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About Chidambaram

Chidambaram is an business town within the eastern a part of Tamil Nadu and the taluk (tehsil) headquarters within the Cuddalore district. It's miles located in fifty eight km from Pondicherry, 60 km from Karaikal, and 240 km south of Chennai. There may be an historical temple Lord Siva, characterize; Adi Pitha (Almighty father), built by the chola raja.

You can consult the Chidambaram travel manual to enlighten your know-how concerning this location as nicely. Whether you are off for a romantic vacation, circle of relatives journey, or an all-inclusive holiday, Chidambaram vacation applications make your trip simple and affordable.

Places to Visit in Chidambaram:

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

The Mangrove timberland at Pichavaram, that is certainly one of the maximum famous among sightseeing places in South India covers 1,a hundred hectares and joins the Bay of Bengal, in which it is remoted via a long sand bank. Naturally, the woods has 50 islands of various sizes, and 4,four hundred of all sizes and styles waterways. There are 4 approaches to get from Chennai to Pichavaram by train, bus, taxi or vehicle.

Food objects handiest tea, coffee n snacks are available on weekdays, that too cost double of everyday expenses. Around 200 varieties of birds have been located, alongside attitude, prawns, crabs, clams, turtles, and otters. There are around 20 awesome varieties of trees within the mangrove woodland. The trees broaden in water this is three-10 toes somewhere down in better places. You can visit Pichavaram at any time of the year however the best time to visit is round November to February for the reason that location is generally hot and is quality time for chicken looking too.

Thillai Nataraja Temple

The temple complicated is spread more than 50 sections of land in the core of the town. This temple portrays Lord Shiva because the Lord of the flow Bharatanatyam and is certainly one of best a handful couple of temples wherein Shiva is spoken to by using a human murthi. The Cosmic Dance of Lord Nataraja symbolizes the motion of the universe as controlled by Lord Shiva.

Annamalai University

The Annamalai university is spread over 1500 acres of land and is one of the maximum famend universities based in 1929, it offers numerous courses in science, engineering, management, architecture and humanities.

The vicinity of this university makes it all the extra attractive as the spectacularly beautiful town of Chidambaram compliments it. It's miles without a doubt a place to visit whilst you are in Chidambaram.

Tirunallurpperumanam Temple

Tirunallurpperumanam Temple is one of the temples that has a satisfying engineering and one of the fundamental tourism attractions in Chidambaram. The temple has 2 prakarams in which the external prakaram is encompassed by tall dividers.

At the best factor of the temple there's a huge Rajagopuram respecting the aficionados. There are one hundred columns within the foyer of the external prakaram with severa snap shots of Sambandar and his accomplice.

Pichvaram Backwaters

To discover nature in its maximum lovely shape, visiting the Pichavaram Backwaters is a ought to. While going through forests in a boat, you may get look at an collection of high-quality and indigenous birds.

Up until this factor, almost 200 varieties of birds have been seen in the mangrove forests, inferable from the nearness of channels, crevasses, brooks, mud pads and one of a kind forms of herbal surroundings.

Things to Do in Chidambaram :

Places In Chidambaram For Kids:

Chidambaram is a very good region to visit while you are visiting with your circle of relatives. Often families come together to visit the temples right here and to provide their prayers.

The Mangrove wooded area in Chidambaram also draws heaps of site visitors annually. The Chidambaram Backwaters are quite famous among kids because it offers several alternatives for water sports.

Religious Places in Chidambaram:

Round 86% of the overall populace is Hindu and Chidambaram has some of the most crucial Hindu temples within the world. It's been a centre of Hinduism for numerous centuries. Besides the famous Nataraj Temple, there are numerous other exceptional temples right here which attract heaps of pilgrims yearly.

The Vaitheeswaran Temple is likewise devoted to Lord Shiva. This particular temple is considered to be one among the nava graha temples. It's far dedicated to the planet Mars and is considered to have restoration powers.

Museums in Chidambaram:

Located very close to Chidambaram is an erstwhile Danish settlement that exudes vintage international appeal. The Tharangambadi or Trankebar became a Danish settlement for extra than 2 hundred years. As a end result you may locate many Danish influences that have come to be a part of the nearby subculture.

Cultural Attraction In Chidambaram:

One of the most vital components of the local subculture are the temple fairs which can be celebrated at some point of the yr. In maximum of those activities, the temple deity is brought outside the temple and carried around the town inside the special temple vehicle. In the course of this time, hundreds of people from everywhere in the kingdom and even nearby come and provide their prayers.

Famous Landmarks In Chidambaram

Some of the well-known landmarks in Chidambaram are the Tiruvetkalam Temple, the Tirunallurpperumanam Temple, the Chathapurinathar Temple and the Annamalai university. You may additionally go to Neyveli and Tarangambadi.

Top Attractions in Chidambaram

Best Time To Visit in Chidambaram

Nearest Tourist Locations in Chidambaram

How to Reach in Chidambaram

  • By Air : Chidambaram does not have an airport. Nearest airport is Pondicherry Airport.
  • By Train : You can easily get regular trains to Chidambaram from other major cities of the country.
  • By Bus : There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Chidambaram.