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Plan Kerala Tour: Perfect Honeymoon Destination In Alleppey,kerala

Newlyweds! If you are in search of a perfect honeymoon destination, then your search ends here, as we take you on a virtual tour across the enchanting awesomeness of the Alleppey houseboats in kerala

Kerala, also known as the “God's own country”, blessed with the mesmerizing charisma of nature’s magic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India that has been attracting tourists from far and wide lately. The abundance in its serene beauty, rich and varied culture, the excitingly diverse folklore, exotically exquisite cuisines, and Ayurvedic treatments to rejuvenate the body and soul, together form a combination of the soothing inclination that appeases a traveler’s wanderlust.

The Kerala tour packages comprise of houseboat cruising forms one of the major attractions that have been luring tourists from all over the world for quite some time now. Your honeymoon tour package to Kerala is incomplete without a sojourn across the backwaters and do not forget to include the spice of a chilling houseboat stay. When you have plans to spend some leisure time with your bae, we cannot think of recommending a honeymoon destination better than the backwaters of Quilon, Kumarakom, and Alleppey in your luxurious Alleppey houseboat packages.

What makes Kerala backwaters a popular honeymoon destination?

You will be amazed at the tranquility of the Kerala backwaters that comprises of a network of lakes, lagoons, rivers, creeks, and canals, and resembles a convoluted system extending the waterways up to a distance of 900kms. These backwaters unveil varying species of aquatic flora and fauna that is supported by an inbuilt ecosystem. Here are some 5 supercool honeymoon destinations in india

The wide range of flora embedded deep inside consists of pandanus shrubs, bushes, and palm fringes that carpets the backwaters in luster green scenery. Also, even more, amazing is the unique species of fauna that consists of mudskippers, crabs and varying varieties of frogs and other aquatic animals like otters and turtles also inhabit the backwaters along with birds such as the darters, cormorants, kingfishers, and terns.

This amazing landscape is interconnected to numerous towns and villages, and the starting point of your houseboat is either at Alleppey or Kumarakom towards Quilon at the other end. On your cruise across these backwaters of Kerala, in certain specific regions, you can find barrages that have been constructed to prevent the inflow of salt water from the seas preventing it from harming the freshness of the water, especially near the Vembanad Kayalin Kumarakom. What is even more exciting is the fact that this fresh water is also used for irrigation purposes.

When is the best time to visit the backwaters of Kerala?

The exciting point is that the backwaters are fresh and intact with the richness of its abundant solidarity of flora and fauna all around the year. So, it is absolutely perfect to plan your Kerala houseboat packages in Alleppey at almost any time of the year. But to enjoy the tranquility of the backwaters to their fullest, it is better to plan your visit after the monsoons, starting from August to May.

If you desire to rejuvenate your senses and soul through the splendid Ayurveda treatments then monsoon is the best time to plan your Alleppey houseboat tours. If not, then it is good to choose the non-monsoon period as there are chances that the sudden bursts of the heavy showers might spoil the mood of your honeymoon date.

Choosing your backwater destination for an awesome houseboat cruise experience

Alleppey was also known as “Venice of the east” is the popular backwater destination and, the charming network of the lakes, freshwater rivers, canals and lagoons that connects to it draws tourist attention and you cannot miss the experience of a tempting houseboat day cruise combined with an overnight stay. Along with the mesmerizing beauty of the backwaters, mouth-watering cuisines are also a part of your houseboat cruise that is included in the houseboat charges. You will be treated with delicious seafood and the other delicacies of Kerala that you can decide as per your preferences.

Guidelines to customize perfect Kerala houseboat packages on your honeymoon

Kerala is popular for its enormous backwater destinations, though Alleppey and Kumarakom stand out among the rest. We would recommend you to choose your houseboat cruise across the most popular backwater routes that consist of Alleppey backwaters round and the Kumarakom backwaters round where you can leisurely enjoy the magical pleasure while exploring the exquisiteness and delightful ambiance of a houseboat cruise along the backwaters.

You can either choose to explore the multiple routes along the canals that run across the coast of Kerala, from Cochin to Quilon or the routes across the canals on the other end that runs parallel to the Arabian sea coast.

