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About Kochi

The financial capital of Kerala, a historically and culturally rich port city, Kochi or Cochin is one of the most important travel destinations in Kerala. the gateway to Kerala tourism for many, Kochi has drawn traveler and tourists not only from India but also from countries abroad for hundreds of years. the history and popularity of kochi date back to 600 years; when portuguese, arab, chinese and dutch traders came to kochi for spice (cardamom and black pepper) trading. later,kochi came under the british rule, though administered by the maharajas and their diwans.

Attractions Kochi:

The influence of all these foreign traders can still be found in this port city with Chinese fishing nets, ancient mosques, and a 400-year-old synagogue. regardless to mention, Kochi is an important cultural spot in the history of Kerala as a center for kalarippayat and Kathakali and other keralian arts.

Places to visit in Kochi:

Chinese fishing nets:

Probably the first thing that would come to mind when talking about Kochi, are the Chinese fishing nets. the local fishermen will show you how these fishing nets are used to catch fish, for a very small fee. these fishing nets are almost iconic in the port city.

Mattancherry dutch palace:

Built by the Portuguese and presented to the Maharaja of Kochi in the year 1555, the Portuguese Dutch palace is a must visit place in Kochi to encounter the history of this place. though it is not a grand palace, for knowing the history of the place, the small museum inside is great. you will find some beautiful mural paintings of Hindu epics inside.

St. francis church:

Built by the Portuguese in the year 1503, it was the initial burial ground for the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama when he died in the year 1524. the church is simple and is believed to be the oldest European built church in the country.

Jewish synagogue or pardesi synagogue:

The Mattancherry synagogue, commonly known as the pardesi synagogue is the oldest Jewish synagogue in the Commonwealth countries. when you enter the synagogue, you will be mesmerized to find the giant scrolls of the old testament, Belgian chandeliers and Chinese tiles.

Museum of Kerala History:

The light and sound show at this museum of Kerala history is spectacular. there are many statues and paintings in the museum that will take you back to history.

Things to do in Kochi:

Enjoy Seafood at Sunset:

When you visit the Chinese fishing nets, but some fresh seafood from the local fishmongers and have them freshly cooked in front of you in the nearby shacks. you must experience the taste of freshly cooked seafood in the beautiful setting sun.

Buy some spices:

Kochi and spice trade are almost synonymous. once in kochi, not buying some fresh and the best quality spices would be sacrilegious. visit the aromatic area of jew town. do not forget to click some wonderfully colorful photographs if you are fond of clicking.

Experience a Kathakali dance performance:

Visit the Kerala Kathakali center or cochin cultural center and have an experience of the beautiful kathakali dance performance. the elaborate costume, the makeup, and the beautiful dance technique will certainly mesmerize you and make your Kochi trip even more memorable.

Ayurvedic Massage:

Going for an ayurvedic massage when in Kochi is a must to enjoy the richness of ayurvedic treatment from the ancient times. visit a good and renowned ayurvedic spa center or message center and choose a treatment that suits your needs.

Go for a boat ride:

Take a boat ride to vypeen island from Fort Kochi and enjoy the natural beauty there. you can also take a trip to alleppey by the houseboats. a full-day houseboat cruise to the backwaters is a ride that you will always remember. read more about houseboats in Alleppey.

Hotels in Kochi:

Kochi is a famous travel and tourism destination. so, there are many accommodation options. hotels and resorts are many in number in kochi. Kochi is also famous for some of the best homestays. You can book online or visit Kochi and look around for a choice of hotel. staying in the ayurvedic resorts in Kochi is also a great idea.

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How to Reach in Kochi

  • By Air : The Cochin international airport is 29 km away from the city center
  • By Train : Kochi is a city in the ernakulam district of Kerala. There are two railway stations in kochi, Ernakulam town station and Ernakulam junction station
  • By Bus : An excellent network of roads connects Kochi to all major towns and cities in South India as well as across the country