List Of Highest Peak In Western Ghats In Kerala, South India

Kerala is called God's own country because it is blessed with scintillating natural beauty that attracts visitors not just from all over the country but also from all over the world. In spite of being a small state, its unique topography has endowed it with golden, sun-kissed beaches, captivating backwaters with their own unique way of life, dense forests with a plethora of wildlife, and enchanting hill range with their majestic peaks. Most of the peaks are located on the western ghats – and some of the highest peaks in south India can be found in Kerala. The cool climes in these charming hill stations make people flock to them in droves. Even the locals flee to the many tiny hamlets and small towns of the hill range to escape the searing heat in the coastal areas and the plains. Many of them have numerous homestays, resorts, hotels and b and bs to cater to the growing crowds of visitors; some hill stations also offer a host of adventure activities like trekking, mountain climbing, rappelling, zip lining, paragliding, mountain biking, and kayaking or boating in the lakes.

  1. Anamudi
  2. Situated on the border of the districts of Idukki and Ernakulam, Anamudi (which translates from Malayalam as ‘elephant’s hair’), is the highest peak in southern India. It has an elevation of 2695 meters or 8841 ft above sea level. The northern and southern slopes are gentle, with the eastern and western slopes having steep rocky faces. It is located in the southern region of the Eravikulam national park in Munnar. There are several hotels and resorts of all price ranges in Munnar, to suit every budget. The Eravikulam national park is famed for the elusive Nilgiri Tahr, a species of deer; elephants, bison, tigers, monkeys and the Nilgiri marten. There are many eco-tourism activities organized by the forest department which you could participate in if you plan beforehand.

  3. Meesapulimala
  4. A peak in Idukki's high ranges, Meesapulimala has an elevation of 2,640 meters (8,661 ft.) Above sea level. It literally translates into tiger’s moustache hill, as it resembles the face of a tiger. It is a popular trekking destination, especially because of the vista of the lush green valleys below, the multitude of rhododendrons in bloom, enchanting tea estates, and meandering streams. There are eight hills to trek through, and you can pass through dense rainforests and grasslands of the high altitudes – and if you’re lucky, spot some wildlife on the way.

  5. Mookuthi mala
  6. This is a peak located in the hill district of Wayanad, at an altitude of 2554 meters (8380 ft.) Above sea level. Wayanad is a popular destination for holidaymakers, both domestic and foreign. Dotted with tea gardens, coffee plantations and spice gardens on gently rolling hills, breathtakingly panoramic views all around of lofty hills and plunging valleys, murmuring brooks and rumbling waterfalls,Wayanad is a nature lover’s paradise, and is home to some of the highest peaks of Kerala.

  7. Devimala
  8. Situated in the Devikulam region of Idukki, Devimala (literally, goddess peak) has an elevation of 2,521 meters (8,273 ft.) Above sea level. Visitors who come to Munnar will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of Devimala.

  9. Kumarikkal mala
  10. Kumarikkal mala is a peak situated in Idukki district. It is located at an elevation of 2453 meters (8050 ft.) Above sea level.

  11. Pambadum shola
  12. This is another of the highest peaks in Kerala situated in Idukki district and offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. Pambadum shola, which literally means the hills where snakes dance, happens to be the smallest wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and is abundant in medicinal herbs. The Nilgiri marten, leopards, wild dogs, elephants, bison, langurs, lion-tailed macaques, and several rare bird species can be found in the forest close to the peak.

  13. Anginda mudi
  14. This peak is located in the silent valley national park in Palakkad district, to the south of the Sispara pass. It is the core of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and is renowned for its spectacular scenic beauty. It is also home to the endangered Nilgiri laughing thrush, and other animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, the Malabar giant squirrel, and numerous butterfly species. The peak is at an elevation of 2382 meters (7818 ft.) Above sea level.

  15. Vellarimala
  16. This peak is on a hill range that spreads across Meppadi in Wayanad and Thiruvambadi in Kozhikode. At an altitude of 2339 meters or 7673 ft. Above sea level, this peak is a popular destination with trekkers; however, prior permission from the forest department is required. The trek takes you through the jungle, with tiny streams cris-crossing your path, and wildflowers blooming in all their glory. It is one of the toughest treks you can do in south India – so if you’re a thrill seeker, make sure you try Vellarimala.

