Everything Need To Know About Kerala Kathakali And Kerala Sadhya (food) For Malayalis

Kerala known as the god’s own country is a paradise on earth. If you are looking for some serene destination where you can find compassion and love in the lap of nature while enjoying your holidays to the fullest, then Kerala should be a must-visit destination in your bucket list.

If you ask what is interesting about Kerala then, there would be an infinite number of things to be listed out which will allure you and the truth is that anyone who visits Kerala will have a strong desire to not leave the beautiful place.

Many tourists who have heard of the god’s own country and the pristine beauty that envelopes it are enthusiastic to explore and find out more and are traveling from far and wide to Kerala to experience the awesomeness for themselves.

Also, many have been cited saying that they wish to come back because one vacation was too less for them to explore the infinity that the place beholds within it and they do return occasionally with friends and family to experience a mesmerizing holiday.

The backwaters, beaches, waterfalls, tea gardens, national parks, historical monuments, cuisines, and the sprawling beauty of the coconut groves that unfurls across your journey from the north of Kerala till you reach the southern tip of Kerala is something that no nature lover could resist.

So, if Kerala is in your bucket list then, here we will take you across everything that will interest you on your trip to Kerala and why these are some of the most interesting things to do when you are in Kerala starting from Kathakali including the Onasadhya to the backwaters of Kerala.

  1. Art and folklore of Kerala:
  2. If you ask what is so special about Kerala and its art forms, then, there is a lot to say. Kerala is one of the states where Kathakali and kalarippayattu originated. Kathakali, a dance form is something that the people of Keralites take pride in. Known to have originated in Kovalam, this dance form consists of artists who communicate in expressions and postures.

    Each song sung during a Kathakali performance narrates a tale of the land. Some are related to the myths of Hindu gods and goddesses while the others might be the glorious stories of popular kings, martyrs and scholars who reigned the land centuries ago.

    Kathakali performances are usually organized during the hours of the night as part of temple festivities.

    Shaolin, Chinese martial art has originated from Kalaripayattu which is around 3000 years old. And, also the exciting part is that this martial art is believed to have originated in Kerala and it would be a loss if you leave Kerala without watching this martial art that is Kerala’s pride.

  3. Snake Boat Race:
  4. It is something that is popular worldwide because it is the only one of its form and you will find it only here in Kerala. The boats resemble snakes and they have not just one rower but hundreds of rowers who sing and row in unison.

    The snake boat races are usually held during the months of August and September and mostly, after the Onam festival which is celebrated at the beginning of harvest season in Kerala.

    Chamapkulam and Jawahar Thayangari are two of the snake boat races that happen in the Aranmula and Kuttanad areas of Kerala.

    Don’t miss to be a part of the cheering crowd at the Snake boat race.

  5. Thrissur Pooram:
  6. As the name suggests the Pooram belongs to Thrissur,. This Pooram usually happens during the months of April or May every year.

    Many flocks around the Thrissur round every year to catch a glimpse of the fireworks that are specially arranged for Thrissur Pooram.

    The Chendamelam, the elephant possessions, the fireworks and the cheering crowd that gathers around the Vadakumnathan temple and the Paramekav temple to catch a glimpse of the Pooram are amazing.

  7. Theyyam:
  8. Theyyam is one of the traditional art forms of Kerala that is usually found in the Northern Malabar areas of Kerala.

    An open-theatre like performance in which a lot of hymns and phrases are being sung, and like Kathakali you can find the performing artistes decked up in a lot of colorful attire and make-up.

    Also, it is organized to honor God and seek the blessings of God as the people of Kannur believe.

  9. Ottamthulal:
  10. Another interesting cultural and heritage art forms of Kerala is Thullal. Like Theyyam, Thullal is one of the art forms which is dedicated to the god, seeking his blessings. The costumes and makeup are the highlights. Songs and verses are sung during the performance and it is really interesting when someone interprets the meaning or the tale behind each of these verses.

  11. Tharvads of Kerala:
  12. Wondering what a Tharvad is? These are the traditional houses of Kerala.

    Kerala is one of the places where joint family systems are very much prevalent and are still being practiced.

