Thoovanam Waterfalls, Munnar, Kerala

A Thriving Trip To Thoovanam Water Falls To Chinnar Via Valparai

"Nevertheless, the elder and the companions did not allow him to the hospital. Preparations were made for doing Sorcery to change the illness. Bells and mantras have begun. A few hours long prayers and mantras. They believe that something wrong with the man lying in a desolate situation. They brought God to the clot in the magic to avoid the plague. But that time the patient had no effect. And also the second and thirdly gods came but, Disappointed faces. Whether Tetanus can be cure with Sorcery! At last, "Nothing to do more, he should die" they said. They were given two new clothes for the illness to take him to the hospital. They are the clothes that are put to death by believing that the patient will die anymore. The strange thing that happened when we visited tribal villages in Chinnar forest areas. People who believe in Sorcery can change their illness if they get sick." "Dhanushkodi said, everyone was anxious and surprised. In these days even such people ...? Yes, the Peoples of the Chinnar forest have such trusts and rituals today.

Over the last two years, we have to visit Chinnar with great passion in mind and to see the Thoovanam waterfall. So we departed from Saturday morning. Before 6 o'clock, the Athirapally check post reached. Out there we drank each coffee. Through Vazhachal, Valparai Udumalpetta, Chinnar is the plan. Valpara Check Post was on at 6 o'clock. We can expect an elephant at any time. When Vazhachal was going to Valpara, the elephant had to be seen, and it was compulsory. Before the dams viewpoint forward to Malapparapara, a bend turned out as soon as the vehicle was slow. Trapped in the way, with wooden poles, unable to cross the road. The elephant itself!!! Nearly ten minutes before, all the evidence of the elephant was found there. That time near the road, we saw elephants in the forest, four or five elephants, including a child. From Malakkappara, we had food then we set out again for Valpara.

Nallamudi Poonchola, a viewpoint, is about 10 km away from Valparai.In the middle of the tea estates, it took more than half an hour to reach the peak through the rough roads. The vehicle is parked, walk a half kilometer and reach the viewpoint. From the beautiful viewpoint, the viewer can see a beautiful waterfall. From there we turned back to Pollachi road and Aliyar passed away and went to Chinnar. We traveled a long journey through a beautiful road full of crops and palms on both sides and we reached Chinnar. Chinnar is a famous wildlife sanctuary in the Idukki District. After the Chinnar check post, we were ready to go for the first-day trek. The first trip to the watchtower, A panoramic view of the Chinnar Sanctuary can be seen from the top of the watchtower, approximately 40 feet. From above, we often see elephants, bison, and deer in the bottom.

We walked through the side of the Chinnar river. Kerala is at one side of the river which is 10 meters wide and the other side is Tamil Nadu. The Chinnar river, full of round and rolled stones, and less water. This may be because of the flow of water over the stones, this water has a coolness. There are large trees growing on both sides of the river. Because their branches are stretched across the river, so the river is always filled with good shade. Everybody went into the river, washed the hands and We saw him while enjoying the beauty of the river and the forest. Trekking stopped and returned to our residence. But after we returned to the residence, we went to the other side of the side of Chinnar River, which runs near to the Dormitory. All the people who came to the camps had a bath in the cold at the river at that time.All those who came out of the bath gathered in a hall near the Dormitory of Natural Club. After evening meals at 9 pm, all were met in front of the restaurant near Chinnar's Check Post. A slight familiar session is intended.

It was done on Sunday morning. After having tea at about 7 o'clock, we took a little trekking to the watchtower. Worn in the cold and early morning was a poetic tower experience. All of them came back and got food. Trekking started at 10 am. To reach the Thoovanam waterfalls in Pampara, travel through the jungle for 3.5km. The Thoovanam flowed like an angel in front of us after walked for more than an hour. This was not expected this much water at the heat of February this year. November, December, and January are the best time to visit Thoovanam Falls. In the month of June and July, the rainfall in Kerala does not have much water in Thuvanam. After taking some photos from the bottom of the waterfall, we crossed the river under the direction of the guides. River Crossing is a fun and adventurous event. We were trampled on the stones, we were helping each other and we crossed to the other side. From there you can reach the log house at the top of the jungle. We walked along the log house and reached the top of the waterfall. For a while, when the beauty of the Thoovana was enjoyed, the water drops from her came up like smoke and blew me up. We walked through the steep rocks and bathed in the place where the water jumps on the floor. It's a good place for us to bathe, but we're all bathing there because there's no strong flow. A feeling of coolness in the head ... a cool winter.

We came back to the waterfall and we drank each coffee from the shop near the Eco shop in Alampatti.A unique type of coffee made from Jaggery, Nannery, and Cardamom. Since coffee is super, I bought one more. When we arrived back in Chinnar they conducted a traveling ritual together. Anyway, Chinnar does say goodbye, but one more time to get out of the river. All again went back to the river. Then we went back to Kerala via Marayoor Munnar.

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