The Top Most Beautiful 50 Travel Blogs In Kerala, South India

Before starting any adventurous journey, it is quite inspiring if you read travel blogs. Yes, it is quite important to figure out what to pack, where to go and the number of days. Travel blogs impart awesome ideas and thoughts while planning for a trip. Travel bloggers help to find places to travel, restaurants, the distance for your next trekking etc. Here are 50 top travel blogs that made them popular due to the photography, travel stories and videos. So, ready for an adventure?

  1. Kirsten Alana
  2. Kirsten Alana is an honor winning travel photographer who has taken dazzling photographs everywhere throughout the globe, and you can see them on her site. Kirsten Alana is from Los Angeles and has made a trip to more than 50 nations till now; she is likewise accessible as a freelance photographer. Her online diary is additionally an incredible asset for extravagance explorers, with tips for solo travel, inn and spa proposals, excursion strategies etc. Regardless of whether you want the excellent photos or the master travel exhortation, this is a blog worked for those with the hunger for new experiences – 8 rural regions in California”.

  3. Traveling with Sweeney
  4. Traveling with Sweeney is a blog pressed with information and motivation for extravagance, social, and active travel. Traveling with Sweeney maker Catherine Sweeney is a travel admirer who adores motivating perusers with her photographs and encounters through her blog. Cruise-adoring voyagers can utilize this blog to look at some awesome river cruises far and wide to enable them to design their next outing. Anybody going to or through Arizona will likewise adore the Arizona blogger’s tips for encountering the state’s characteristic magnificence and novel culture. She brings remarkable viewpoint having broad goes in North America and Europe.

  5. Everything, everywhere
  6. Everything, everywhere is an adventure blog that considers perusers to important dazzling areas, both man-made and natural, everywhere throughout the world. Blog maker Gary Arndt has been venturing to the far corners of the world since 2007 and has 175 nations added to his repertoire—with no indication of backing off. From Unesco world heritage locales to the grandest national parks and past, this blog will move you to get out into the world. You can likewise look at the site’s dazzling travel photography, outfit suggestions, and even a digital recording.

  7. Walking on travels
  8. Walking on travels is a blog for dynamic, brave parents who are prepared to take their kids with them on their travel. Author and editor-in-chief Keryn means is an independent essayist who cherishes to urge different families to get out and see the world.

    They offer restaurant proposals, lists of packing, extraordinary activities the entire family will love, and more on this blog. You’ll additionally discover guides that will enable you to find awesome child activities and sights in goals all around the globe. Keryn effectively demonstrate to moms proper methodologies to get a break with their children and even far from their children, via cutting out time to revive themselves to be the best mother they can be.

  9. A world to travel
  10. A world to travel presents the motivation for special travel encounters and environmentally-sustainable travels. A world to travel is crafted by Lima and Jose, a young Spanish couple who have ventured out to more than 60 nations.

    Those who are searching for out of the way goals to a great extent immaculate by tourism will discover huge amounts of fun, bold plans to browse here. In case you’re the sort of voyager who esteems making a trip regarding nearby cultures and environments, this blog will likewise give some awesome counsel to you.

  11. Mccool travel
  12. Mccool travel is loaded up with master travel tips for trips around the world, all from an accomplished travel author committed to helping you understand the outing you had always wanted. Charles Mccool is a long-lasting travel essayist who utilizes his own blog to share insider tips from both himself and more than 150 other travel specialists whom he has met.

    Travel tips on this blog include the “8 great” area, which tells voyagers eight incredible sights and activities to travel with some surprising goals. You’ll additionally discover extraordinary convenience tips and guidance for getting around for less.

  13. Anna everywhere
  14. Anna everywhere is a chic adventure touring blog that is stuffed with tips for having a lot of fun and looking incredible while traveling the world. Anna everywhere is Anna Karsten, who has been solo going for 10 years and utilization her blog to rouse other young ladies to do likewise. You can figure out how to mold awesome looks from simply the few bits of garments you can fit in a bag, how to take incredible excursion pictures of yourself, and significantly more. In case you’re thinking about a move to another country, this blog can likewise enable you to design so when the time comes to making the move, you know precisely how to continue.

