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Explore Kerala’s Most Romantic Destinations In This Valentine’s Day In Alleppey Houseboats (boat House) In Kerala

Are you planning to rekindle your love with a fascinating romantic holiday this valentine’s day? Or looking forward to surprising your sweetheart with excitement in a far off place? Either way we have got something mesmerizing to make your valentine’s day awesome and romantic…

Pack your bags and get ready to bombard your significant-half with love and surprises in the “Venice of the east”. Yes, you guessed it right we welcome you to Alleppey, which is one of the most romantic destinations in India and around the world. Thinking why Alleppey is so special?

The tranqu backwaters of Alleppey, the Kerala houseboat cruises, rustic villages, intricate canals, waterways, and lagoons, coconut groves, Alleppey beaches and the rice bowl of Kerala are awaiting you here. Come and fall in love with nature’s awesomeness in Alleppey this valentine’s day.

Exploring Alleppey: A romantic getaway this valentine’s day

What are the major attractions in Alleppey?

Luxury houseboats in Alleppey

Spend some valuable romantic time with your bae cruising across the backwaters of Alleppey- Kumarakom.

Spending some valuable romantic time with your significant other cruising across the backwaters of Alleppey- Kumarakom. Isn’t that the best valentine’s day idea ever?

Wait until you get there, and your answer to this question will be a big yes.

For all the guys out there who are planning to propose, houseboats in Alleppey can provide a spectacular romantic backdrop that can only bring a positive reply from your girlfriend. So book your trip today and make it the best valentine’s day gift for her.

Sandy Beaches

Alleppey is famous for its sandy beaches. Take an exotic stroll along these beaches with your love. Let the footprints of your love get etched on to the sand and wait to see how beautifully the tides of romance will carry away with it the memory of your special day.

Historical monuments

There are a considerable number of places in Alleppey that are popular around the world for their historical importance. Krishnapuram Palace is one among those. Don’t miss out to capture the architectural mesmerism of this palace built during the rule of his highness, Marthanda Varma Thamburan.

Ambalapuzha Temple

The sweetness of Ambalapuzha Palpayasam has an exquisite touch of Lord Krishna's blessings and love for his devotees coming from far and wide. Visit Ambalapuzha temple and seek the Lord's blessings to keep your bond of love intact for today and forever.

At toursinindia, we offer our dear people with to make your valentine’s day the most memorable romantic holiday of your life over years to come.

A brief insight into Kerala houseboats, your next romantic destination

History of houseboats

Alleppey houseboats are the modernized or sophisticated innovation of the traditional “kettuvalloms”. In the earlier days, these served as the mode of transport from Alleppey to the major locations. With time as industrialization and urbanization took over, people stopped depending upon these traditional forms of transit. Though, still, motor boats are preferred in some of the inner parts of the coastal villages. Over time, kettuvalloms started attracting people from far and wide and is today one of the most preferred tourist attractions in Kerala. These kettuvalloms emerged as the Alleppey houseboats where you will be celebrating your romantic date this valentine’s day.

Yearning to know more? relax… we’re near… People avail Alleppey houseboat honeymoon packages to drape themselves in the luxury of a romantic holiday pleasing themselves in the pleasure of a splendid Kerala houseboat cruise.

Where to hire a houseboat?

This is the first question that comes into your mind when you think of availing Kerala houseboat tour packages . Alleppey is usually the source or pick-up point for most of the houseboat cruises. Also, it forms the interconnectivity point between Cochin and Quilon lying towards its north and south respectively.

Oarsman-rowing-a-houseboat-768x461there are a considerable number of houseboats, around 500 and more altogether in Kerala. These houseboat operators provide the best of services. Usually, the cruising points are between Alleppey to Kumarakom or Kottayam or Alinkadavu near to Quilon.

The Alleppey houseboats usually cover a distance of around 25-30 miles each day. This will give you ample time to catch glimpses of life in and around the most sought after tourist destination of Kerala.

