Tips For Women Travelling In Kerala, South India

Kerala – the God’s own country has always been one of the most traveled tourist destinations in India. not just the citizens from the rest of India, Kerala welcomes thousands of foreign tourists – thanks to the tourism department of Kerala government that spends a good deal of money in developing the state for tourism purposes and promotion.

Coconut trees adoring the green lands, the clean and clear backwaters and dance forms like Kathakali and Mohini attam – these are the known features of Kerala that attract thousands of visitors to Kerala every day. However, there is yet another factor that is not much talked about, while discussing Kerala and that is the safety and security that this state provides to women travelers. This is the reason, why solo travelers from foreign countries and even from the other states of India, often come to Kerala for a happy and long stay. You can check out Kathakali, backwaters, and Sadhya – all you need to know about Kerala.

If you too are planning for a solo trip to Kerala anytime soon or even if you are traveling with other women, without any male companions with you, here is a complete guide that will help you.

  1. Homestay
  2. Kerala is very welcoming towards its guests. It is a land, where the god is worshipped with much vigor and enthusiasm. This encourages deep respect for the culture, art, food as well as women. In such a scenario, homestay is much popular and a great option for solo women travelers. Kerala happily welcomes solo women travelers for a homestay and this is a great benefit for the women, as it offers safety and security. You can check out Kerala village tour here.

    As you show the locals respect, show interest in their culture, it is quite likely that you will be asked for a meal at their homes. Getting accommodation is also quite a common practice. It is the safest choice for women. You can be a guest for a day and night or you can even choose to be a paying guest and stay at a local’s home for longer.

  3. Pack lightly
  4. Kerala is one of those places on earth that has nature in its abundance. It would not be too wrong to say that the god created Kerala in his jolly mood!

    Hence, if you are an avid traveler and want to experience every point of beauty in this beautiful state, staying long is but obvious. As you will need to travel frequently, keeping the backpack light is a must.

  5. Trust the locals
  6. This is a universal tip that is applicable both on the women and men. If you follow the travel guides, you will only get to visit those areas that are popular for tourism. That is quite cliche.

    The real beauty sometimes lies in remote places, places that are not known to many. And Kerala has many such places that are still virgin and not commercialized for tourism purposes. If you are a traveler of this sort, trust the locals. They will recommend you the places that will certainly strike with awe.

  7. Wear right clothes
  8. It doesn’t need any special mention that Kerala is full of temples, owing to the deep-rooted belief in gods and goddesses. However, these temples are not just a place for religious beliefs, but a place, where you will attain divine feelings. A sense of calm, serenity and peace with yourself – these make the temples of Kerala so much loved by the foreign travelers, who are in most cases new to these cultures.

    Besides the divine feelings, there are the attractive historical art forms that can be vividly encountered on the temple walls. Sculptures crafted out of stone and the vibrant use of colors, these are indeed a must watch for travelers of Kerala.

    However, there are strict dress codes in all the temples across Kerala. Short pants, sleeveless tops or t-shirts etc. Are strictly not allowed for women. Hence, you should plan most of your Kerala trip in full pants or anything that cover your legs completely and also your arms should be covered. You can carry a scarf with you in your bag if you are more comfortable in sleeveless. Just wrap it around your shoulders and cover the arms. You can check out exotic Kerala tourist places here.

    In some of the temples of Kerala, women are allowed only in sarees. So, it is a must that you ask a local to give you a saree. In fact, it is a good idea to wear clothes that are locals prefer, to avoid extra attention.

  9. Carry yoga mat
  10. Many people come to Kerala for what is known as ‘Naturopathy’. It is a combination of ayurvedic treatments, yoga and holistic well-being that are practiced in many of the ayurvedic and naturopathy treatment and yoga centers all across the state. From Ayurvedic massages, yoga, meditation, food and of course lifestyle counseling, these centers are a must visit for every solo traveler. You must carry a yoga mat with you if you want to make the most of the serene beaches, the blue sky, and the green horizon right in front of you.

  11. Plan ahead
  12. As a solo women traveler, or even if you are traveling in a group, it is a must that you plan ahead. Since language is a barrier in this state and also you are new to the place, knowing where you are going, what the place is like, what the accommodation options are – is a must.

    If you visit Alappuzha, it is a must that you stay in a houseboat. As you visit Munnar, expect hiking, trekking or even cycling. Homestays are difficult to find in these areas and the accommodation options are quite expensive in these places. Hence, planning and booking ahead is a must. Otherwise, it might cost you a fortune. You can check out 11 things to know before booking a houseboat in Kerala.

  13. Try the local food
  14. Yet another reason that makes Kerala one of the most visited and preferred places for traveling, is the variety of local cuisine. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian, you will find everything easily in this city. You must try the local cuisine as it is the cheapest and indeed quite flavourful. However, if you are allergic to something or are inhibited about eating, then be prepared to carry an alternative meal with you, in case you can’t find what you are looking for.

    These are some of the most useful traveling tips that you must follow, especially if you are a women and traveling alone or traveling with women. You can check out how to safely travel alone as a women.

Places you must visit in Kerala

Now that you have learned about the factors that you need to keep in mind while traveling in Kerala, it is a must that you know about the places that you should not miss out. For newly married couples Kerala houseboat honeymoon packages will a new experience which will make their honeymoon a memorable and special in their whole life. Here is a list for you.

  1. Alleppey
  2. This is probably the face of Kerala that can be seen all across the travel guides, tourist maps and of course the internet. Located in the Alappuzha district, Alleppey is famous for the backwaters, lagoons, and beaches. Traveling by the houseboats, beholding the locals living next to the paddy fields on the coast and living in the houseboats with comfortable accommodation and live food being prepared exclusively for you – Alleppey is a must visit for everyone. Here are some top 11 places to visit in Alleppey

  3. Munnar
  4. Green mountains covered with tea plantation for far stretched lands – Munnar is a small hill station with beauty that knows no bounds. Though it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India, having a solo honeymoon is equally interesting.

  5. Thrissur
  6. Visiting Kerala and not encountering the Onam festival of Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala is sacrilegious. The puli kali tiger dance and the bright and colorful festival that is held here is a must watch. Here are some six interesting facts about Kerala’s Onam festival.

  7. Thiruvananthapuram
  8. It is an extremely beautiful city that is a perfect combination of its infrastructure as well as local greens. With famous beaches like Kovalam and many other not-so-popular, but equally beautiful beaches of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is a city that attracts travelers from different parts of the world.

  9. Thekkady
  10. As already mentioned, Kerala is a one-stop destination where nature has been bountiful. Not just in terms of beautiful beaches and places to visit, the wildlife is also exclusive here. The Periyar national park in Thekkady is home to some of the most exclusive wildlife like Nilgiri Langurs, Macaques, Bengal tigers, and Indian bison. The Periyar river running past the sanctuary is beauty in the true sense. Though beautiful, beware of the crocodiles that are many in this river. Here are some top 10 hill stations in Kerala for a perfect honeymoon.

    Apart from these popular destinations of Kerala, there are many places that are equally beautiful and will mesmerize you with their beauty. Searching for them online as well as asking the locals will always help you with having a wonderful and complete trip, even if you are traveling all alone or with women traveling companions. Have a happy trip to Kerala! You can check out 10 common questions about solo female traveler.

    ToursinIndia has been organizing splendid Kerala houseboat holiday packages for tourists from India and abroad. Book your Alleppey boathouse and just tell us when you will arrive and we will plan the rest. To avail amazing offers on our Alleppey houseboat packages, contact us today.

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