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Kerala Houseboat Tour- A Complete Guide

Kerala which is already known as one of the ten paradises of the world by the national geographic traveler, has one best-kept secret and natural beauty hidden among its rich backwaters, and its beautiful chain of lagoons and lakes. A tour to these famous yet secluded natural wonders makes it nothing short of a dreamy experience, thanks to the lush emerald surroundings and serene ambiance. Here’s a complete guide on Kerala houseboat tour for you.

Kerala Houseboat

Explore these magical gems of nature on a Kerala houseboat to completely enjoy your tour. Houseboats in Kerala are known as the best way to travel in these palm-fringed backwaters – its lagoons, canals and lakes.

The houseboats in Kerala are known to hold a special place in ‘God’s own country’ and has received a lot of popularity amid tourists from across the globe.

Traveling on a boathouse Kerala style seems to be on most travelers’ minds. Moreover, even some Bollywood film shooting takes place on these marvelous houseboats in Alleppey, Kerala.

You will miss a great deal if you are planning a tour to Kerala but have forgotten to add this luxurious Kerala houseboat cruise.

Plan easily using your trip through this post for your Kerala houseboat tour guide.

The tips that follow have the a to z about Kerala, backwaters, and houseboats.

The specialty of these backwaters in Kerala

A channel or web of rivers, inlets, lakes, and canals has teamed up to make the title of – Kerala backwaters; these create the pristine 900 km stretch of waterways.

On this delightful state’s landscapes, some towns and even cities, act as entry and finale points of Kerala backwaters houseboat cruises.

The great backwaters also are blessed with a distinct ecosystem, since the marine waters of the Arabian Sea join with the freshwater of the lakes and rivers.

You would be surprised with more, for example, a bank has been made so that the fresh water of the lake doesn’t get mixed with the salt water of the sea, in the Vembanad Kayal (Kumarakom).

The interesting procedure is done so that this water could be used for irrigation purposes.

The great Kerala backwaters also house several species of aquatic organisms that include mudskippers, frogs, and crabs, co-existing alongside water birds like cormorants, kingfishers, darters, and terns.

Otters and turtles are also seen here.

Dense pandanus shrubs, several leafy plants, bushes and swaying palm trees, relax one’s tired eyes while traveling on the peaceful backwaters.

Click away and save these enchanted moments and images using your cameras.

You can also plan a honeymoon trip in a houseboat which will be really a memorable moment in your life.

You could also check the best time to visit Kerala backwaters, before confirming for the trip.

August to May is the best times to visit these precious backwaters of Kerala, though they are still a year-round attraction.

Avoid the time of the monsoon if you like to make the best of the visit. The quick downpour might take away all the fun and excitement.

Choose the best centre for your Kerala backwaters houseboats trip

Known as the ‘Venice of the East, Alleppey is the most widely liked backwater destination of Kerala, blessed with abundant scenic entertainments like lagoons, lakes and freshwater rivers, making it the perfect holiday spot to spend quality time with your loved ones.

But what adds to the attraction is the beautiful looking houseboats. An overnight cruise or a houseboat day cruise would be a wonderful way to explore Alleppey and its attractions

So make sure you inquire about various Kerala houseboat tour packages for family or honeymoon with your tour operator.

Food is a part of the houseboat and is included in the price of the guests. Along with three meals, guests can also savor evening snack with tea onboard a houseboat cruise.

Vegetables and fish dishes are stapling; however, changes can be made as one the client’s need.

How to pick the best Kerala houseboats trip?

The backwaters of Kerala are made up of from canals that run beside the Arabian sea coast, and also from Cochin to Kollam, alongside the inland of the Kerala coast.

There are several routes on these canals where the mystical houseboats sail.

Among the many backwater destinations in Kerala, Alleppey and Kumarakom is the most attractive.

Alappuzha was also known as the Alleppey backwaters round and Kumarakom backwater round, as well as houseboat cruise, offers tranquility and stunning nature escapades on these routes. Here are the 11 things you should know before booking a houseboat in Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha backwater route

Alleppey round trip is quite widespread as the Alleppey houseboat day trip cruise, where your houseboat sails over Kuttanad, the picture-perfect place for a houseboat cruise.

The lush and serene scenes mesmerize you at this main backwater zone lined with coconut palms bending in the edges.

Ogle at the reflected image over the surrounding calm waters.

Here is another added attraction in Kuttanadu paddy field- farming is below sea level.

You shall be delightfully surprised to find the 11th-century statue of Lord Buddha called Karumadikuttan near to Alleppey.