You can either choose from an overnight stay or sunset cruise or day/night cruise in your Alleppey houseboat package. This mainly depends on your budget.

Types of Alleppey houseboats:

1. Deluxe houseboats
2. Premium houseboats
3. Budget houseboats

You can also choose between air-conditioned and non-a/c houseboat cruises depending on your preference.

Request your Kerala houseboat operator to get your houseboat decorated with some romantic red roses to match the theme of your valentine’s day celebrations.

What are the other things to know about Alleppey houseboats?

Generally, there are 3 servicemen on a houseboat apart from the guide. An engine driver or oarsman, a service person for assistance and a chef to provide you with the best cruising experience on your Alleppey houseboat.

Talking about the chef, you’ll be served with the traditional Kerala food on your cruise. Some spicy seafood that will rejuvenate your taste buds. To add some music and masti to your valentine’s day, request for a candle-light dinner with maybe some beautiful orchestra playing your favorite tunes in the background.

If you catch hold of some fish on your cruise, you can request your chef to get it barbequed or grilled while you enjoy the love in the breeze blowing across.

Most of the houseboats offer free wi-fi as part of their services. This ensures that you stay connected with the outer world while you gift your soul mate with most of your time.

Experience the beauty of the mesmerizing village life

You’ll be awestruck at the sight of the plush green palm fringes and coconut groves that carpets the village life of Alleppey. The coir factories, the churches, and the other historical places are worth a visit on your trip to Alleppey.

Your romantic date will seem incomplete without an overnight stay on the Alleppey houseboat cruise. Usually, the houseboats do not cruise during the night time. It is usually decked at the banks of the backwaters.

You can hear the silent murmur of the night.

Other attractions in Alleppey


Kuttanad is the rice bowl of Kerala. Take a stroll across the paddy fields. Farming is the main occupation of the people here. Don’t forget to carry a camera with you so that you can share the awesomeness of Alleppey’s charm with the world.

Kathakali and other art forms

Kathakali is one of the ancient art forms of Kerala. This dance-drama art form that usually covers parts of the epic Ramayana or Mahabharata is worth-watching.

The art forms of Kerala have many fans world over. taking this into consideration, many resorts and luxury houseboats make arrangements to entertain its foreign visitors with the colorful and enchanting dance forms.

If your stay doesn’t include entertainment programs, make sure you find some ways to watch at least Kathakali. This is one of the ancient art forms of Kerala; a dance-drama art form that usually covers parts of the epic Ramayana or Mahabharata is worth-watching. You can check out Kathakali, backwaters, and Sadhya – all you need to know about Kerala here.

Apart from Kathakali, other art forms that should not be missed include- Mohiniyattam, one of the classical dance forms of India; Theyyam, a ritual dance from North Kerala; Panchavadhyam, Kalaripayattu, Chakyar Koothu, Nangiar Koothu, etc

Don’t miss out toddy

Guys don’t miss to taste the toddy in Alleppey. Add some extra kick to your romance with this Toddy.

Your trip won’t be complete unless you taste a glass of freshly made toddy or palm wine from Alleppey. This mild alcoholic beverage made out of the sap from coconut palm can be a novel experience for your taste buds.

You can even try the spicy food served along with Toddy. Tapioca and chilly fish curry, the most popular combination dish that goes well with coconut palm wine. Make your valentine’s day recipe a little spicy and exotic.

So guys don’t miss this experience in Alleppey. Go ahead and add some extra kick to your romance with this toddy.


Kerala is where ayurveda originated. Don’t go back without rejuvenating your body and soul with an Ayurveda package. Provide your soulmate with the pleasant surprise of an ayurvedic massage and spa treatment with your houseboat cruise. It will be the best valentine’s day gift to give your spouse.

A trip to Alleppey will be the perfect romantic holiday for the two of you to cherish over years to come.

Wish you a great valentine’s day!!! here are some top 10 hill stations in Kerala for a perfect honeymoon here.

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