Best Places To Celebrate Christmas In Kerala South India

Listed among the must see tourist destinations on international tourism list, Kerala has mesmerized people for it’s sprawling beaches, hilly valleys, coffee plantations, mysterious back waters, towering religious edifices and much more. As summers are highly humid and scorching in this part of the world, the best season to visit Kerala is Dcember, around christmas. This is the peak time with beaches jazzing up with christmas cake and music. Shopping festivals and tour discounts can be availed during this time.

Christmas traditions and celebrations in India is almost the same. With the epithet of “God’s own country”, Kerala is the home for immensely hospitable people, luxurious resorts and efficient transport system. The local architecture and the grandiosity of temples , churches and mosques and the breath taking scenic beauty of river side are rejuvenating for vacation seekers.

  1. Best places to visit during December in Kerala
  2. With thousands of national and international tourists visiting every year, this state is well equipped with facilities to cater for tourists all the year round. Yet December is the right time for visiting Kerala for the pleasant weather especially at hill stations.

    1. Alleppey backwaters
    2. Insidious backwater surrounded by trees on both sides are exceptional and unique to this part of the world. House boating is very popular in this region in Punnamada lake. Alleppey is the land of famous boat races that are held in the month of august or September. This is another time of the year where tourists flock in to witness the zealous community festival of snake shaped boat races in Punnamada lake. Yet it is during X'mas that the locals are high on fervor making this one of the best places to visit in alleppey, celebrate Christmas in Kerala. Alappuzha has captivating architectural wonders in the form of churches and cathedrals. Thousands of Hindu devotees visit the famous shri krishna temple in Ambalappuzha which has delicious milk pudding famous for it’s unique taste. The wonderful art work on walls of Krishnapuram palace is an epitome of cultural heritage of the place. Besides there is Chettikulangara bhagwathy temple which is renowned for it’s annual festivals Kettikazhcha and Kuthiyottam. You can check out 12 famous churches in Kerala to celebrate this Christmas.

    3. Munnar
    4. This is the most popular hill station of south India which has fresh traces of British colonial culture. With expansive coffee and tea plantation, this hilly station is spell bounding with it’s cloud kissing mountains and misty atmosphere. There are old colonial bungalows at the foot of the hills while there are hiking routes leading to the top. The planning and designing of the farmlands are exquisitely done facilitating the movement of tourists. Attukal waterfall, Kundala lake, Pothamedu view point are only few among the many attractions to behold in Munnar. In December Munnar gets all the more gorgeous. Here are some top 10 hill stations in Kerala for a perfect honeymoon .

    5. Kumarakom
    6. This is the ultimate fantasy of water lovers. Kumarakom has beautiful blue lakes reflecting the sky and it’s serenity. There are luxurious resorts and houseboats for stay and therapeutic spas all making Kumarakom a memorable place to be in. You will see the rarest and most exquisite species of animal and plants in this region presenting a varied panorama. There are wonderful resorts facing lakes and forests. Taste the elixir called coconut water and have delicious fish curries for meal. Kumarakom is the place to be in.

  3. Best places to visit on new year’s eve
  4. On the new year’s eve , the festive spirit is high and the restaurants all revamped with variety of delicacies.

    1. Kochi
    2. A home to many christian communities, this city is famous for it’s splendid beaches and magnificent churches. Come Christmas and the churches and cathedrals here are all lightened up. There are Christmas carnivals and beaches fests to greet the tourists. Fort Cochin has remarkable relics of foreign invasion by Portuguese, Dutch, Arabs, Chinese and British. The houses at Mattanchary will take you back in the pre independence period. The main attractions are Jewish synagogue, Mattanchery palace, Dutch cemetery, Chinese fishing nets etc. Cochin carnival is well famous that it is usually held in the last week of December every year in Fort Kochi.

    3. Athirapally waterfall
    4. Located in Chalakudy in Thrissur district, one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world, Athirapally has attracted tourists since time immemorial. With another beautiful site Vazhachal in the vicinity, Athirapally is a popular movie shooting site for bollywood films. There is no season really when this place is not visited except during rainy season when it becomes dangerous.

  5. Best Travel Destinations
  6. The most interesting itinerary in Kerala should constitute the religious sites and also the exotic ones. The amalgamation of indigenous elements and foreign influences are seen in temples, churches as well as in the picturesque locales.

