15 Most Amazing Tourists Places To Visit In Kerala In December

Breath-taking beaches, mountain ranges kissing the clear blue sky and caressing the soft surf, endless rows of beautiful coconut trees and the shimmering backwaters – this is a clear description of how Kerala’s beautiful places, god’s own country. It is not only because of the beautiful natural landscapes, but also the cultural richness, the sumptuous cuisine of Kerala that has attracted travelers and tourists to this rich state of India, lying safely across the Arabia sea, with the western ghats protecting the lands.

But, the warm climate of the state becomes a bit too hot for some tourists to visit in the summers. That is why; Kerala receives most of its valuable tourists during the month of December when the rest of the country stays dry and cold. The warm, comfortable and cozy climate of Kerala is perfect for traveling in December. To make your December visit to Kerala the most memorable one, here is a list of tourist attractions in kerala in December.

Tourist Places In Kerala For 3 Days:

If you do not have a long holiday and still want to spend the end of the year in the lap of nature, enjoying the oneness with nature, there are a number of tourist places in Kerala that will help you to enjoy your stay even for a small trip of 3 days.

  1. Munnar:
  2. The most popular hill station of Kerala as well as of south India, Munnar is a perfect place for those, who are looking for a beautiful stay in Kerala for a short period of time. The low-flying clouds, the soft breeze and the vast lands of tea farms that cover the small hills like a green blanket, Munnar will take you to dreamland in just a moment. Small treks, spending time by the many small waterfalls on your way to the hill station and staying in the drowsy little hilly bungalows, Munnar offers the perfect setting for a short stay and trip. Here are some top 10 hill stations in Kerala for honeymoon.

  3. Alleppey Backwaters:
  4. One of the top attractions of Kerala that draws thousands of tourists every year is the Alleppey backwaters. The calm and serene beauty of the backwaters, the natural scenic setting with greenery all around, rows of coconut trees, banana groves and paddy fields that are below the water levels, will simply mesmerize you.

    The local, happy and cheerful people waving at you and giving you a warm and hearty welcome to their land, is a perfect setting to spend your night at. But, what makes the Alleppey backwaters truly the “Venice of the east” is the stay at the houseboats. The houseboats will take you all across the backwaters in a joyride, throughout a relaxing day. The local cuisine served fresh and hot on banana leaves, while you enjoy your ride and stay by the houseboat, will complement your entire stay.

  5. Kumarakom:
  6. An extension of the backwaters,Kumarakom is a beautiful holiday destination in Kerala that offers an amazing natural setting to spend time with your loved ones. Perfect for a short trip of 3 days, sailing in the Vembanad lake, spending time in the natural bird sanctuary and exploring the coconut fringed streets and backwater embankment will make your December trip truly a memorable one, right in the laps of nature.

  7. Cochin:
  8. If you like recreation more than serenity, then Cochin will be right the place for you. A bustling city life, with various top places to visit in Cochin, various things to do and various ways to spend, shop and window-shop – Cochin is the place for those, who like to make the most of visiting a place. From Fort Kochi to the Jewish synagogue, there are so many places of interest that you will find worth visiting and enjoying your stay at. What makes it even more convenient for the couples is that planning out short trips here and there is easy from Cochin.

Places To Visit in Kerala For Honeymoon:

Kerala is always on top of the priority lists for the newly-wed couples. If you too are getting married in this December and planning for a honeymoon trip to Kerala, here are the most popular honeymoon places to visit in Kerala in December that you can choose from. You can checkout planning a perfect honeymoon in Kerala here.

  1. Kovalam:
  2. Ask anyone, who has had a trip to Kerala and he will say that Kovalam was the most beautiful beach of all in the entire state of Kerala. Though Kerala has many beaches across the shore of the Arabian sea, Kovalam has its own unique charm that even foreigners love to stay in the resorts that are located on the Kovalam beach. The orange sky of the setting sun, the rocky cliffs, lighthouse, calm and serene personal beaches of the prestigious resorts and the green coconut and palm clad coastline, Kovalam is the perfect setting for any honeymoon couple.

  3. Vagamon:
  4. Fertile valleys, rolling meadows of hillocks and numerous waterfalls that are cascading from the hills – Vagamon has such romantic charm in the air that every honeymoon couple enjoys their personal cozy time with their loved one. The December is the best time to visit this hill station that is no less beautiful than Munnar. The tranquil weather and the cool mountains certainly will make your honeymoon an enjoyable one.

