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Best 15 Coolest Places In Kerala Visit During Summer In Kerala

Kerala, a southern state in India , is a hot and humid place in general, owing to its geographical position that is close to the sea. With its long coastline, Kerala has many stunning and beautiful beaches. However, what makes Kerala one of the most beautiful states and the favorite of every Indian and even the foreigners is the versatility of the landscapes that you get to find here and not in any other place of the country.

Along with the coasts and the beaches, Kerala has the western ghat mountains that offer some of the most stunning hill stations of the country. However, above all these lies the backwaters of Kerala. An amazing and unique natural phenomenon in which the water from the Arabian sea enters the shallow creeks of the backwaters, forming its labyrinthine water channels, lagoons, and lakes, makes the place a must visit for everyone, at least for once in their life. Though a little hot in terms of climate and temperature, Kerala is visited by many people during the summer. This is mainly because, the prices are a little low and budget-friendly and also, people with kids get to have a long summer vacation as the schools of children remain closed for a long period of time during summers.

If you are planning for a trip to Kerala during summer, here are some of the best places to travel in summer.


When you are thinking of visiting Kerala during summer, the first thing that would come to your mind would probably be the hill stations. Hill stations always have a cooler climate than the beaches and the plane lands, owing to the high altitudes. Quite obviously, you would want to stay in a place that is comfortable and enjoyable and does not make your vacation difficult.

Munnar is the most beautiful and the most visited hill station in Kerala. The beauty of the Munnar hills lies in the lush green blanket of tea plantation that covers the hills. Low flying clouds and misty valleys make Munnar a dream travel destination for the honeymoon couples. There are many resorts and the entire region is extremely tourism friendly, giving you a number of options for food and lodging. Munnar is probably the coolest place in Kerala during summer and surely, most of your vacation time is going to be spent here.


The forest region of Kerala, Wayanad is a favorite amongst nature and animal lovers, who love to visit the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary here. A hilly area with lush green forests, Wayanad is a perfect place for the adventure lovers, who can enjoy treks here and expect to encounter some tigers, elephants or even leopards, if lucky!


Another hill station that is no less beautiful than Munnar, but is less mentioned and less frequently visited by travelers and tourists, is Vagamon. The vast stretches of meadows of Vagamon offer a stunning view. Undoubtedly, they are a popular shooting spot for films and music videos. You will be able to e joy the sweet and yet spicy aroma of the spice plantation and soothe your eyes with the greenery from the tree plantation covering the hills of Vagamon.


You visit Kerala and not visit Kovalam is somewhat sacrilegious. This is the most beautiful and popular beach in Kerala . The top places to visit in Kovalam beach is that there are both private beaches for the resorts as well as beaches where local people can visit, enjoy, bathe in the sea water and return back. You can choose any. But of course, staying in the fine beach resorts and not being disturbed by the local crowd is a great opportunity.


Another very beautiful beach or coastline in Kerala that is a must visit during summers is Varkala. The sea beach and the cliffs stand together, giving a perfect location and a stunning view for photography. Here you can expect to have a number of water sport and fun activities like surfing, jetting, parasailing and even horse-riding on the beach.


If you are looking for a coast that is not too crowded and is not commercial, where you can feel one with nature and enjoy the sea breeze all by yourself, Kasargod is the place you must visit. Kasargod truly proves to be a place in God's own country, where the hills roll down to the sea and the coconut palms fringe the coast, giving a soothing view to spend your relaxed evening, watching the sunset.


One of the best tourist attractions in Kerala is probably Idukki. Close to Munnar, this is also a hilly region, but with some more variation of the natural landscape and a perfect destination for photography. With hills on all sides and lakes amidst them, with dam and national park, Idukki is the place where you will find a variety of things to do and see.

Alleppey backwaters:

This is probably the place of interest that makes Kerala one of a kind, a favorite of Indian and foreign travelers. The beautiful landscape surrounding the creeks of the backwater, the lavish paddy fields and the stunning coconut palms fringing the banks and the fascinating life surrounding the backwaters is something unique and unlike anything that you will ever get to see in any other part of the country.

The best part of the Kerala backwaters and that you must do when you visit during the summer book a houseboat and roam about the backwater, going all the way up to the heart of the Vembanad lake, the freshwater lake in the region. Summer is a great time to expect low rentals for these Alleppey houseboats.


One place that you will often hear about in the mouths of travelers, who have already been to Kerala and have traveled intensely through all the beautiful places in the state, would be Kumarakom. This sleepy, little exotic hamlet that is located near the Vembanad lake, has its own flora and fauna and some great arrangements for houseboat cruising, fishing, boating or even sightseeing. The bird sanctuary here is a must visit once you are here, especially if you are a nature lover.


The cuisine of Kerala is one of the finest in India and has its own distinct flavors and recipes. Owing to the long coastline, it also serves some of the best seafood recipes. Kozhikode is the place that you should visit when you want to beat the Kerala heat with some fresh seafood recipes. Formerly known as Calicut, this place has a long history of sea trading spices. Expect to enjoy the fresh aroma while you roam about the streets.


If you are a nature lover, one of the best places to travel in summer is the Periyar wildlife sanctuary in Thekkady. Not only does the sanctuary preserves tigers, elephants, gaurs, and sambars; but also offers a stunning scenic beauty of the Thekkady lake that you can take a boat ride for.


The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum is a must visit experience and encounter the cultural richness and commercial advancement, both developing side by side. The temples here are a must visit to see, how during different dynasties and reigns, the influence has molded the constructions of the monuments.


The cultural capital of Kerala, Thrissur is a must visit if you are traveling during summer. This is because, during summer, the city hosts the biggest and the most extravagant carnival named as Thrissur Pooram, celebrating their culture, religion, and tradition. Apart from that, there are a number of waterfalls, places of scenic beauty in and around the city that will keep you busy.


Have you seen the images of the Maldives, where the small cottages located on the seawater offer a perfect and stunning accommodation opportunity for the tourists and travelers? Poovar is the place that will give you a similar setting, right in Kerala. This small scenic beach is a tropical paradise where you must spend at least a few nights.


If you are a religious minded person and love to visit temples, Guruvayoor is a place that you must not miss visiting. The city is not a common tourist destination, but there is a lot that you can see and enjoy.

Now that you have known about so many of the summer holiday destinations in Kerala, all that you need to do is book your tickets and make your reservations and start packing. Happy trip to Kerala!

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