Exploring the Alleppey backwaters

Alleppey backwater round trip is one of the major attractions of the Alleppey houseboat cruise. The cruising moves across Kuttanad and while on the cruise the tourists can experience the mesmerizing charms of the greenery that blankets the backwaters with the beckoning coconut palm fringes at the river banks. You will be left agape at the sight of these trees that touch the skies with their branches bending precariously over the water, something that you can find only along the backwaters of Kerala.

You cannot miss the awesomeness of Kumarakom backwaters

Kumarakom is one of the popular backwater tourist destinations in Kerala that has been visited by a number of celebrities including Britney Spears and even former prime minister of India- Atal Behari Vajpayee was seen to be delighted on his tour to Kumarakom. The Vembanad Kayal is famous all over the world for its picturesque beauty and most excitingly unbelievable is the fact that it beholds a remote and beautiful village in it and is an ideal destination for ecotourism, backwater tourism, and beach tourism. Also, on your houseboat cruise across the Vembanad Kayal, you will be greeted with the magical beauty of a wide variety of birds at the Kumarakom bird sanctuary and the enchanting sunset is something that you cannot miss out on your cruise.

Combining the essence of Alleppey and kumarakom

To pamper you with the best of backwater experiences combine the Alleppey to Kumarakom round on your houseboat cruise in your Alleppey houseboat packages. On your way, you will be greeted with paddy fields, coastal villages, coir factory, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, the beauty of Kuttanad and also you can plan a visit to the churches and temples in your honeymoon package. Also, you can catch a glimpse of the lifestyle of the people living along the coastal areas. You cannot miss out the spice of the rice bowl and the special fish curry on your cruise. You can check out 12 famous churches in Kerala to celebrate this Christmas.

Choose the perfect Kerala houseboat packages

The condition of the houseboats and the raw materials used to manufacture these are two of the important factors that you need to consider before choosing your Alleppey houseboats. You can find that most of the houseboats comprise of thatched roofs that are made up of coconut leaves. The entire houseboat is equipped with the most modernized amenities and facilities to make the guests feel at home.

You can choose from the single, double, triple or the five-bedroom houseboat cruises depending upon your requirements. The houseboats are fully furnished and attached with toilets and consist of chairs, & a kitchen where you can cook. Each of the bedrooms has an additional balcony and a separate restroom with at.v. Set. The crew consists of an oarsman, engine operator and a chef to cook your favorite dishes. The houseboats are equipped with proper safety measures and the tourism department examines and approves these to ensure the safety of the tourists.

The price range of your houseboat varies depending upon whether you choose deluxe or luxury houseboats in Alleppey on your backwater cruise across Alleppey. Depending upon the price range, the facilities and amenities provided inside the houseboat cruise vary and you can choose either a single day houseboat cruise or an overnight stay in your houseboat cruise. During the night there will be no cruising but the houseboat will be docked at the banks of the backwaters where you can enjoy the beauty of the night amidst the murmur of the water.

Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages

If you are on a honeymoon spree and have chosen houseboat cruise as your romantic destination, then you can request for a special candlelight dinner, floral decorations, etc. On your cruise to match the theme of your tour. South India's especially Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages will be the best option provided by the leading tour operators.

Your houseboat cruise comes with a chef who will cook your preferred meals. Though normally you can choose from a varying range of Kerala houseboat menus that consists of south Indian, traditional Kerala local specialties, north Indian, continental or Thai dishes. The regular meals consist of rice, vegetarian dishes, fish fry, pickles, papad, salads, sambar, and sweets. You can also choose to have a varying variety of dishes cooked in chicken, fish or seasonal vegetables. Fortunately, if you catch hold of fishes you can have it cooked on board. You can also buy crabs, lobsters, tiger prawns and get it cooked on your cruise.

Transportation to Alleppey backwaters or Kumarakom the nearest airport is Cochin international airport which is located at a distance of approximately 70 km from Alleppey or Kumarakom backwaters. It is great if you can pre-book your Kerala houseboat packages with the pickup from your hotel at Cochin to your houseboat cruise and then back to your hotel. This will help to save time and money.

Enjoy leisure time on your Alleppey houseboat tour packages and come back home with a bundle of nostalgic memories of your honeymoon trip. Here are the top 10 hill stations in Kerala for a perfect honeymoon

Tours in India has been organizing splendid Kerala houseboat packages for tourists from India and abroad. Just tell us when you will arrive and we will plan the rest. To avail amazing offers on our Alleppey houseboat packages, contact us today.