  5. Wayanad
  6. Yet another attractive tourist destination in Kerala that nature lover couples will love to enjoy their honeymoon at is Wayanad. The green western ghats, paddy fields, and dense coconut palm forests, lofty peaks with wildlife being spotted here and there and exploring the Edakkal caves, Wayanad will never bore you. You will enjoy the company of your life-partner in the wildest ways like trekking, exploring the wildlife and doing adventure activities. Click on adventure tourism in India to get more details.

  7. Poovar:
  8. This small coastal village is often considered as a honeymoon paradise for the newlywed couple. River, lake, beach, and sea – a perfect combination of everything can be found here in this small village. Undoubtedly this is one of the most preferred destinations for the honeymoon couples. A trip to the backwaters and stay at the houseboats is an added pleasure that the honeymoon couples should never miss a chance of.

Tourist Places In Kerala For 2 Days:

If you have a very short holiday on the year end, then you should choose the tourist places in Kerala for 2 days. There are many that you can choose from.

  1. Idukki Hill Station:
  2. In the comfortable December weather, Idukki hill station is the best choice for a short stay. This hill station on the western ghats is the best place to enjoy the beauty of nature. Elephant ride, spice plantations and trekking across the hills will certainly make your short stay an enjoyable one. The three rivers Thodupuzhyar, Periyar, and Thalayar will give you a comfortable setting to spend your evenings.

  3. Nelliyampathy:
  4. If your concept of a short 2-day trip is to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoying an adventurous stay in the lap of nature Nelliyampathy is the right place for you to visit in December. The majestic beauty, beautiful road journey and a comfortable stay in the private hotels and resorts will make your Nelliyampathy visit the best choice for this December.

  5. Kozhikode:
  6. Culturally, historically and also in terms of the culinary specialty, Kozhikode or Calicut is a major tourism destination for those, who want to visit a place for a short period of time. If you want to enjoy the south Indian delicacies, this is the place that you can think of.

  7. Malampuzha :
  8. Those, who are planning for a December trip to Kerala and encounter the natural beauty of the state, must visit Malampuzha. Freshwater aquariums, sparkling fountains and green gardens make the place visually stunning.

    Kerala tourist places map with distance now that you have known about the name of the most popular travel and tourism destinations that are suitable for your honeymoon or a 2-day or a 3-day short trip, let’s move on to some other places that are traditionally popular and a must visit for those, who want to make the most of their Kerala trip.

  9. Thiruvananthapuram:
  10. If you visit Kerala and do not visit the capital city of this state, Thiruvananthapuram, you actually miss the most of the vibe, culture, social atmosphere and ambiance of the state. With the Padmanabha Swamy temple located in the heart of the city, this city will mesmerize you with the rich architecture and cultural diversification. However, where on one hand the temple is the traditional face of the city, Thiruvananthapuram also holds the first it park of the country and the 3rd largest technopark of Asia and is one of the most important places to visit in Kerala in December.

  11. bekal:
  12. If you have watched the Bollywood and Tollywood films, you must have come across the Bekal fort in some of the other movies of India. Favorite of the film directors, Bekal is a beautiful and exotic place that you must visit. A number of festivals, buffalo races etc. Take place here in the month of December.

  13. Thrissur:
  14. Guruvayur Ekadasi, Chembai music festivals and a number of other colorful cultural festivals are held in Thrissur during the month of December. To enjoy the cultural richness of the visiting Thrissur is a must.

    All these tourism destinations of Kerala are well indicated in the tourist maps of the state. You can find them with distances in the maps and plan your trip accordingly if you want to visit as many places as possible in a single trip.

    As you have seen Kerala though being a small state is packed with incredible destinations that are unique in one way or the other. It has an assortment of different kinds of places varying from welcoming hill stations to mesmerizing backwater scenes to beautiful beach to get drenched; never the less to skip mentioning the pace also have a very rich cultural and historical places to explore.it is of no surprise why Kerala tour packages are always sold out during peak time as it is one of the most desired destinations worldwide.

    There is nothing so much worth a holiday if it is in Kerala. But if you have a limited and shorter holiday plan, then you can probably choose what you prefer among different choices. A trip across the backwater in a Kerala houseboat could be just ideal for such trips which can be short and definitely a memorable one.

    So if you are planning a trip, short or a long holiday, you will never be in loss of options on how and where to spend those days. Only you need to do is contact a good reliable tour operator and enjoy a memorable holiday.

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