    These families preferred staying in big houses that are built in bricks with several small rooms for each family and an Ootupura where the food is cooked in large quantities for all.

    There would be a Nadumuttam for these where usually a lotus pond is built or sometimes it is just plain ground where these families gather to watch Thiruvathira kali during certain special occasions or for Atta Pookolam during the Onam festival.

    Visit a Tharvad and catch a glimpse of the traditional Kerala life. Get a chance to find out the kinds of furniture, vessels, and everything including the umbrellas that the people were using centuries back.

  13. Train Journey:
  14. Train journey is also very interesting when you are in Kerala. Of course, you can take transportation across the roads, but the romance of trains is quite different.

    Start your journey from Ernakulam to Kollam and then to Trivandrum which is very much enthralling.

    Now let’s move on to exploring the nature’s impressions in Kerala:

  15. A sojourn across the backwaters of Kerala:
  16. Alleppey is popular all over the world for its backwaters and the beauty of these waterways is very much evident from the crowd flocking into Kerala from all over the world.

    The backwaters are one of the best holiday spots regardless of whether you are planning a honeymoon, or leisure trip, or solo trip, we welcome you to enjoy the grace and elegance of Alleppey backwaters. Here are the 11 Top places to visit in Alleppey

  17. A Trail on Houseboats:
  18. Now that you are ready to experience the awesomeness of Alleppey backwaters, you cannot delight yourself to this nature’s treat unless you hire a houseboat. And, the major attraction of the kids the houseboats that take the guests on a tour of the waterways which is an interconnected chain of canals, rivers, lagoons, lakes and what not.

    Also for newly married couples, enjoy your honeymoon by choosing the Kerala honeymoon packages from the top tours operators like tours in India.

    While in your houseboat, you will be served with facilities that are nothing short of the ones that you can find in a five-star hotel room. From the accommodation to the seafood cuisine that is served here will have the tempting flavor of the.

    The highlight of these houseboats is that they resemble the traditional Kettuvellams used for the purpose of transport during the traditional days when there were no proper roads and no proper means of transportation. Here are the 11 things to know before booking a houseboat in Kerala.

    Also, don’t miss out to travel to the beautiful Kumarakom which is a few kilometers away from Alleppey while on your houseboat.

  19. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary And Pathiramanal:
  20. When you travel towards Kumarakom, there are a few more things that you can enjoy here.

    The Pathiramanal is a small island on the Vembanad Kayal, the largest lake in Kerala and is famous all over the world for its beauty.

    If you are a bird lover then more treat awaits you here in the form of the Kumarakom bird sanctuary which is the house to many different species of birds that you have never seen or heard of before.

  21. Canoeing in Kerala:
  22. There is more to explore in Alleppey. If you love the backwaters of Kerala and would like to explore the remote village life of Kerala then, Canoeing is what you need. It will take you across the remote villages where you can catch a glimpse of life across the countryside in Kerala. If you are on a honeymoon spree, then, there is nothing sweeter than this Canoeing across the backwaters that you could gift bae. Here is the complete travel diary for planning a perfect honeymoon in Alleppey

  23. Athirapally waterfalls:
  24. Do you love the splendor of the splashing waterfalls? Then, Athirapally waterfalls should be the next place in your list to visit while on your tours to Kerala.

    This waterfall zone that is magnificent and always splashing sparkling waterfalls at its guests is also a biodiversity region famous for the wide range of flora and fauna present here.

    Does Trekking Interest You?

    Then, trek to the waterfalls and if you are fortunate you would find yourself among the exotically interesting species of wildlife including the lion-tailed macaque, Cochin forest cane turtle, and the great Indian hornbill.

  25. The Rice Bowl of Kerala:
  26. Kuttanad is referred to as the rice bowl of Kerala. The major occupation of the people here is farming. And, also farming is done above the sea level in Kuttanad which is what makes the place famous across the globe.

    Rice and Paddy are the two main crops that are cultivated here though there are various others too.

