Murudeshwara Temple And The Second Largest Shiva Statue In The World, Karnataka

Murudeshwara Temple And The Second Largest Shiva Statue In The World

The pristine atmosphere, along with the top of the hill above sea level, will be celebrated after the prayer. Traveling boat to sea to sea, adventurous lorry, park to play children, pilgrims and tourists from other Indian temples. The Murudeshwar Temple in Karnataka is a popular spot for those who are interested in taking photos.

The 123 feet high statue is located on top of a hillock surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides. Murudeshwara Temple which is the second largest Shiva Temple in the world is located in Bhatkal Taluk in North Kannada. Tourist places in and around Murudeshwar While traveling to Murudeshwar, Lord Shiva is a famous tourist attraction in Karnataka. Tourists can see the beach, beach, hills and statue. From among all the lovely frames and visuals.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is also known as Murudeshwara. The Murudeshwara Temple also has an interesting legend that has ancient temples. Ravana decided to put in Sri Lanka the blessing he had earned in order to achieve this immense pleasure. Sivan had also told Raavan that he should never be kept on the ground till he was placed in Lanka. At the same time, the devotees woke up when Ravan was immortal. Vishnu and Ganapathy decided to stop it. Ravan was one of the most rituals in sunset. Ravana created the image of the sunset by Lord Mahavishnu and took the pen and grabbing the rampa of the Ravana in the hands of Raghavan from the hands of the Brahmanbala. Ravan was furious and tried to pull the lethal lingering shiva lane from the Brahmin. In this force, the parts of the penis fell out of places. The Kundagiri Temple is dedicated to Lord Murudeshwara which is believed to have been covered by a cloth covered with a pen.

Inside the temple, there is a special sculpture of sculpture from the sculptures of the entire legend. Knowledge of the myth will make these sights enjoyable. The place where the legendary place is known by the sculptors is known as the earthquakes cave.

The temple is surrounded by the family of Ramanagappa Shetty. Renovation works of the temple begin in 1977 under the leadership of Shetty. The sculpture of Lord Shiva is 123 feet.

Another popular attraction in Murudeshwar is the entrance to the temple. The Rajagopur is said to be one of the largest towers in the world. The temple complex with 20 floors and a height of 259 feet is impressive. And the gates that the engraved graves will hear. The 18-floor 20-floor building is also available at a price of 10 rupees per lift. The view of the temple and sea with the 18th floor can not be expressed in words.

Murudeshwar is a place which attracts travelers who love the sight of the pilgrims. In the South Indian architecture, the tower and the carvings, the Sun God, the Ravana, the Nandi and many other statues will be satisfied by the passers and the entrepreneurs in the photographs.

The beauty of the beach and hills and the huge statue of Lord Shiva is visible from the scenes. All the frames you get when you get a photo of a single photo is pretty cool.

The place is also a must visit for those who want to stay at Murudeshwar for a whole day. The park is ideal for trekking. The swimming pool also has a beach picnic spot. And above all these people will be attracted by sea-laden stranded sea to come. There are floating facilities on the beach and lodging facilities, speed boat facilities etc.

It should be noted that the dress code does not have any mandate to carry out special codes, shots, or shirts.

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