    1. Majestic churches in Thrissur
    2. The district of Thrissur, better known as the cultural capital of the state, boasts of majestic churches which are the oldest monuments of christianity in the country. st. Thomas church in irinjalakuda has the most luminous Christmas celebration. The huge church sprawling over a large area is one of the oldest exemplary churches in the country. Mar Thoma church at Azhikode, Kodungalur is located on the banks of Azhikode river, believed to be the cradle of Indian christianity has zealous Christmas carnivals and prayers. Basilica of our lady of dolores church, in the main city of Thirssur, is an architectural poetry in white. the huge structure is a wonder in itself and during Christmas it is enlivened with festive fervor.

    3. The tranquil beaches of Thiruvanthapuram
    4. Resplendent with towering coconut trees and thick cover of sand, Thiruvanthapuram’s Varakala beach is a home for tranquility like no other place. It is different from other beaches in south India as it has cliffs and hills adjacent to the sandy beach which makes it an exciting place for trekking as well. You can check out Kerala beach tour and travel packages in India.

    5. Kovalam Beach
    6. This internationally renowned beach is favorite not only among Indian tourists but with Europeans too. Every year there are more Europeans visitors than the Indians or locals. That is also the reason why the place has palatial resorts, spas and restaurants and all that one needs to pamper oneself on a vacation. This beach has the specialty of having three adjacent crescent beaches and calm waters to swim and bathe. Foreign tourists find this place apt for sunbathing and swimming. It is only 16 km from the capital city of Thiruvanthapuram.

    7. Wayanad
    8. It is the place of rich biodiversity, tribal heritage, dense forests and elephant rides. It is equally good to visit in summer. Visiting in rainy season is usually avoided as the place gets very mushy during this time. During December, Wayanad has a pleasant weather and visiting the main attractions namely Meenmutty water falls, Banasura sagar dam, Pakshipathalam, Neelimala etc is all the more joyful. Wayanad is also a best honeymoon destination. Check some of the Kerala honeymoon tour packages to make your honeymoon a memorable one.

  7. Best holiday destinations, cultural heritages
  8. Natural beauty is found in abundance in this land and so is cultural heritage. The richness in culture is depicted in the monuments and forts standing tall reflecting tales of history.

    1. Hill palace museum in Thripunithara
    2. The largest archeological museum of Kerala, it is the house of the royal collection of former Maharaja of Kochi. Apart from it’s artifacts, the premises offer horse ridding and a spectacular deer park. There are over 200 antique pieces on display in this museum palace.

    3. Bekal fort
    4. The rocky shallow beach at Bekal, Kasargod is has a majestic fort with a children’s park and walkway. The authorities have painstakingly developed this place into a major tourist spot in the vicinity of the safe sea which is suitable for swimming.

    5. Anchuthengu or Anjengo fort
    6. It is situated near Varkala beach sandwiched between the backwaters and Arabian sea. This place has high significance in Indian history as the European invaders were at daggers drawn to capture this place and so says the relics here. Anjengo fort is atypical in construction and is surrounded by coconut trees in the vicinity of the placid sea.

    7. Padmanabhapuram palace
    8. If you are a connoisseur of architecture, then this palace will swoon you with it’s magnificence and antique interior. Situated on the border of Kerala and Tamil nadu, it is marvelous for it’s architectural splendor with carvings of mythology and nature on the ceilings and walls. True, beauty lies in details.

    9. Thalassery fort
    10. Thalassery is a hamlet close to Kannur district. The grand Thalassery fort is located here which was built by the east company as a testimony to their imperial rule. The fort has the sea in proximity and has lush green premises. The massive and imposing structure of the fort has intricately carved doors and secret tunnels ( few leading to the sea too). It’s a grand structure has often caught the fancy of many visitors here.

      Even a week long vacation in Kerala cannot encompass all the attractions of this state that abounds in natural and cultural wealth. As a major tourist destination, Kerala is a favorite for family as well as couple tours. From exotic beaches to mesmerizing hill stations, Kerala is a true heaven on earth. You can check out customized tour packages covering major tourist attraction in kerala here.

      Kerala being situated on the coastal region the climate is moderate during this period apart from offering exquisite sight-seeing options, making it real paradise for holiday lovers. Be it for adventure seekers; newly-wed couples or for a group or family trips, Kerala has being welcoming holiday spot for all. From art, culture, nature or partying and hangout places, you will find all the ingredients for a perfect Christmas vacation in the very own god’s own country. Get best deals on your choicest location with the most trusted holiday providers and enjoy a wonderful Christmas and a welcoming new year.

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