  15. Binny’s food and travel diaries
  16. Binny’s food and travel diaries join food and travel blogging into one delectable mixture. Binny is a London-abiding foodie and voyager, full-time blogger, and social media manager with energy for awesome food. You’ll discover audits of new restaurants, recipes from around the globe, and extraordinary travel tips and proposals. Explorers and cafes who appreciate top of the line food will be roused by this present blog’s emphasis on the experience encompassing awesome dinners.

  17. California through my lens
  18. California through my lens is photography and touring blog that spotlights on the picturesque, energetic province of California. Josh is an open air and photography addict who made his blog to urge others to investigate his state minus all potential limitations. Whether you need to explore Los Angeles, find shrouded corners in one of California’s national stops, or visit the most irregular roadside attractions in the express, this blog will point you the correct way. By stripping down the touring online journal to a solitary state, essayist and picture taker Josh has made a point by point, complete guide where guests to and occupants of the golden state can find its miracles.

  19. Pinoy adventurista
  20. Pinoy adventurista is a blog that began in the Philippines however has now spread out to incorporate awesome thoughts and ideas for venturing out to relatively every side of the world. Blog organizer Mervz is a voyager and swashbuckler who tracks his own challenging undertakings on his blog and motivates others to encounter a greater amount of the world for themselves. It presents thoughts for experience trips, food-centered excursions, celebrations, and occasions, and in addition travel guides for some startling spots. Regardless of whether you’re a learner explorer or a long-lasting travel master, this blog will make you go someplace new.

  21. Travelling buzz
  22. Travelling buzz is about experiences and travel in Europe’s most prominent urban communities. Traveling buzz is the making of Maria, a Bulgarian lady in Sofia with a foundation in journalism and web editing. You’ll find delicious restaurant suggestions, extraordinary day trips outside of mind-boggling urban areas, accommodation surveys, and significantly more. In case you’re the adventurous sort, you can take in about the best spots for hiking, biking, and notwithstanding skydiving in Europe.

  23. Don’t stop living
  24. Don’t stop living is a way of life touring blog stuffed with traveling stories and suggestions. Jonny Blair hails from Northern Ireland, yet has been venturing to the far corners of the world since 2003 and intends to demonstrate to others best practices to carry on with a way of life of traveling. For hopeful travel bloggers, this blog is additionally loaded up with incredible guidance for profiting out and about, advancing your blog, and more. It additionally has various consistent highlights with themes like setting aside some cash while voyaging, lists of packing, discovering awesome nearby restaurants etc.

  25. Hopscotch the globe
  26. Hopscotch the globe is a touring blog with advice, trip arranging tips, travel aides, and more. Siya and Kristen make a trip addicts who plans to move her gathering of people to see the world with their articles and recordings. It covers pretty much every sort of trip you can consider: solo, experience, family, extravagance, and low-spending travel, just to give some examples. It’s likewise a way of life blog, offering product reviews, excellence tips, formulas etc.

  27. Heather on her travels
  28. Heather on her travels is a touring blog that tails one lady’s mission for true travel encounters crosswise over Europe and past. Blogger Heather dwells in Bristol, England, and utilization her blog to share her composition, recordings, and podcasts to move and teach her kindred explorers. It offers perusers top to bottom travel agendas for an assortment of travel gears, delicious food picks, and cruises.

  29. Glorious sunrise
  30. Glorius sunrise is a blog about family travel, awesome books, and incredible food. It highlights articles presenting fun, free activities in different urban communities around the globe that are extraordinary for families with kids. Voyagers searching for extraordinary tips, motivation, and thoughts who likewise need a couple of good book proposals for their next whole deal flight will love this blog.

  31. Kelly Ella Max
  32. Kelly Ella Max is an adventurous blog loaded up with valuable data that will enable you to design your next trek. Kelly Ella Max is crafted by Kelly Maxur, a promoting master and previous full-time traveler whose blog has turned into the main asset for extravagance travel data. With aides for more than 50 goals around the world, you won’t need for energizing new sights to see and undertakings to encounter. This blog likewise includes more than 100 in surveys from around the globe, arranging and planning tips, and increasingly that you can use to make your travel plans.

  33. Alyssa all day adventures
  34. Alyssa all day adventures is a touring blog loaded up with awesome excursion arranging exhortation, the inspiration for your next voyage, and more. Alyssa of Alyssa all day adventures is an autonomous travel creator who cherishes huge experiences, food and arranging customized undertakings for her customers. It highlights advisers for some little-known and out of the way sights and goals, making it ideal for the individuals who love to take the street less voyaged. Alyssa is additionally accessible as an independent outing organizer; look at her site to take in more about the administrations she gives.

