Places To Visit In Thailand

In The Golden Buddha's Land

Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. There were a lot of beautiful and interesting descriptions of these countries. The views and experiences are amazing. This much-planned journey is first in my life. Many websites, online travel firms, and a variety of descriptions have helped us with our planning. Thailand is one of the best countries in Asia to travel in the low budget. Also on visa on arrival for Indians. This journey lasted 4 days and 5 nights was able to travel through different cultures in the country, different views, and tastes. Places to visit in Thailand were decided and then booked through a travel agency. Our flight landed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 7 pm in the morning. Firstly, a few dollars were transferred to the Thai bar. A SIM card was also taken. Many boards are placed at the gate where the tour agency says, which are papers written on the passenger's name. Among them was the paper that wrote our names. Soon the driver waiting for us came and the name and agency name was handed over. The vehicle was reportedly parked outside.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo And Mini Siam

Coming out of the airport began to feel a little hot. On his way to Pattaya, Sriracha Tiger Zoo came into sight. A show of crocodiles seemed fun. Feeding the tiger, Taking pictures with tigers and crocodiles, there are many programs to pay for the morrow. From the Zoo, we traveled to the Beach Resort Of Pattaya. The driver may want to talk a lot, but English is very limited. In the afternoon we arrived at the resort and we had some lunch and got some rest! By 4 pm driver reached to take us to "mini siam". There is a small pattern of world-famous designs. Eiffel Tower, Lean Tower in Pisa, Colosseum in Italy, Abu Simbel in Egypt, Tower Bridge in London, and Angorvadi in Cambodia are all just a few. In addition, we saw small samples of many of the buildings in Thailand. Another thing is that the old name of Thailand was siam

Alcazar Cabaret

Next, We went to see the iconic Alcazar Cabaret. Very beautiful dances and many other entertainment programs are there to enjoy. I do not know how much time has gone. The light and the sound system is so awesome. The interesting factor is, these dancers are not born as women. By 80 baths paid, there have the opportunity to take pictures with them after the events. From the memories of the beautiful day and the evening dinner, we went to sleep.

Banglatheru(Walking Street) And Patong Beach

The morning alarm was not heard because of the tiredness of the day. It's 10 o'clock. Today's goal is to see the famous Banglatheru. About a kilometer long street is reached to the Patong beach. Like other streets in Patong until 6 pm, here also be crowded with vehicles, shopping, and foreigners who just want to ride. After 6 o'clock the vehicles do not get access to this street. Only foot walkers can come here. There are countless beer parlors, pubs, dance bars and go-go bars on either side of the street. Besides that, strip clubs. With the sunset, the tourists flow here. We can see the girls selling souvenir on the road, brokers with brochures to attract people into the Strip clubs, street dancers and Lady Boys everywhere. The end of the walk reached Patong Beach. There are women here and there, is waiting for customers. One man on the beach is making a statue of sand, that look of a beautiful maiden girl. We watch it for about an hour, then walked to the room.

Marble Temple, Golden Temple, And Golden Buddha

The next day we go to the temple of Wat Benchamabohit is called Marble Temple. The vehicle from the tour company arrived at the hotel, 7 o'clock. Wat Benchamabohit is a beautiful temple made with Italian marble. Vat means Buddha Temple in Thai. The temple was built in 1899. Two lions statues are placed on either side of the entrance. The temple is surrounded by marble pillars. The interior of the temple is decorated with gold and other paintings.

The next aim is another monastery of Wat Saket. The Phu Khao Thong, also known as the Golden Temple, is another attraction of Thailand. Step up to the top of the hill, on the sides of the road there are golden statues of Budha and a small fountain. Buddhist monks sit on the ticket counter(20 baths).

Our next goal is to see the Golden Buddha. The statue is made of gold in the 5,000 kilograms (5.5 ton) and is in the temple of Wat Traimit. One of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok. The golden idol is said to have been made in India in the 13th century and reached here.

The next aim is to see Wat Phra Kaew. people consider this temple as the most sacred shrine in Thailand. The dark green idol is believed to be made in India or Sri Lanka. It is believed that prosperity and progress will be brought to the place where the idol is standing. No one except the Thai King has the right to touch this idol.

Snorkeling In Phuket

Our boat started traveling towards PP islanders. The island is only one of many beautiful islands in Phuket. The population is less than three thousand and this is the largest island in Phuket. When the boat reached, I chose Snorkeling. we want to move in a boat from Iceland to where you want to be snorkeled. The guide distributed tools and life jackets to everyone and described how to use it. The boat was almost stopped near to another island. The clothes changed and each one went down to the sea. We know that we are not drowning, but fear has evolved in mind. The waters of the sea first realized that there is so much salt to taste. Slowly took the mask and put head low into the water, look like a huge Aquarium. Several colored small fish, coral reefs and water plants found all under the sea. The return flight was in the next evening. There was time till noon, wherever you go. But the feeling was about to relax in the room

Don't miss this amazing experiences from unique Thailand. Thailand is interesting for any type of travelers. The beauty of lazy, dance bars, massage centers, and even nice peoples. Thailand does not disappoint anyone

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