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Medical Tourism In Kerala, Best Medical Tour Packages In India

Medical tourism actually means traveling to other countries in order to obtain better medical care. A disadvantage of this is that many times it may happen that the standards of health care vary from one country to other. Some countries may have a lower standard compared to others which can cause an increase in the risk involved.

Today’s fast moving life has left people without much time for relaxation. The only time one gets to relax is when one goes on a holiday. Keeping this in mind, Tours in India is promoting medical tourism. Medical tourism allows you to avail.

Treatment as per your need and then enjoy the beauty of nature or go on a leisure trip when you are not undergoing any treatments. The treatments range from various necessary treatments to cosmetic procedures. Tours in India provides a facility for obtaining treatment in the following departments with prior appointments:

Treatments » Dentistry and Implantology » Ophthalmology » ENT » Cosmetic Surgery » Plastic Surgery » Yoga » Ayurvedic Treatments » Naturopathy

Medical tourism has become a frequent choice for many people in the recent past. Tours in India provide you with the best Medical Treatments available in Kerala. A special wing for cosmetic and plastic surgery is also available for our customers which is an added attraction. We assure you the best cosmetic treatment under the consultancy of the very best cosmetic surgeon in Kerala.


Naturopathy is a form of treatment of diseases through elements of nature. The principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of all diseases. Prevention and elimination of toxins is the route to health.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is a centuries-old medical treatment that originated in India. It involves many treatments which include massaging using medicated oils and many other treatments which treat many common ailments that are common due to today's modern lifestyle.


Yoga is form of self meditation and exercise which helps one to treat many common ailments and lifestyle disorders and diseases.

Plastic Surgery

Kerala is known as God’s Own Country for oh so many reasons: its pristine scenic beauty, diverse geographical features – from beaches to mountains, dense forests to backwaters, and much more – its mesmerizing traditional art forms, replete with exotic costumes and elaborate makeup, its warm, welcoming people… the list goes on! Kerala is also one of India’s most urbanized states, with a high literacy rate and the huge number of educated, qualified workforce.

Kerala also proudly boasts excellent healthcare facilities throughout the state; there are several world-class hospitals, with top-notch facilities and highly qualified and experienced doctors and support staff; and the amazing thing is that the best of private healthcare facilities are available at a surprisingly affordable cost. When you compare the cost of treatment at a similar standard hospital in any major city in India, you will find that Kerala wins hands down with regard to affordability. Thanks to these factors, Kerala is also a highly sought-after destination for medical tourism.

It will therefore not surprise you if we tell you that many foreign patients make a beeline for Kerala for getting surgeries performed – cataract, heart (bypass, angioplasty), organ transplants, tumor removals, and of late, reconstructive or plastic surgery, is in high demand.

Plastic surgeons require great skill and have to perform their tasks with delicate hands. People who have been involved in vehicular or industrial accidents, fires, violent attacks cancer patients who have undergone surgical removal of body parts or severe chemo, and so on, often require some reconstructive surgery to regain their normal appearance, so that they can feel confident and carry on with their lives. Disfigurement, especially to the face, can often cause depression; the person may feel uncomfortable going out in public and interacting with others. Plastic surgery can restore their original appearance at least to a certain extent (in some cases, completely too) and help them live their lives normally.

Of course, there are also some people who are not satisfied with the way they look; they may want to alter the shape of their nose, for example, or make other cosmetic changes to their appearance. They can also opt for plastic surgery.

Kerala, with its high urbanization, excellent transportation facilities (both public and private), exceptional banking facilities and internet connectivity, is the perfect destination for those wanting plastic surgery. With its tradition of Ayurveda, Kerala offers patients recovering from surgery numerous avenues for peaceful relaxation. You can also go for a tranquil backwater cruise post-surgery, to wind down. Get more details on Kerala Ayurveda packages.

Tours in India can take you to the hospitals with the best surgeons and facilities; just fill up the enquiry form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Here’s looking forward to a new, confident you!


An ENT practitioner or doctor is well trained to diagnose and treat infection, diseases, and disorders of the ear, nose, and throat as they are all connected to each other. Their services can be availed to treat common health problems in both children and adults.


Ophthalmology involves treating diseases of the eye and eye functioning disorders.It also includes treating sight problems related to age,lifestyle and birth defects

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is going under the knife to enhance the way you look. It is done in cases where the patient has a problem with how he/she looks.

Dental Tourism in India

Implantology is a surgical technique which involves placing implants under the gum to which fixed or removable false teeth are attached thus helping to reconstruct lost teeth or facial features. Dentistry involves the treatment of disorders related to the teeth, gums and the oral cavity as a whole.