  35. Global gallivanting
  36. Worldwide gallivanting is composed by an English expat who settled in Goa, India and offers her tips for living, working, and voyaging abroad. Blogger Anna is a travel junkie who quit her business to venture to the far corners of the world and has since settled in Goa, where she lives, works, and offers what she realizes. This blog is stuffed with extraordinary travel tips for India, with attention on Goa, however, it additionally covers a lot of other incredible goals all over Asia and the world. Trying digital wanderers and those hoping to settle down abroad will likewise locate a lot of handy counsel to enable them to accomplish their dreams.

  37. The travel bunny
  38. The travel bunny is a blog composed for admirers of traveling, finding out about different societies, and eating new and foods. The travel bunny is composed by Suzanne Jones for travel likers searching for incredible food and shrouded diamonds along their way. It highlights huge amounts of extraordinary travel motivation and excursion thoughts, and in addition adapt surveys and suggestions, giveaways, and sustenance guides. If restaurant visits are your thing, you can discover luscious surveys of visits in the best goal urban communities around the globe.

  39. Kevins travel diary
  40. Kevin’s travel diary is loaded up with supportive data, from travel advisers for tips for profiting out and about. Kevin has encounter working in the lodging business, which manages him the chance to travel routinely and expound on his encounters. The aides on this blog go from full city advisers for more engaged help, similar to a manual for the best road advertises in Paris. The web page likewise includes visiting visitor posts from more master travel bloggers, with travel tips, lists of picks, and tips for hopeful bloggers all on offer.

  41. Travel. Experience. Live.
  42. Travel. Experience. Live. Is an adventure travel blog for the individuals who love the colossal American outdoors. Editor-in-chief Bram Reusen is a Belgian-conceived essayist in Oregon who adores investigating the outside and taking photographs. Long-separate explorers, campers, and national park lovers will discover huge amounts of incredible tips and goals to look over on this blog. Regardless of whether you’re visiting the nation out of the blue or an American who needs to see the wild our nation brings to the table, this blog is an incredible beginning stage for arranging your experience.

  43. Paulina on the road
  44. Paulina on the road centers around Eco-friendly and moderate travel, helping perusers see the world at their very own pace while ensuring the conditions they travel through. Paulina on the road was made by a Luxembourg local with the objective of helping other people accomplish solid, reasonable travel. It’s loaded up with awesome aides and proposals for Eco-friendly activities. It additionally offers an extraordinary manual for “watercraft hitchhiking,” which shows perusers how to travel on a boat.

  45. Alex in Wanderland
  46. Alex in Wonderland is a personal blog with an emphasis on diving. Alex, a New York local who cherishes photography and scuba jumping, has been voyaging solo since 2011. You can pursue Alex on her experiences, getting suggestions and travel motivation from around the globe en route. You can likewise get a few hints for acquiring cash out and about, or for putting something aside for an expanded trek the world over.

  47. Free Candie
  48. Free Candie is a blog that spreads travel, the way of life, and writing with an individual bent. Candice Walsh is an independent travel and arts blogger and correspondences facilitator who’s carrying on with an itinerant way of life around the globe. You can discover travel stories, guides, foodie picks, social investigations, and considerably more in Candie’s travel segment. Those inspired by beginning a travel blog of their own can likewise find some extraordinary tips and traps from her composition area.

  49. Ken Kaminesky travel photography blog
  50. Ken Kaminesky is a photographer with a site that highlights his shocking photography and some extraordinary tips. Ken Kaminesky has been an expert photographer for more than 15 years, first as a business stock photographer and now as a travel photographer. If photography is the energy of yours, ken’s tips for taking incredible travel and nature photographs will be straight up your rear way. He even offers photograph visits, taking explorers to outlandish areas around the globe to figure out how to take the most wonderful pictures they’ve ever taken. Ken is additionally the prime supporter of discovery photo tours.