Smile at the friendly people while observing and clicking pictures of their serene rural life.

The busy houseboat is anchored in the lake during the night time.

Alleppey to Kumarakom backwater route

Alleppey to Kumarakom backwater route is a refreshing blend of the finest experiences you could observe at these houseboats in Kerala.

Highlights of this route include a bird sanctuary, lively raw farm fields, verdant local villages, and additional significant spots.

Explore Kuttanad village which is lovingly branded as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala.’ this itinerary is especially preferred by honeymooners and also as a weekend holiday destination.

Alleppey to Thottappalley backwater route

Another well-known backwater cruise route in Kerala is Alleppey to Thottappalley.

It encompasses the number of attractions like the 11th century Buddha state temple- Karumadikkuttan, Champakkulam church,

AmbAlappuzha temple, traditional houses on the banks known as Chavara Bhavan and sail on Punnamada lake.

Alleppey to Alumkadavu backwater route

Alumkadavu is found at a distance of 21 km from Kollam.

The cruise between Kollam and Alleppey is the lengthiest among boathouse Kerala cruises and is covered by an 8-hour duration.

This covers the entire backwater area, saving a few areas where ample space is not available.

Half of the distance is finished on the first day, while on the second day, the cruise arrives at Kollam.

You will discover several attractions such as Karumadikuttan, Amrithamanadha math at Vallikavu, Paddy fields (below sea level), coir village and Kumarakodi.

Kumarakom backwater route

Kumarakom is an enjoyable village of Kerala famous for its eco, beach and backwater tourism.

It has always been a sought after holiday spot for a number of celebrities and VIPs like the international pop singer Britney Spears, the former pm of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Kumarakom bird sanctuary is an added popular attraction, lying adjacent to the stunning Vembanad lake.

Houseboat cruise on the jade-tinged waters of the lake is one of the most desired fun activities, while you will also love clicking wildlife snaps for your blog or travel album at the bird sanctuary.

Go for the extraordinary sunset cruise to experience some remarkable moments.

Food menu on a typical Kerala houseboat

During the night stay on a Kerala houseboat, all the three meals are served inside the houseboat.

Meals on Kerala houseboat tour include such as South Indian, continental, North Indian and specialty being traditional authentic Keralite cuisine.

The local fish delicacies are an added highlight. The cooks are subject experts in their field.

Do inform the cooks whether you prefer sunflower oil or coconut oil for cooking, before entering the boat.

Following are the groups of houseboats in Kerala tour

Standard houseboat – Kerala houseboat having basic necessities and nothing more. Most of these are without air-conditioner.

Deluxe/premium houseboat– this group of Kerala houseboats are very comfortable. You get the air-conditioning facility for over 10 hours during night.

Luxury / super deluxe houseboat– decked with world-class comforts and luxuries, these houseboats have well-mannered butlers and air-conditioning for 24 hours.

Kinds of houseboats

Pre-booking your Kerala houseboat is advised, in order to save yourself from disappointments from not being acquiring a houseboat for the first come first serve basis.

Double deck houseboats

These houseboats have a double deck.

Relish stunning views of the backwater from the upper deck.

These Kerala houseboats can house more amount people while they also have conference amenities.

Generally, the upper part contains a sundeck, a living area that features a tv and music system for guest entertainment and a double bedroom along with attached bathroom.

The lower deck has 2 air-conditioned double rooms along with bathrooms attached.

These rooms can house 2-3 children and 2 adults.

Also find a dining area with television, a sit-out, and a welcome area. This group of houseboat can be used by 2 different groups at the same time.

Privacy is maintained, thanks to the two decks.

Houseboats with sun deck

This houseboat has a sun deck to enjoy the great view of the surroundings while it cruises over placid backwaters. They do not contain the upper deck.

The welcome area of this houseboat contains a staircase to access the sundeck, that is either glass-covered or open.

Kerala houseboats without an upper deck

The houseboat is made of different parts from the coconut tree, and plows over the water, giving the guests an opportunity to travel into the inside part of the lake.

These houseboats seem just like a house with a sitting room, a kitchen and 2 bedrooms.

Are you traveling to Kerala this fall or winter ?

Just remember to include this beautiful natural tour into your travel itinerary for some placid backwater moments and joyful experiences. Relish the greenery to relax your mind and eyes by going to a dream-like state, via these magnificent houseboats in Kerala. Contact our tours in the Indian team to float in pure heaven using some of our great offers for your holiday honeymoon packages in Kerala .