizable gadgets at the museum consist of historic fossils, prehistoric Megalithic equipment, Palaeolithic and Neolithic gear. It additionally houses certain earthen and steel molds with inscriptions on them at the side of some palm leaf manuscripts. The museum additionally shows a set of rare insects, birds, and mammals. some other enchantment at this museum includes a creative and uncommon series of sculptures showing Lord Thirumal as crawling Krishna, Goddess Durga, Saint Manickavasagar, Chandra Sekhar and Lord Nataraj. Some rare Tamil arts at the side of Bronze and stone statues also are on display at this authorities Museum of Trichy. It also consists of a separate section of tribal materials alongside a version of Pachamalai hills. A top-notch series of the rare and historical cash of India are also displayed right here.

Things to Do in Trichy :

Visit Rock Fort :

Because the name indicates, Trichy’s Rock citadel Temple is a fortified religious complicated, which includes two temples, constructed on an 83-metre excessive historic rock, throughout the 6th & 7th centuries, respectively. The 2 Hindu temples inside the Rock fortress are the Uchchi Pillaiyar Koil and the Thayumanaswami Temple. The Thayumanaswami Temple is a huge Shiva temple, on the lower cease of the rock, at approximately 180 steps. This temple is closed for non-Hindus. If visiting all through the summer time, it's far nice to move at some stage in the wee hours of the morning, to avoid the sizzling heat. As the climb is carried out barefoot, it is beneficial to avoid the peak solar hours from midday to 4 pm.

Visit Kallanai Dam :

Located at the Kaveri River at approximately 20 km from the town center of Tiruchirappalli, this dam is the arena’s fourth oldest water reservoir, which continues to be in use. This historical dam became built throughout the river via the Chola king Karikalan, within the second century. When you have time, that is a well-known picnic spot amongst locals and also you mustn’t leave out it.

Visit Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple :

The Thiruvarangam, Srirangam or Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is the largest functioning Hindu temple. It is located in Srirangam, an islet shaped by using the dual rivers Cauvery and Coleroon. Its architectural style is Dravidian. At the principal front of the temple stands the arena’s tallest temple tower, or gopuram, with a top of 73 meters (239.5 feet).

Visit Jambukeswarar Temple :

There are five principal Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu, every representing one of the 5 elements of nature - space, air, fireplace, earth, and water. The famous Thiruvanaikaval Jambukeswaram Temple is one among them, and represents water, with Devi Akilandeswari Amman as the presiding deity. The Shiva linga (or holy abstract representation of the god) in this temple is called the Appu Linga. It was constructed in around the 2d century, by way of the Emperor Kocengannan Chola, of the early Chola Empire, within the Dravidian fashion of structure. It is placed near the well-known Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, on Srirangam Island.

Visit Brahmapureeswarar Temple :

The Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple is well-known amongst devotees, seeking blessings of Lord Brahma, the creator god in Hinduism, with 4 faces. It's miles believed that a person can exchange their destiny with the aid of worshipping Lord Brahma here, as mythology states that Lord Brahma’s destiny was changed here by means of Lord Shiva. This temple has 12 Shiva lingams here, devoted to Lord Brahma. Most of them are housed one by one and are situated around the holy water of the Brahma Theertham, which is the pond that legend says Lord Brahma took water from, to worship Lord Shiva. that is a stunning temple, with seven idols to Lord Vinayakar and 7 entrances, main to the inner sanctum. It is believed that these represent the seven Chakras of Yoga or the seven days of the week.

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  • By Air : There are regular flights from other major cities of the country to Tiruchirappalli. Airport(s): civil airport .
  • By Train : Tiruchirappalli is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular trains. Railway Station(s): Tiruchchirappalli junction (TPJ), Ponmalai golden rock (GOC), Srirangam (SRGM), Tiruchirappalli fort (TP), Tiruchirappalli town (TPTN).
  • By Bus : You can easily get regular buses to Tiruchirappalli from other major cities of the country.