  51. Points and travel
  52. Points and travel is a touring blog that takes perusers to awesome destinations around the globe, giving suggestions and tips to encountering them minus all potential limitations. Points and travel maker dr. Cacinda Maloney is an extravagance travel essayist, blogger, and influencer who abandoned her vocation five years prior to movement and hasn’t thought back since. You’ll discover awesome picks for extravagance convenience, takes a gander at interesting societies, and moving stories. If the traveling is about the food for you, you’ll likewise discover a lot of suggestions for awesome spots to eat and nourishments to attempt in your journey.

  53. Ashley abroad
  54. Ashley abroad is travel and way of life blog that brings perusers extraordinary travel tips, individual reflections from a travel life etc. Ashley is a travel blogger who moved to another country to fill in as a live-in housekeeper in France quickly after school and is presently living in Uganda. With general travel tips like how to set aside some cash and how to take in a second language, and also particular tips for capitalizing on particular goals, this is a balanced blog beyond any doubt to enable you to design your next trip. In case you’re keen on turning into a live-in housekeeper as a method for profiting while abroad, Ashley has some incredible particular guidance for you, as well.

  55. The Boho Chica
  56. The Boho Chica is a travel and food blog that takes perusers the whole way across the world to encounter new societies, new cooking styles, and the outdoors. The Boho Chica is Natasha, a Dubai-based author and travel blogger who adores sharing her accounts and rousing others to see the world. The blog’s designer is in Dubai, and the web page has a broad gathering of extraordinary articles for those hoping to visit or even move there. In the interim, if food is your focus, you can discover extraordinary proposals for concealed diamond eateries in urban communities over the globe.

  57. An American in Rome
  58. An American in Rome centers around culture, food, and the best sights around this Italian city. The American of the title is Natalie, a California local who has been living in Rome since 2010; she is an independent writer and the maker of the application discover Rome. Whether you’re searching for up and coming occasions to look at while you’re around the local area or some genuinely delicious eatery proposals, you’ll find all that you have to think about Rome here. The blog likewise covers Italy everywhere and has some viable tips for those hoping to carry on with the expat life there.

  59. The blonde abroad
  60. The blonde abroad is travel and way of life blog for ladies, stuffed with extraordinary travel tips, beauty tips and considerably more. The blonde abroad is Kiersten, a California local and previous corporate back proficient who quit her business to venture to the far corners of the world and has visited more than 50 nations since. You could be traveling solo, with a gathering of your best friends, as a team, or as students, and you’ll discover particular tips designed for you on this web page. In case you’re the bold kind, this blog likewise covers extraordinary open-air sports spots around the world for the individuals who love skiing, jumping, biking, and experience all in all.

  61. Adventurous Kate
  62. Adventurous Kate is a female touring blog stuffed with pragmatic tips and individual stories and appearance in equivalent measure. Bold Kate is crafted by Kate McCulley, a full-time travel blogger in New York City. If you’re searching for some really wild and diverting travel stories, look no more remote than the “Best of the blog” areas on this website, where you can find out about a wrecking, an experience with a Thai horde manager, and more. This site can likewise guide you to some valuable travel assets for shoddy flights, packing tips, housing etc.

  63. The global couple
  64. The global couple is a sightseeing blog that presents thorough advisers for urban areas, travel tips for learners, and then some. It additionally includes various aides and tips for those arranging an outing to New Zealand, with climbing picks, eatery proposals, and photographs of the nation’s dazzling scene. The city guides found here are composed for weekenders, with incredible schedule suggestions for thirty-six hours in spots like Hanoi, Bangkok, Sydney, and other cities.

  65. Sunshine and stilettos
  66. Sunshine and stilettos is a travel and photography blog that is about personal travel and dazzling pictures. Sunshine and stilettos’ maker, lily Lebawit Girma, is a previous legal counselor who left her law profession in 2008 to travel and has been living as a sequential expat, author, and photographer from that point onward. You can discover some travel tips here, however, it’s for the most part about the motivating encounters explorers can have on the road, from celebrations and farms to humiliating mishaps. While you’re there, look at the staggering arrangement of travel photography from spots like Haiti, Jamaica, and Belize.

  67. Photo Cascadia
  68. Photograph Cascadia is to a great extent a photography blog that catches the characteristic magnificence of American scene, especially the Northwestern area. If you’re watchful for stunning, ravishing nature photography, you’ll discover huge amounts of it here. Admirers of the outside might be roused to visit a portion of the scenes in plain view here themselves.

