The World’s Oldest Working Steam Loco Eir 21 Express Is Right Here In Kochi.

The world's oldest running steam locomotive ,164 years old 'EIR 21 Express', stationed at Ernakulam.

Kochi have a stunning opportunity onto the world's oldest running locomotive engine and become a part of history with the Indian Railways EIR 21 express. The heritage train will be a special service from Ernakulam South to Harbor terminus on February 16 and 1. INIR 21 is one of the oldest steam engines in the world.

The railways decided to provide Train tickets at the rates for the journeys with tourists from foreign nationals wanting to pay Rs 1,000, Indian(adult) Rs 500 and children Rs 300 for one journey within the 40-seater World’s Oldest Working Steam train. Here Railway Authority providing the discount as they are planning permanent tourist train services in Kerala from Harbour Terminus and the Edapally-Vallarpadam sections at a later stage. The ticket charges for earlier journeys of EIR 21 in Nagercoil-Kanyakumari section were Rs 1,500 for Tourists, Rs 750 for adults and Rs 500 for children.

"The 1st trip can be from Ernakulam Junction at 11 am on Saturday. If there's high demand, Another trip on a similar day at 3 pm. The tickets are available on online portal and also be available from the railway station reservation counter.

The trial run of the locomotive engine are going to be held from marshaling yard to the Ernakulam Junction on Friday.

History Behind EIR 21 World’S Oldest Working Steam Loco "Fairy Queen"

In 1855, the train is designed and Created by Kitson, Thompson, and Hewitson of England they gave the name EIR 21 for this after that the train shipped to India. Over the 55 years of service EIR 21 loco interpreted the service on 1909, After that, it had been used for exhibitions at Jamalpur Workshops and Howrah Station for 101 years.

In 2010 Perambur Locomotive Workshop, took up the challenge of revitalizing the Train EIR 21 in 2010. It has currently been eternalized like its twin sister Steam Locomotive, Fairy Queen EIR 22, that also won the Guinness Book of World Records Title, ‘The World’s Oldest working Steam loco.’

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