Best Ecotourism Destination In Kerala, South India

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world, The tourism attractions in kerala spot due to its lush greenery, natural beauty, and vivid landscapes. Here, nature exists in its Pristine Glory, making the view breathtakingly stunning.

Ecotourism has become increasingly popular among people as, in today’s hectic world, natural beauty provides peace and tranquility as nothing else could. Therefore, Kerala has become a major tourist destination due to its fragile and largely unperturbed natural areas.

Thus, here we bring to you the best ecotourism destinations in Kerala. Have fun!

  1. Periyar
  2. A place full of scenic beauty, you’ll find nature at its best here. The place is so called because of a man-made lake that was built centuries ago in order to restrict the ever-flowing Periyar river.

    Apart from this, a visit to this place provides other highlights such as the notable tiger reserve, elephant reserve, and the Periyar national park. These are situated among the Cardamom Hills and Pandalam hills, along with the borders of Tamil Nadu. These provide you with a complete glimpse of active wildlife.

    The man-made lake is an ecosystem in itself and to enjoy the aquatic ecosystem in full bloom, bamboo rafting is a must. The lake allows you to cruise along and feel nature rejuvenate your soul.

    You can explore the wildlife with tribal trackers and armed guides. Also, staying in tree-houses, thatched cottages and tents give you an authentic and memorable experience while you enjoy your holiday on the lap of nature. You can also read about some lesser known places in Kerala you must visit.

  3. Eravikulam National Park
  4. Located at 7000 feet above sea level, the Eravikulam National Park houses Anamudi, the highest peak south of western ghats (2695 meters) in its core. Covering an area of 97 sq km in the Kannan Devan Hills, it has bountiful biodiversity of high elevation shola-grassland ecosystem.

    Its major highlight is the endangered mountain goat of South India, known as Nilgiri Tahr. Apart from this, the fauna includes Nilgiri langur, Indian bison, tiger, leopard, etc. The wild flora consists of rare orchids and stunning wild balsams. This is a major ecotourism destination which aims at providing a sanctuary to its exquisite natural beauty and minimal disturbance to the natural habitat.

    Along with appreciating the beauty of nature in its raw form, you can also try a one day trek from Lakshom falls. Fishing is a major adventure activity as the streams are ample with rainbow trouts. You can also try trekking at the Anamudi peak. It is advisable to stay at the log house or the many resorts in Munnar to fully absorb the breath-taking beauty of nature’s casing. Make sure you don’t plan a trip here in the first few months of the year as it is the breeding time of the rare, endangered, Nilgiri tahr.

  5. Thenmala
  6. The name Thenmala means “Honey Hills”. They are called so because of the medicinal honey that is found therein opulence. Thenmala is situated at an altitude of 1650 feet and tops the list of the most planned ecotourism visits in India. Apart from the dense forests and beautiful landscape that defines the destination, it is also famous for its well-organized Thenmala eco-tourism promotional society which provides thrilling activities for understanding the culture of the place, fun, leisure and acknowledging the importance of ecotourism.

    The destination has seen major developments like the culture zone, leisure zone, adventure zone, and the sculpture garden. The best thing in the culture zone is the musical dancing fountain. Kerala, with its rich cultural heritage, has a lot to furnish your taste for it. Restaurants offer traditional food and as a major tourist hub, it offers a lot of shops for memento shopping. You can acquaint yourself better with Kerala’s art at the Amphitheatre.

    Leisure zone gives you space you need to relax your body and calm your soul with the fervent beauty of the dense forests and gushing streams. It makes you feel and radiate the energy that has died down in the hustle of the city. The adventure zone provides for feat sports like mountain biking, rock climbing, and river rafting. It also has a swaying bridge that attracts kids and adults alike.

    The theme for the sculpture garden is man & nature which is perfectly apt. Thenmala also has other highlights such ss Shenduruney wildlife sanctuary, deer rehabilitation center, Palaruvi waterfall, Kollam district and the blissful lodges that let you enjoy nature in its full glory. you can also read some historical places and monuments in Kerala.

  7. Konni
  8. It is an ecotourism destination in Kerala, largely a village which is a forest in itself. Popular for its elephant museum and rubber plantations, it has a huge population of wild elephants which are lovingly nurtured with utmost care at the bank of Achancoil river.

    The village consists of the first reserved forest in India. This forest is special for the medicinal herbs that are found here despite being extinct from other places. The river and its streams provide for the rich flora and fauna.

    The main reason for the sustenance of man – nature equilibrium is that aboriginals used to live here a long time ago. The major highlight is the elephant training camp, Aanakoodu. Here, you can participate in activities like feeding and bathing elephants.

    Ecotourism activities include trekking by trained guides and rides to the various campsites. Different plans for trekking are available, depending on the number of days in the hand of the tourist. A half day trek, full day trek or two-day trek options work well for the already laid plans of different visitors. The two-day trek takes you to a waterfall, Manalar-Kumbhavarutty. This tour refreshes your mind and energizes your soul with its tranquillity and composure. Read top 10 hill stations in Kerala for honeymoon also.

    Apart from the destinations mentioned above, there are a lot more breathtakingly beautiful places to visit. Kerala is blessed with a wide and diverse range of flora and fauna and the discernment to preserve it in its virgin glory. Other places to visit include aralam Wildlife Sanctuary, Neyyar, Nelliyampathy, Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, Pathiramanal, Gavi, etc. The state seems full of natural beauty that wouldn’t fail to surprise you ever. The backwaters of the Pathiramanal are a major tourist attraction too.

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    So if you’re really tired of this usual hustle-bustle of the city and want some peace for self-introspection or just want to feel the closeness with the nature of its spirituality, Kerala is the perfect place for you to go on a holiday. After all, it’s named “paradise on earth” and it truly exists true to it's name!

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