  69. Happiness and things
  70. Happiness and things is a travel blog that spotlights to a great extent on European goals, with outings to different parts of the world too. Happiness and things are the brainchild of Silke, a Spain-based travel essayist with an emphasis on narrating who needs to rouse her perusers to see the world in an unexpected way. With so much European substance in one place, you’re certain to find off the beaten path goals that you may never have generally considered looking at on your next trip. The site likewise goes to dazzling tropical goals like Fiji, Thailand, and Indonesia, presenting incredible suggestions en route.

  71. Honeytrek
  72. Honeytrek, a blog about “the world’s longest honeymoon,” is an immaculate travel blog for couples. Mike and Anne Howard, the blog’s makers, left in 2013 and haven’t thought back since, going to a portion of the world’s most daring goals on their ongoing honeymoon. Travelers searching for incredible excursions for two will love this blog, but at the same time, it’s loaded up with other extraordinary travel tips. Here you can figure out how to move on a financial plan, how to gain additional money out and about, how to acquire more credit miles, and substantially more.

  73. Nomadic boys
  74. Nomadic boys is a travel blog by a gay couple who urge their gathering of people to think outside the “Pink Safe Place.” Bloggers Stefan and Sebastien are a couple who venture to the far corners of the world together, expounding on their encounters in gay scenes over the world. This blog presents goal picks, travel assets, and more all intended for gay voyagers. Perusers will likewise find captivating and contacting accounts of gay life in nations everywhere throughout the world, as told by the general population who lived them.

  75. Travelling king
  76. Travelling king is a blog that consolidates awesome travel tips with money-related tips to enable anybody to encounter the existence of traveling. Voyaging king author Samantha used to work in the fund, making her interestingly fit the bill to offer monetary tips for explorers. If you’re wanting to put something aside for a major excursion abroad, this present blog’s tips are what you have to do it. You’ll additionally find huge amounts of awesome travel guidance for a colossal number of goals here, with subjects including what to pack, how to remain safe, and what to see.

  77. Bel around the world
  78. Bel around the world is a travel site committed to savvy extravagance, spending plan and students sightseeing designs. It is gone for outfitting perusers with helpful and dependable data about travel goals around the world, with direct assets and tips on going out and about and accounts of undertakings to encourage perusers. She has secured a lot of locales from Europe to Asia, including specialty markets, for example, the Maldives and New Zealand. Students and youngsters who need to see the world without breaking their spending will discover huge amounts of extraordinary tips on this blog. This blog isn’t only for the cash sparing counsel yet in addition for the travel motivation and articles about how travel can change your point of view on the world.

  79. A lady in London
  80. A lady in London is a blog that spotlights on encountering the city of London. The lady in London is Julie Falconer, a travel author, photographer, and open speaker with an enthusiasm for traveling. London is undoubtedly one of the best urban areas in the world, and this master blog has a lot of extraordinary proposals that you won’t discover anyplace else. The blog additionally goes to different goals around the globe, with extraordinary thoughts for snappy treks, however, the spotlight here is without a doubt on London.

  81. Travels with tam
  82. Travels with tam is a touring blog that tails one void Nester as she experiences over the world and rethinks herself. Blog maker tam Warner Minton has constantly cherished travel and has begun voyaging solo and expounding on it since turning into a vacant Nester. This blog can point you toward some startling and energizing spots to head out to, offer tips for short remains in incredible cities, and even give delectable veggie lover recipes. If you are a diver, you can likewise look at tam’s awesome plunging undertakings and locate some incredible new spots to attempt.

  83. Retire early and travel
  84. Retire early and travel is a blog that shows perusers how to do precisely what you’d think: resign sooner than the normal individual and venture to the far corners of the world. Blog originators Keith and Tina are advertisers and experience influencers whose point with their blog is to help other people accomplish the fantasy of an early, travel-filled retirement. It includes a lot of functional money related tips for putting something aside for an early retirement nearby extraordinary travel picks and exhortation. The blog is outfitted more youthful individuals (age 25 to 45) who need to figure out how to resign early and travel.

