Kerala Tour Packages - Interview With Lucy Ruthum Kerala

  1. What kind of a traveler are you? A backpacker or a long holiday traveler; business traveler or do you live and work abroad.
  2. I identify as so many different types of traveler. Over the years I’ve been a backpacker, a city slicker, a romantic couples traveler, a solo female traveler, a short-term traveler, a business traveler, but most of all, I’m a long-term traveler. I have always been a traveler but it was three years ago when I decided to up and leave with no plans to return, now I’ve been traveling across Europe, Australia, and Asia for several years and have no plans to stop.

  3. How often do you travel? How do you fund your travel (savings/traveling is part of your work/other)?
  4. I constantly travel so it’s hard to distinguish between trips but I work along the way. I earn money through my travel blog and freelance writings, and I pick up other jobs along the way which have varied from manny work and sales management to hospitality, teaching and many more. Usually, my pattern is to travel for a few months and then settle for a few months to save up a wedge of money, that way I get the best of both worlds and get to experience both traveling and living in a different country.

  5. To which place did you travel first and at what age was it? Please share your experience if you remember to have inspired you in any way.
  6. I’ve been traveling from birth as my parents were also big travelers and certainly weren’t going to let my arrival stand in the way of their holidays. Growing up I spent all of my summers on the beach in various parts of Europe and exploring new parts of the world. But the first trip I really remember in detail was probably when I went to Mauritius – where my father is from – at age six to visit family. Different from other previous holidays, this one was full of exotic sights, smells and tastes, it excited my imagination to see the vibrancy of the colors, the music, and the lives. My parents actually had a marriage ceremony while we were there so you can imagine how exciting that was for a six-year-old to experience henna and saris for the first time. That was a trip that most definitely fueled my love of far off places and exotic lands

  7. Did you ever have any bad experiences while travelling?
  8. So many. I’ve been the luckiest and the unluckiest since traveling. I’ve been robbed, threatened, stranded and almost died in not one, but five serious crashes, the last two nearly claimed my life. It sounds scary but if anything I’ve seen it as the biggest learning curve and as a serious sign that I can survive anything. It’s been horrible at points, but I’ve experienced it all on my own and I’ve proved my worth as a solo female traveler both to my audience and to myself.

  9. Could you mention a best and a worst holiday/place you have visited and why is it so?
  10. Favourite place is still Thailand – I recently went back three years after my first visit and I still love the culture, the country, and the food just as much. Worst countries were Morocco due to the people being very unfriendly, racist and threatening towards my family and I. However, I am keen to rectify this memory by returning and exploring more of Morocco. And Cambodia, where all of my worst traveling experiences happened and I felt the most vulnerable and unsafe as a traveler.

  11. Which is the most cherished memory of all your travel that you wish to have more?
  12. I think the first moment it hit me that I was all alone in Asia and that I really had made my dreams come true. After all the saving and planning and dreaming, it was the moment I realized I had done it all on my own and that this was my life now. A huge achievement. And all of those moments spent with family, good friends and my boyfriend – because sharing magical moments with them really does enhance your own experience.

  13. According to you what are the must-haves while planning a holiday
  14. The only must-have is an adventure. Other than that I always stay open to every experience, every location and every wonderful new person I meet along the way. Adventure comes in so many different forms – it could be exploring a new city solo or heading into a tropical jungle or desert, or jumping out of a plane in Australia, or road tripping the USA. Adventure is something that excites your soul and that is the only must-have when planning a trip.

  15. What would you like to say to people who have never traveled or had any holiday trip?
  16. Step outside your bubble. It doesn’t have to be a new country, it doesn’t even have to be a new county. Travel can happen right on your doorstep if things like a budget of life step in your way. Break your normal routine and just try going somewhere new – a nearby city, a new park or village – that’s travel and that’s experiencing somewhere new. Start small if you’re nervous and see what happens, you’re opening yourself up to a whole new world of experiences but it’s okay if you never get to Nepal or Australia – do what sets your soul on fire. I can’t recommend it enough, travel changes your life. Check here to know more about historical places and monuments in Kerala.

  17. What are things that should be particularly kept in mind for the first-time traveller?
  18. Always pack half the clothes you think you’ll need and take twice the money. Throw yourself into every experience and don’t give yourself time to be homesick. Be smart, be safe and be happy.

  19. What do you explore when you visit any place – the cuisine, landscape, lifestyle, etc. What do you take along with you so you are back home?
  20. I swear most of my travels center around food and beautiful places. I’m in love with trying new cuisines and then trying to cook them myself when I get home. That food is a big love of mine, and I love the subtle differences among Asian foods when exploring Italy and Brussels I gorged myself on amazing dishes and sweets. And if you can find me a stunning secret beach or mountain range, or some wild jungle, you’re on the right track.

  21. Which mode of transport do you prefer the most? Your favorite airline?
  22. I love flying with Emirates and virgin, but I’m not fussy. I prefer to book the cheapest flights and spend more money on the trip – I’ll always be a budget backpacker at heart. I also love trying different ways of getting to places – train, bus or boat.

  23. You next most awaited holiday destination and when are you planning to visit it?
  24. South America is the next big plan and I can’t wait to spend six months exploring as many different countries as I can. I have a year to plan and save while I’m based around Europe, then it’s off on a new adventure!

  25. Any particular place you would recommend as a must-visit destination to all travel lovers?
  26. I definitely recommend Thailand, I have never known anyone who hasn’t liked it. There really is something for everyone and while it is touristy, you can still escape the crowds to have your own paradise vacation. Also read more for getting some travel destinations: travel destinations Kerala. Toursinindia is one of the leading tour operators in India offering the best houseboat services in Alleppey, Kerala. If you would like to go for a trip on houseboats in Alleppey, contact us now today.

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