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Alleppey Houseboats Best Family Summer Vacation In Kerala

Summer vacation is the time when every child expects a trip with the family to a new place, a new destination. Since it is a long holiday season that the children get from the school, they do not want to stay indoors. Even the parents prefer to utilize this time, as they too sometimes have to compromise on their trips due to the children’s school.

But, often, budget becomes a difficulty for planning a good trip during the summer vacation. This is true especially if you are looking for a hill station or a cool holiday destination, where the temperature is low. Since summer is the time of the year when all the hill stations expect maximum tourist footfall, it is not at all possible to plan your trip to these places on a budget. At this time, Kerala can be one of your summer vacation ideas on budget.

Choosing Kerala As Your Budget Friendly Vacation Destination For Summer:

You might wonder how Kerala can be a budget-friendly vacation destination. With so many tourist attractions and so much popularity not only amongst the Indians but also to foreign travelers, Kerala is often considered to be an expensive tourist destination. But, the fact is, when you visit this southern state of India during summer vacation, you can actually enjoy your stay for a very pocket-friendly and economic way.

Kerala, through a coastal state, has a hot and humid climate for the most part of the year and summers are usually quite hot here. Therefore, most of the travelers and tourists consider winter to be the ideal time for traveling in Kerala. But, if you are running low on budget and enjoy all the beautiful aspects of Kerala without burning a hole in your pocket, then summer vacation is the ideal time for you. You can truly get many family summer vacation ideas on budget.

Family Summer Vacation And Alleppey Houseboats:

The most interesting and important aspect of tourism in Kerala is the backwater region. This beautiful labyrinthine creek that is fed by the water of the Arabian sea and forms lagoons, lakes and feeds a number of small streams is the most beautiful and stunning site that is exclusive to the country. In fact, very few other places in the world have such a beautiful landscape.

The best way to enjoy the beauty of the backwaters is by a houseboat. The houseboats of Kerala; rather Alleppey, are unique an extremely beautiful with a traditional design and décor and modern amenities. They sail quite fast and can take you right to the heart of the Vembanad lake, the most visited tourist destination in the backwater region.

If you are looking for summer vacation ideas for families, the Alleppey houseboats are a great option for you. Usually, the prices for some of the most luxurious alleppey houseboats are quite high during the winter. But, when you visit Kerala and book a houseboat in summer, you can actually save a huge lot of money as it is the official off-season in Kerala. While planning for a vacation with your family, it is quite likely that you will have to take care of the budget factor as well. So, the houseboats in Alleppey can be a perfect choice for you and your family during summer.

What Can You Expect?

When you visit Kerala for spending your holidays and summer vacation, you will be mesmerized to find the number of beautiful places that you can visit in Kerala. Along with the Alleppey backwater, which is probably the most interesting place of interest to spend most of your time, you will also find beaches like Kovalam, hill stations like Munnar and Vagamon and cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur or Kochi and many more, which are no less interesting in terms of beauty and places you must visit.

But, the Alleppey houseboats give you an altogether different experience. Roaming about the backwaters, you will be able to encounter the local life busy in running their daily errands – kids going to school by water taxis, women washing clothes and cleaning utensils in the water of the creeks and lush green paddy fields and coconut palms decorating the edges of the banks like a lace border.

Your family will have the most beautiful experience of their lives that they will remember forever. No doubt, many people consider this place to be one of their summer vacation ideas for couples.

How To Cut Down On Budget?

The best part of the Alleppey houseboats that will make your Kerala trip most memorable is the amazing décor, service, and amenities. If the service is good, your stay at any place becomes more enjoyable. The Kerala houseboats are all equipped with the best amenities and facilities.

You can find a houseboat of any size that you desire, depending on the number of people you are traveling with. You can hire an entire boat if you are traveling with a huge family with too many people. There are houseboats that have up to 4 rooms and also houseboats with two floors – the lower level and the upper level, both consisting of rooms. Of course the larger the boats are and the number of rooms you get and book, the higher will be the price. You can choose a smaller boat with fewer rooms to cut down the price if you have a low budget.

If you are planning for a trip with your spouse, you can always choose a smaller boat. Some people are comfortable with sharing the common areas like the dining space or the deck on which you can enjoy the setting sun or feel the breeze as the boat moves swiftly. Sharing the houseboat with other people in the other rooms will cut down your budget hugely. This is one of the best summer vacation ideas for college students as they often have a low budget.

Booking Your Alleppey Houseboat:

Summers are not that crowded in Kerala. So, you do not have to worry about making prior bookings for your Alleppey houseboat or even the other bookings at your favorite resorts and hotels. In fact, if you make your bookings once you have visited Alleppey in person, you will actually come across a number of options before you make up your mind as to which houseboat you like the most. In fact, the competition is so huge that during the offseason of summer, you will get great discounts on even the luxury boats that are heavily priced during tourist seasons.

What you need to make sure that you have a deal or package regarding the number of days you can stay in the houseboat, the check-in and check-out time, food that you will be served, air conditioning system and the running hours for the boat. The houseboats do not run after sunset and they are parked by the side of the banks or shore. There is nothing that you will miss during this time as after sunset, you cannot actually see anything.

But, to pass your time after sunset and not to be annoyed by the heat and temperature, you need to make sure that the houseboat company agrees to let you turn on the air conditioning system from the very evening. Amenities like a television set and evening snacks will pass your time in a memorable way. Also, in almost every good package, you are served fresh local cuisine for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with evening tea and snacks. If your summer travel ideas are similar to these facilities, what are you waiting for? make your plan and visit Kerala this summer!

Kerala can be traveled and toured around on a low budget if you plan properly. Now that you have got summer vacation ideas on the budget, find a tour package and start packing!

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