  85. Trans-Americas journey
  86. The trans-Americas journey is a travel blog that adventures through the Americas overland to uncover unforeseen travel pearls. Essayist Karen Catchpole and picture taker Eric Mohl are independent columnists from the us who have been out and about for a long time, working and composing and transferring their encounters and disclosures as they go. If you’re arranging an excursion or dream of free travel in north, central, or South America, this blog will demonstrate to you some incredible goals you probably won’t find generally. From rough experiences to extravagant lodgings, this blog takes into account voyagers of different types who love to take it moderately on the open street.

  87. Changes in longitude
  88. Changes in longitude pursues a moderately aged couple as they search out noteworthy and idiosyncratic goals everywhere throughout the world. Changes in longitude is crafted by bloggers Larissa and Michael, who sold their home and have been going since 2011, sharing their encounters and aptitude through their blog. Filled with awesome guidance for encountering a portion of the world’s most visited places and also some out of the way diamonds, this blog is both useful and rousing. Obviously, there’s additionally an emphasis on flavorful food, and you can locate some incredible proposals for nearby food everywhere throughout the world here.

  89. Legal nomads
  90. Legal nomads is a touring blog pressed with advisers for best goals, foodie proposals, and many more. Legal nomads’ maker, Jodi Ettenberg, is a previous legal Advisor who abandoned the calling 10 years prior to travel and hasn’t thought back since. This blog’s creator lives with Celiac infection too, which implies there are huge amounts of extraordinary without gluten eatery suggestions and recipes to be found here. In case you’re searching for a blog that dives profound into culinary scenes and offers an incredible blend of stories and travel tips, this is the one for you.

  91. Never ending footsteps
  92. Never ending footsteps is a touring blog with entertaining stories from the street, awesome destinations and more. Blog maker Lauren has been a travel addict as long as she can remember and made her blog to help other people with nervousness while carrying on with a travel way of life and to inspire voyagers the world over. This blog offers an interesting seminar on defeating travel tension; any individual who’s anxious about setting out on the existence of travel will need to look at it. You can likewise peruse up on some genuine travel catastrophes and figure out how to deal with things when the most noticeably awful occurs.

  93. Backpack me
  94. Backpack me is a blog for long-term explorers and hikers, loaded up with guidance for getting around and remaining out and about. Backpack me is composed by Ashray and Zara, hailing from India and Portugal, separately; they deserted their corporate lives in Dubai and began going in 2011, and haven’t thought back since. It has cash sparing and planning exhortation, food and goal picks, and tips for acquiring a living as a digital nomad. If it’s interesting to travel stories and fizzles you’re after, you’ll discover more to manage you here, as well.

  95. The shooting star
  96. The shooting star is a personal travel blog that ruminates on traveling and experience different societies and nations. Shivya Nath established the shooting star in the wake of leaving her place of employment to venture to the far corners of the world in 2011 and utilizes it to rouse others to find more about their general surroundings. From discussions with Buddhist priests in Thailand to living with a Mayan family in Guatemala, this is an intriguing profound plunge into living an existence of travel. Obviously, you’ll discover tips for capable travel and in addition aides and proposals for unique travel spots everywhere throughout the world.

  97. The travel women
  98. The travel women is a blog with engaging stories from the street for ladies who love to travel. Author and editor-in-chief Jennifer O'brien made the travel women in 2015 and splits her chance between observing the world and living and working in Brooklyn. This blog is composed generally by Jennifer O'brien. It likewise includes its readership network with individual stories, suggestions, audits, and more on offer. It’s a strong, fun, and elevating blog for ladies that is certain to inspire you to get out and see the world.

  99. Local adventurer
  100. Local adventurer’s two authors move to another us city yearly and make a plunge, investigating and imparting their most loved finds to their perusers. Journalists Esther and Jacob are Atlanta locals who seek to have undertakings consistently and utilize their blog to share their encounters. Anyone searching for a top to bottom advisers for best us cities and suggestions for the travel goals between them will love this blog. Here you’ll discover thorough aides for a portion of the best cities in America, including New York, Portland and Los Angeles.

    Travelling can be exciting and stressful in some situations. But the right plan makes your journey easier, saves money and happier. Find the best from above mentioned top blogs and you will be ending up in a memorable journey you ever had before. Tours in India is your travel partner and one of the exquisite Kerala tour packages organizers which includes all the best tourist destinations in Kerala, including mind-blowing custom boathouse Alleppey packages. Contact us today and get your customized holiday packages at exciting prices.

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