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Village Tourism In Alleppey, Village Tours In Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Kerala

Tours in India gives tourists opportunities to feel the rustic ambiance and explore the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of villagers. The laid-back life at these Kerala villages will give you a break from fast city life. You will be amazed to see the people living in these Kerala villages are leading a simple life and are content with all what they have got. Following the traditional values and patterns of life, these Kerala villages offer the charm of the old era. Everything seems to be at a standstill where one can surely cast everyday worries away.

Tours in India tour operators are experts in operating the fantastic village tours across beautiful Kerala. Alleppey boat house journey is an amazing experience with village tour options. We have some excellent set of houseboats that are well equipped, beautiful and having some really modern facilities for the travelers to have a memorable vacation. Travelers can check out the images and the life at our houseboats by browsing through the galley of houseboats. Alleppey or Alappuzha is a wonderful location to have a houseboat cruise with your friends and families. The boathouse cruise is absolutely calm and quiet through the Alleppey villages. Come and book your houseboat trip now itself to have the seasonal offers!

During your tours to Kerala villages with us, visit charming villages dotted with rivulets, thatched huts, and plush foliage. Amidst floral gardens, the villages in Kerala beckon tourists to spend their holidays in the lap of nature and its greenery. Tours to villages of Kerala are a perfect crossover from feverish pace of life to tranquil surroundings and laid-back life.

Take along a camera on your tours to Kerala villages and capture those sweet moments to cherish them a lifetime. Enjoy local festivals like Aranmula Snake Boat festival.


The village Pandy, a small strip of land in the middle of Achancoil and Pamba river. It is 32 Km away from Alleppey and a part of Haripad, the temple city. This village is blessed with a number of festivals, a major boat race during Onam days (the harvesting festivals), Payippad boat race. The traditional way of cultivation; native songs attract the village tourism.

There are some colloquial melodies at the starting and ending of the harvesting season. Around 50 families reside there. Their main occupation is agriculture. Local boats (Vallam) are the main source of transportation, not mechanized.

Kerala village tour stems from enumerable Villages. Pandi an upper Kuttanadan village has a peculiar place in the map of Kerala village tour. It is unexploited and untouched in the Kerala village tour. There we see the naked nature, an Indian Village in its originality.

Rare birds visit the village during the period from May to October every year. It is included and recognized by the Kerala Government.

Village tourism in India is closely related to the Indian villages, sinking in the age-old culture. Indian village tour is always in the color of festivals connected with lifestyle, which is ritualistic. Indian village tour brings forth the phenomenon of the originality, the cultural depth of the Ganges and the zenith of Himalayas. Indian village tour can see enumerable Indian villages, the charming and enchanting of the fantasy.

Village tourism in Kerala is a pilgrimage to the thousands and thousands of Kerala villages. There we see festivals, boat races, different types of worshiping style amidst in the grace and gaze of tolerance and harmony, unity in diversity (Yogakshemam). Women prepare and serve the food in Vazhaila (Banana leaf) according to the Kerala tradition. Kerala village tourism tempts you to come, see and enjoy the taste and sweetness of the Kerala food and color of God’s own country.