  17. Chembra peak
  18. The highest peak in Wayanad, Chembra is also a very popular peak with trekkers. Located in Meppady town, it has an altitude of 2,100 meters (6,890 ft.) Above sea level, and this majestic peak is visible from almost anywhere in Wayanad. The three-hour trek takes you to the peak, where you are treated to some of the most breathtaking views of the towns in the valleys below. An interesting feature of this trek is the heart-shaped lake you pass on the way.

  19. Banasura hill
  20. The second tallest peak in Wayanad, it is named after a character from Indian folklore. At, 2030 meters (6,660 ft.) Above sea level, it makes it to the list of one of the highest peaks in Kerala. A narrow trail is available for trekkers, and it takes you through dense tropical vegetation. Several medicinal plants can be found in these hills, and it is also home to animals like monkeys, elephants, deer, wild boar, etc.

  21. Karimala
  22. This hill is considered sacred as it is close to Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa temple, situated in Pathanamthitta district. At an elevation of 1,998 meters(6,556 ft.) Above sea level, it is a rocky terrain which makes it a tough trek. The hills are also notorious for danger from lurking big cats.

  23. Agastya mala
  24. Also known as Agasthyarkoodam, this peak is at an altitude of 1,868 meters (6128 ft.) Above sea level. It is situated inside the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary in the western ghats, close to the Tamil Nadu border at Tirunelveli. It is a very popular destination with trekkers as well as devotees of the Indian sage Agastya (after whom the hill is named). A statue of the sage can be found at the top of the peak, and devotees can offer the ritual worship or puja themselves (without the presence of a priest).

  25. Polamalu
  26. This peak is located right next to Sivagirimala and is on the eastern border of the Periyar tiger reserve. Close to the Tamil Nadu border, it has an elevation of 1505 meters (4937 ft.) Above sea level. The Periyar reserve is popularly known as Thekkady, and there are numerous eco-tourism activities that are conducted by the forest department. You can also go on the regular boat cruises through the river, and if you’re lucky, you may spot a herd of elephants, deer, bison, or a tiger.

  27. Karimala gopuram
  28. On the southern border of the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary, at the border of Palakkad and Thrissur, lies the peak of Karimala gopuram. Its elevation is about 1,439 meters (4721 ft.) Above sea level. Parambikulam is home to big cats like leopards, panthers, and tigers. It is rich in biodiversity and has an abundance of species of flora. An eco-village, operating under the aegis of the forest department, gives you a glimpse into the life of tribal people. You can purchase organic and eco-friendly products from the store as well.

  29. Paithalmala
  30. This hill station in Kannur is a popular option for newbie trekkers, nature lovers, photography enthusiasts, and families even though it is the highest peak in the district at a height of 1,371.6 meters (4,500 ft.) Above sea level. It is a relatively easy trek and can be reached after a 45-minute walk from the Paithal valley. An observation tower at the top affords enchanting views of the town below.

  31. Sabarimala
  32. A place of pilgrimage, Sabarimala is located in Pathanamthitta, and the main attraction is the Ayyappa temple. At an elevation of 1,260 m (4,133 ft.) Above sea level, it is shrouded by thick jungle and other mountains. However, it is almost impossible for casual trekkers to climb, as there are thousands of devotees at any given time. also check out for famous temples in Kerala.

  33. Poomala
  34. This peak in Thrissur, situated at a height of 1117 meters (3665 ft.) Above sea level is a very popular tourist destination of the region. Apart from the natural beauty, the myriad flora and fauna that can be experienced, there is a small dam where people can spend some leisure time. Muniarra, a cave here is famous as it was the meditation place of a sage.

  35. Ponmudi
  36. This hill station in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is at an elevation of 1,100 meters (3,608 ft.) Above sea level. It is a picturesque and enthralling hill station, replete with narrow, winding roads, and cool green atmosphere. It abounds in exotic mountain flowers, beautiful butterflies, and numerous tiny rivulets. It is a good place for trekkers as well.

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