Tips For Simple Travel Packing Tips For Solo Female Travelers

Caution and good judgment – these two are the very basic principles that a solo traveller must follow. And if you are a women and want to set out for your first solo trip across the country or abroad, yo have more things to think. Here are a few additional backpacking tips for a solo women traveller, that you must be followed, apart from the words of wisdom.

Every year, thousands of solo travellers set out on their solo trip across the globe. Some indulge in small trips and some plan for long trips. You can plan for whichever feels right for you and what you desire of. All that you need to make sure is that you plan beforehand so that your trip is smooth, safe and enjoyable.

  1. Travelling solo, being a women!
  2. Before you read on the rest of the article, it is imperative that you understand that being a women is nowhere a barrier for you. You might hear people saying, “it is not safe for a women to travel alone”. But, the fact is, it is not!

    It is rather quite empowering, interesting and challenging. But of course, travelling across the globe, solo and that too without planning ahead can be a little daunting. Hence, make sure that you have everything you might need, in your backpack! You can check out how to safely travel alone as a women

  3. Importance of the backpack
  4. While talking about solo trips and planning for a trip on your own, the first thing that should be kept in mind is the backpack. This single element will be your constant companion throughout your trip. And as you are a women, safety concerns should be given a good amount of thought. Here, the backpack plays a huge role.

    Being a women, the first thing that should concern you is harassment or safety issues and then comes the possibility of theft, as you will be travelling alone.

    However, with the right things in your backpack, you are one step ahead of safety, harassment, theft, and others. Here is how you should be packing your backpack.

    1. Buy the right backpack
    2. The first thing to backpacking is to buy a backpack that is comfortable and suitable for you. Not any and every backpack is suitable for anyone and everyone. You need to find the one that has the perfect size as per your height and weight. Just because someone else has got one, it doesn’t mean you too need to have the same one.

      In fact, women are less broad on the shoulders and they are curvier than the men, in most cases. Hence, a backpack that suits the men may not be suitable for women. Consider your stature, your height and how much load you would be able to carry. But, what you can look for is –

      A waterproof backpack A backpack that is light in weight Proper positioning of the shoulder straps Proper positioning of the hip belt as this is where the entire weight of the backpack is concentrated. There are expert salespersons in the stores. Make use of their experience and they will guide you about the right backpack for you. You may even ask them to customize the position of the strap if that makes you more comfortable.

    3. Know the dress code and pack accordingly
    4. Every country has a common dress code that most of the people; especially the women of the country follow. When you are backpacking for a solo trip, being a women, it is a must that you learn about the dress code of the country. Dressing like the locals is not only compulsory in some countries, it is even the safest option that you can choose, to avoid unwanted attention.

      If you are not sure about how to dress along the entire trip, through different places, it is a good idea that you carry a stole or a scarf and a few clothing that cover your shoulders, arms, knees or the legs. In countries from the middle east as well as few of the north African countries, demand these dress codes be followed, regardless of your ethnicity – whether you are a local or a foreigner.

    5. Medicines
    6. This is something that applies even to a solo male traveller that you carry all the necessary basic medicines with you. Along with your trip, you might often come across foods that you haven’t eaten before or are not accustomed to or are allergic to. Hence, no matter how careful you are with what you eat, make sure that you have the basic medicines for stomach upset, stomach infection, allergy, vomiting, stomach ache, gas and bloating, acidity etc.

      Always remember that there will be nobody to look after you, as you will be travelling alone. Moreover, if you are travelling to a remote place and that too in a country that has a language barrier with you, you might not be able to find a medicine store. Carrying the basics is a must. This list also includes a cough and cold, fever, painkillers etc. And of course, the other medicines and drugs that you are currently on.

    7. Other things of hygiene
    8. As a women, one thing that is an inevitable factor to face is your menstrual cycle. It is a must that you are always stocked up with sanitary napkins so that you never have to find a store to buy one in the emergency. Moreover, it is a must to carry extra sanitary napkins if you area hiking, trekking or mostly walking along the remotest part of a country. This will help you to stay hygienic during your menstrual cycle.

      In fact, to lessen the load, you can carry the underwear that is quite worn out due to usage but can still be worn. This way, you can simply get rid of them and throw them away after use and lessen your load.

    9. Sunblock, scarf and sunglasses
    10. Whether you are going to the beaches or on the hills, you will ever know how the sun shines like in your travel destination. Hence, to stay safe from the UV rays, applying sunblock and wearing sunglasses is a must.

    11. Sunbathing mat
    12. If it is a beach that you are travelling to and if sunbath is on your list make sure that you carry a mat to lie under the sun. Staying equipped will make sure that you do not have to compromise with the fun.

    13. Things to protect yourself
    14. Notorious people may pop up from nowhere, regardless of how safe a place is. Though you should maintain as much low a profile as possible to avoid attention, you should still carry a few things to protect yourself from unwanted or notorious people. These include – Pepper spray Self-defence knife Safety alarm Stun gun flashlight. But of course, staying alert is the key.

    15. Carry a phone and a power-bank
    16. You might want to leave the world behind and travel on your own, but, your loved ones may feel worried for you. To keep them informed about your safety and whereabouts, always carry a phone or something else, so that they know where you are staying.

    17. Other essentials
    18. A solo women traveller should always try and spend the night in a hotel. But, if you are trekking, you should keep yourself equipped with a sleeping bag, a mini tent (if you can carry) and of course a mosquito repellent. It is always a good idea to make friends while travelling and chatting with them, so that while sleeping at night, you are not alone. It always feels good to have a few faces around, when you are off to sleep. You can check out a complete travel guide for women travelling to Kerala

      Even if you are staying in a hotel, make sure that you carry an extra lock and do not open the door unless you are completely convinced of the person on the other side of the door. Carrying a portable and emergency light is also a must for a solo women traveler. For that matter, trekkers can carry a headlamp that will make night trekking can check out 10 common questions about solo female traveller

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