  27. Jew street and Mattancherry:
  28. Two of the most famous places in Kerala the Jew street and the Mattancherry palace are located in Kochi. If you are passionate about history, then, Mattancherry is the place you should be visiting. The palace was originally constructed in the year 1557 and was renovated by the Dutch in the year 1663.

    The walls of the palace contain mural art that speaks a lot about Kerala history.

    The Jew street is one of those places that is the home to Jews as the name suggests but now the Jews have shifted back to their ancestral homes in Israel. Though, the place has a flavor of the Jewish culture and tradition.

    Take a stroll across the Jew street and enjoy something different when Kerala culture blends with Jewish lifestyle.

  29. Munnar Tea Gardens:
  30. How about a cup of hot tea prepared from the tea leaves plucked from the tea gardens?

    No one can resist the awesomeness of this splendid tea!

    Munnar tea gardens are waiting to delight you with some tasty tea as you explore the 30 diversifying tea gardens here. You can gather ideas on how the teas are cultivated and also, spend some time with nature.

  31. Kerala Beaches:
  32. Image courtesy: travel.manoramaonline.com

    Kerala takes pride in its beaches. There are ample of beautiful beaches where you can relax and enjoy for some time.

    The Payambalam beach, Muzhapilangad beach, Calicut beach, Beypore beach, Kapad beach, the Alleppey beach, Cherai beach, Marari beach, Varkala beach and the Shankumukham beach in Trivandrum are a few of the most popular tourist attractions in kerala

    Muzhapilangad beach is one of the only drive-in beaches in Kerala. Kapad is famous because of its importance in history as the place where Vasco-Di-Gama set his foot for the first time in Kerala.

    Alleppey beaches are popular because people love this famous for the serene atmosphere that it provides for rejuvenation and relaxation.

  33. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:
  34. Image courtesy: seasonzindia.in

    Are you a wildlife lover? Then, the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is something that you cannot miss while you are here in Kerala.

    Make sure you get closer to these beasty beauties while in Kerala.

  35. Wayanad- Exploring The Music of Nature & It’s love:
  36. Image courtesy: Wayanad-tourism.com

    Wayanad is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and if there is a paradise on earth then, it is here. The sprawling waterfalls, the beautiful peaks, dams, and what not, Wayanad is also, the home to wildlife sanctuaries and this is the place to be in if you are a nature lover.

    The Chembra peak, Soochipara waterfalls, Banasurasagar dam, Pookode lake, Kuruvadweep, Edakal caves, and much more are some of the most interesting top places to visit in Wayanad.

    Muthanga, Sulthan Bathery, and Kalpetta are some of the interesting places in Wayanad to name a few.

    Also, if you are lucky you could get your stay booked on the tree top perched amidst the mesmerizing wildlife in Wayanad.

  37. Ayurvedic Massage:
  38. Image courtesy: kairalicenters.com

    Another exciting and interesting aspect of Kerala holidays are its ayurvedic massage and rejuvenation therapies.

    For those who are frustrated from the stressful and buzzing daily routines, then, an Ayurveda massage is recommended to help you rejuvenate and rekindle your body and soul in the lap of nature.

  39. Traditional Kerala Sadya:
  40. The traditional Kerala Sadya that is served on the banana leaf is one of the most exciting attractions of the Kerala cuisines.

    The rice and the side dishes that are served including Sambar, Kalan, Olan, Pachadi, Puliserry, Thoran, Paripu curry, Mizhakuparutty, etc. With the sweet Payasam served as the dessert is something that your taste buds cannot resist.

  41. Kozhikodan Biryani and Halwa:
  42. Image courtesy: tasty-indian-recipes.com

    Kozhikode is one of the places in Kerala that is famous for its Halwa and Biryani.

    Kalwa is a sweet that comes in various exciting flavors.

    Kozhikode or Calicut is famous for its Biryani cooked with the recipe that has been handed over across generations.

  43. Lulu Mall:
  44. Image courtesy: indiatoday.in

    If you love some shopping and would like to delight yourself to the largest mall in India, then, visit Lulu mall.

    These are some of the very few interesting things that attract anyone to Kerala.

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